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With Hawkish Engel Heading Out the Door, Progressive Groups Demand Dems Make Sure Next Powerful Committee Chair Committs to 'Ending Our Endless Wars'

Hi dara:
Hmmm what about if we added all the crap made by makers, like Boeing and all of their crashed planes—and dead people? And Too— If they make so many items that they end up going to police departments----shouldn’t that money be cut?
Oh and for more insane news San Onofre , which is shut down, has been approved by the Coastal Comm ( 10 to 0 vote) to store used nuclear fuel for So CA Electric---------OMG and earthquake country too-----------so it appears that corporations need to be taxed to death before they can implode the state of CA!
How do you get rid of private insurance which is so private that it doesn’t help many----and since we are in a never ending pandemic it seems silly for private companies to spend all that money on CEOs instead of spending it on people. : (

Hi notwistalemon.
I am wondering if the Founding Fathers ever considered that some elected ones would never leave and would stay in office forever. Maybe it’s not such a great idea to have the same people running this nation for year after year after year." Entrenched," is a sad word----and maybe we have to think of the elected political body as needing a transfusion from time to time to bring NEW BLOOD into the system.
Didn’t Clinton or someone make a rule about people leaving office, that they could not become lobbyists for 5 years? Is that true or was it just a dream ? :slight_smile: