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With Help from Dems, Torture Supporter Pompeo Confirmed for CIA Chief


With Help from Dems, Torture Supporter Pompeo Confirmed for CIA Chief

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Rep. Mike Pompeo (R-Kan.) has been confirmed as CIA director, after 14 Democrats fell in line with almost all Senate Republicans Monday night.

Pompeo, who has hinted that he is open to reauthorizing torture and mass surveillance, will lead the intelligence agency under President Donald Trump.


Democrats are half the problem. We need to give them hell and run independent populists against them – especially those that cave to Trump.


Time to start a black list of Democratic Party defectors ?

Recall that Dubya would not have had enough Congressional support to invade Iraq if the Democrats had not been complicit.


The Dem DINO quislings show their collaboration with R’Cons, trumps fascism, and big-money corporate influence by their sellout actions.

Sellout swine Schumer (comment lines full or turned-off) and the others voted to confirm torture as policy, and Booker and those others voted to pay-off their big-pharma contribution bribes a quid-pro-quo criminal conflict of interest! Seems there are always Dem sellouts to screw us on issue after issue while stroking us gently…

With a phony “opposition” party like the Dem establishment who needs R’Cons? “by their actions shall ye know them”!


Jesus. The guy was going to get in no matter what. Is he odious? Yes. But, they vote for him, maybe he’ll pick up the phone when they call. There are other factors at play here in terms of governance. Plus, the president is a thin-skinned vengeful man. This guy loses, the next guy is worse or McConnell gavels into recess when Dems aren’t looking and Trump appoints him anyway.

It sucks being in the minority, but these are real decisions you have to make.


You make relevant points but the same Dems have been selling us out for decades, one way or another - it’s kind of a “last straw” reaction maybe but not undeserved - they are guilty of much else too. The R’Cons don’t give a damn if anyone picks up the phone or not and neither will trump & co!


This “sellout” thing is just getting dumb. Many of these Dems voted for the stimulus bill which contained the largest expansion of green energy infrastructure in our lifetimes; the ACA, the largest healthcare reforms since LBJ; and Dodd-Frank, the biggest financial reforms since the 1930s. Did these bills contain compromises? Yes. But that happens when you’ve got to work with 200-and-some-odd House members and 50 plus Senators. That doesn’t mean anyone “sold” anyone out (a special exception for Lieberman here). Rather, it reflects the fact that people come from different places, with different constituencies, though they may share the same general ideals.

You need a coalition to govern. Where the right gets things right, is they generally have a better big picture in mind than we do. Collins can feint to the left without every conservative shitting on her and voting libertarian because they know she’s going to support court and cabinet appointments. The Left just doesn’t operate the same.


Senator Tim Kaine… why does that name sound soooo familiar…? —oh, NOW I remember!


I voted for Amy Klobuchar the first time she ran for senate. She (and to a slightly lesser extent Al Franken) is one of the reasons I am no longer a Democrat.

P.S. I recently saw a list of potential Democratic Party candidates for president in 2020, and Klobuchar was on it. They’ll never change.


The ACA was health insurance reform, not health care reform. If you think that is only semantics, then you are misinformed. It was passed to insure that everyone involved with health insurance would continue to profit; profits which would disappear under a single payer system. Nothing about health care was changed by ACA, only access to it for some who were previously denied insurance. Now they would be required to buy it, and insurance companies would be required to take the money.

Did these bills contain compromises? Yes.

Yes, and capitulation and sellouts. Lipstick on a pig.


In the 21st century “capitulation” to GOP values is the more precise term for “bipartisan”.

Never forget that insurance is a financial product, not a health care product.


Wow, you are really going to argue the ACA isn’t healthcare reform just because it’s not single payer? It is insurance reform, but also contains the largest expansion of Medicaid since the program was created. But let’s look at some of those horrible neolib reforms that you think insurance companies wanted so badly. Well, they can’t charge a soon-to-be retiree more than 3 times what they charge a healthy 25 year old for the same policy. Insurers and Republicans, on their best day, wanted a 5:1 ratio. Insurers are capped by the 80/20 rule in terms of what they can use your premium for–80% has to go to care or they refund you. Insurers cannot discriminate against people with preexisting conditions, cannot drop coverage once paid, cannot cap coverage (lifetime caps), and have to offer consistent policies in a given market. The law includes premium subsidies for exchange market purchasers beneath certain income levels, small business health insurance tax credits, and employers of certain sizes are required to provide coverage (and it has to meet quality-of-care standards). There’s the quality-of-care reforms, closing of the prescription drug donut hole, and end of life services now in Medicare too. Oh, and it increased funding for a whole bunch existing programs. That’s not all, but a decent roundup.

It’s hard to read progressives make ill-informed statements. ACA isn’t all it could be, but a few changes like increasing the premium subsidy levels, prescription drug price ratios, and red states expanding Medicaid and you have a pretty solid system. You can make a crappy single player plan, after all, or get an NHS that’s underfunded like it is under the current conservative regime in Britain. There’s no guarantee one will work as well as another (although I’d personally like to see some form of single payer).


Doesn’t this idiot realize that there are international laws against torture. Once other countries start taking responsibility for enforcing these laws, in the absence of the US, the Hague will be a very busy place (think Nuremberg after WWII). Please hurry as some potential defendents are getting pretty old.


Its one thing to block Trumps picks its another to vote for them. And why don’t places like DN point out these dem by name so we know who’s doing what???

I will give Chris Hayes some credit for spending a few minutes on a south dakota law passed about campaign finance reform-though I have heard little else about it???

Trump hates the media because they don’t kiss his butt----the real problem with the media is what they prioritize.

Trump talked about the corruption of Washington—so what is he going to do to change this???why don’t reporters demand answers on this. This was a major theme in his inaugural address—yet the media want everyone to forget what he said.

Real campaign finance reform is something any real conservative or progressive should support.


Did i miss the article about how Sanders voted to confirm Mad Dog?


Shucks, then they might have to point out how Sanders voted to confirm Mad Dog Mattis - and we can’t reveal that, now can we …


It’s a very old game the Dems have been playing:


Maddow was reporting on protests at democrats offices for those supporting Trumps picks. And ThankYou to those out there demanding real change. And Thank You Jimmy Dore show for saying what needs to be said. And yes at this reset moment people should be demanding a real examination of the military in this country.


Deleted. Not necessary


He is probably sympathetic to the Mossad and interesting his junior senator Gillibrand voted no.