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With Help of These 9 Democrats, GOP Pushing to Deliver 'Insane' Gifts to Wall Street


With Help of These 9 Democrats, GOP Pushing to Deliver 'Insane' Gifts to Wall Street

Jake Johnson, staff writer

"At a time when the likes of Wells Fargo and Equifax demonstrate that Wall Street needs stronger reforms, Senate banking leaders are proposing to grind holes in key existing safeguards."


And why not? Because, don’t we all deserve some gifts at this time of year…?

But seriously, the game’s not too rigged, is it?


Here ia a good history lesson of the division within the dysfunctional Democratic Party, the division between corporate types and those for the common people:


Letters to the DNC saying they should withhold campaign support for any Dem who votes in favor of the bill might get their attention; followed by pledges from letter writers to withhold donations to the DNC if they DON’T exert this pressure.


I hope to see at least nine primary challenges next election cycle. The working classes can no longer afford to support those Democrats who feed at the corporate trough. They have forgotten who invited them to the dance. They should be about right to meet the bouncer.


Only 9? I guess the rest of them know the votes are in and they can safely vote a protest vote.


I like this- it’s real action at least not just debating. Let’s roll. I wouldn’t give a wooden nickel to the DNC. Hey, will subprime mortgages be back? After all Trump said he benefitted from the crash and laughed about it- I saw him say that on TV. Sociopaths - all of them-did they think we forgot!Do you have the address of the DNC?


What evidence do you have that they will care what you or I think?

You’re assuming that the DNC is responsive to public opinion at all.

They’re not.

The vast majority of their donations are from corporate sources.


we’re fucked… :frowning:


At least we can try instead of hanging our heads in despair like three year olds!


Monetary manipulation is the economy, only problem is it requires more and more money and all that public common wealth is easier to steal than is money from production.


Progressive legislators should start now to map out demands for when the banks crash the system and start requiring bail-outs. Banks that crash will become nationalized, then branches will start to be turned over to the states to become state banks.


And then the Democratic party leadership wonders why so many of their former voters just stay home, now, and why so many Democratic party members aren’t even sure what the party actually believes. This is also yet another example of what you get with a party that stubbornly holds to a no litmus test to be a Democrat policy. Pick an issue, any issue, and you’ll find Democrats on both sides. This isn’t a party. It’s just another fund raising organization that is all talk and no action.


thanks for sharing this. everyone should know this little-known chapter of american history. if only it had been wallace instead of truman…


Nine Democrats. Should I be surprised ? Not really. The Patriot Act and the NDAA were pushed through Congress with the help of Democrats. Both documents are designed to dismantle/override the US Constitution. Without the protection of the Constitution we the people are subject to the despotism of government. The enemy is in our own house…


Banks that crash will CLOSE just like any other business that fails!


With a shill for Wall Street as their queen.


As I requested, what is the address for the DNC? I would like to write a letter not just comment here. People remember millions lost jobs due to banking crash and thousands committed suicide. We cannot sit idly by and just comment. The people who committed suicide ( many of them) were seniors.


Shame on the dems pushing this.- beholden to money and selfishly obsessed with their own re-election, they don’t want to anger their financiers. In fact, they want to facilitate them. Shameful,.


Shame on any Democrat who participates in this travesty. They have no right to call themselves members of the party that, for decades, fought against the “Robber Barons”, and now they are delivering me and every other American into their clutches.