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With Housing Assistance About to Be Yanked Away, Sen. Warrren Excoriates 'Shameful' Failure to Help Puerto Ricans


With Housing Assistance About to Be Yanked Away, Sen. Warrren Excoriates 'Shameful' Failure to Help Puerto Ricans

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

With just hours before a Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) deadline hits Puerto Rican hurricane survivors—ending the Transitional Sheltering Assistance and pushing roughly 1,800 families out of their temporary housing—Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) on Friday is urging the agency to extend the cutoff date for the assistance and admonishing its failure to activate a longer-term housing assistance program.


Wait a minute, she was supposed to be doing 10 other things to help People in this country. Guess she forgot to finish up. She never has completed one task she brought up. She is an opportunist who only wants to serve herself in the upcomming election. Many of us know what shes all about. No viote from me!




To Warren, Puerto Rico is a convenient talking point. What has she ever actually accomplished? She is just another bullshit politician like all the rest.


Wow, wasn’t this article supposed to be informing us of Puerto Rico and how FEMA seems to have turned into a pseudo human like that "Hecka of a job , BROWNIE, person? "

“FIRST they came for the Puerto Ricans…”. that seems to be the start of an even more Gilded Age REDUX arriving in America and with more crap coming every minute.
BUT None none you 3 responders are Puerto Ricans------so it became a " let’s diss Warren instead,."

This is why America is failing------caring about other humans is becoming a vanishing emotion--------and oh----the horror when climate change arrives big time. : (


Old saying: "We are all the Native American"

The “Katrina’d” and “Puerto Rico” –


Sen Warren has her weaknesses and strengths-----this is one of her strengths—this issue has gotten very little attention------most of all how many people have died in Puerto Rico because of the hurricane , and I think it could be argued that these were preventable deaths.


Oh, if only those Puerto Ricans were Norwegians, then we’d seem some compassion.


The trump regime abandoned Puerto Rico and its people in as despicable failure of government as ever seen…tho not without presedent when it comes to the “little people”, the poor, and people of color.

By contrast the trump regime focuses on giveaways to the uber-wealthy and make “business” deals that enrich the already wealthy and use taxpayer dollars/resources to gift wealthy corporations with Billions. That bribery, aka “incentives” are ostensibly used to “create jobs”, but that is a ruse and con, as par for the course these days. Such a pathetic state of the real “economy”, and both R’Cons and DINO’s use the scam to “cook the books” and/or give-away public money to benefit private corporations, including the fossil-fuel and nuclear industry.

An extreme example is the Fox_Con_deal with trump offering $4.5 BILLION to “create” only 3000 supposedly “guaranteed” jobs, with possibly 13,000 dangled as bait - The theft (and destruction) of America continues…such is the reality of the trump BS economy and its various scams, distortions, and blatant lies! $4.5 Billion for FoxCon, $1.5 Trillion for the richest in a fraudulent “taxcut”, and evasion, racism, usury, death for Puerto Rico!

Truly a pattern of crimes of vast proportions!