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With Human Rights Crisis Still Underway, Fast to End 'Zero Tolerance' Takes Aim at Trump's Cruelty


With Human Rights Crisis Still Underway, Fast to End 'Zero Tolerance' Takes Aim at Trump's Cruelty

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Human rights activists on Sunday are entering the second day of a 24-day fast in protest of the Trump administration's cruel immigration polices at the Southern border, which have left roughly 2,000 children still separated from their parents.


This a distraction, a horrific distraction, but a distraction nevertheless. TheGOP passed it’s budget for 2019 this past week and it is as monstrous as anyone could imagine. Trillions, literally, in cuts to what’s left of what made the USA different than other countries, the safety net. The next regional conflict will likely be in North America.
The US has become a 3rd world country.


Uh huh…and you were WHERE exactly when this happened under Obama’s watch?


Where there are Liberals, there are lies. It’s really that simple.


Where were YOU???
What are YOU doing right now to end this New! Improved! family separation policy?Seeking asylum was Never a felony but now thanks to the righty wingy hate-y, souped-up Uber “Christians” in Twitlers cabinet, this is the current state of affairs, seeking asylum is a friction’ felony.
Ed, these are actual living, breathing children…and their respective national origins matter not IF you really, really give a whoop about children for reals and call yourself a Christian.


Trump is a liberal? Cuz he’s the biggest effing liar out there right now. More accurate by far to say, “Where there are people, there are liars.” I mean, look up Rep. Tim Murphy if you need some perspective. Remember him? The conservative, anti-abortion Republican who paid for an abortion for his mistress? Just sayin’…


The Human Rights activists should be commended on protesting the Trump administration’s cruel immigration policies. Nevertheless, I am not hopeful that fasting is the way to go to succeed. We need more drastic ways of resistance to stop the advancement of fascism in the US…


Interesting take. I haven’t read Time magazine for forty years. The reason being that it has a reputation for set-ups benefiting deep establishment narratives. On the other hand in the case of immigration policy your comment reveals a propensity to victimize people who are being subjected to a barbaric practice for the sake of a stunningly cheap, shallow and meaningless shot. But go ahead, its ultimately your life being wasted. In the shallow twit world of the perp: SAD!


UPI feed 1:46 PM:

Trump: Return those who cross border without court case

President Donald Trump advocated Sunday that undocumented immigrants be turned away from the border without a court case.

Trump shared a series of tweets criticizing the U.S. immigration system as unfair to those who attempt to enter the country legally and “are waiting on line for years.” He called for a system based on merit.

In the mean time Kushner is twisting the hangman’s rope between Palestine and Israel.


No lies. Time simply got the story wrong unintentionally and then corrected it. This often happens in journalism. The main point is they finally got it right. A fascist like Trump would continue to go with a wrong story on purpose and never correct it regardless of contrary evidence. It’s the free press getting a story wrong versus a fascist lying on purpose. Somehow the Trump cult can’t tell the difference. Pathetic.


Pretty good for propaganda tho. They threw it out there, who’s really gonna read the correction?

That lady’s going back to Honduras tho after that interview was published.


Human rights activists on Sunday are entering the second day of a 24-day fast in protest of the Trump administration’s cruel immigration polices at the Southern border, which have left roughly 2,000 children still separated from their parents? What the hell will Fasting accomplish? This is the cowardly nonsense that amounts to nothing! Wonder why we keep losing? Here ya go!


I am worried about what the POS will do to protesters and demonstrators. We already know he believes he isn’t bound by any laws, and he thinks he can kill somebody in plain view and not suffer any consequences. His administration is lawless and criminal.



The point is that both were taken away illegally. Don’t worry about liberal lies – that’s the purview of the right and Big Butt Trump. He is despicably clueless.


If done properly fasts are good for your body. I usually fast during lent, work out more.Gotta admit,i feel much better after 40 days of cleansing. I should do it all year long, prolly live longer. If nothing else These guys are gonna feel a lot better after 24 days. Keep wellhydrated tho,southwest Texas heat can be a bitch this time of year.


Yeah lets engage in an orgy of virtue signaling. But really that is just selective use of children as a stage prop to push political agendas rather than any real and actual blanket concern for children and their families!

How many ‘liberals’ actually give a damn for the decades of system separation of western society children from at least one parent and that sometimes that separation winds up for ever?

How many ‘liberals’ have ever spoken up about the routine acceptance in our western societies of 50% marriage failure and especially those bearing ‘our’ children? Given all credible research points to, on average, more negative outcomes for those kids coming out of broken homes. Where is your concern for those kids?

How many ‘liberals’ have ever spared a thought for the increased rates of suicide (alongside other less extreme dysfunctions) that arise for parents and youth entangled in the legal money making sewer that is ‘family’ court and with the effects of legally allowed child alienation? Where in our western societies is there the social and legal assumptions of 50/50 care/custody post divorce…that would be actually equality for parents as well as recognising the rights of the children to open access to both parents as per this bs outrage over illegal immigrants.

I’m sure ‘you’ will just carry on with selective outrage that pushes the real agenda of the so called ‘left’ in the 21st century that of serving or co-option of/by the globalist agenda and to hell with blood family…the kids…and cohesive community.


Annie, their apprehension was perfectly legal. Plus,it was her second one which is a felony. First one is a misdemeanor. So she migh actally get to stay longer in the US this time.


You are, of course, correct. This particular thread is about the hypocrisy of TIME Magazine in doing what all Liberals are doing at this time, which is to lie about the immigration issue and act as if it didn’t exist before Trump. I find that as reprehensible as the many Rethuglican lies out there.

Quite frankly, if the pants of liars did actually catch on fire, Washington DC would look like Dresden after the American bombers flew over it.


Why don’t you actually read about this woman and her child before you make a statement that makes you look uninformed and bad?

The woman left on her own, left a husband with a job, was in no danger of her life, and took (kidnapped) the little girl because her eyes were filled with greed for all the “good things” of Capitalism here in America.


Where I am is doing what I can in the neighborhood where I live, rather than carrying on about something over which I have zero control. This policy has been despicable since it began, but I can do nothing about it. What I can do is to volunteer at a women’s shelter and help the poor as much as I can.

Does it make you feel good to trash me?