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With Impeachment Petition Nearing 4 Million Signatures, Democratic Mega-Donor's Anti-Trump 'Digital Army' Gains Steam


With Impeachment Petition Nearing 4 Million Signatures, Democratic Mega-Donor's Anti-Trump 'Digital Army' Gains Steam

Jake Johnson, staff writer

A campaign that was dismissed by Democratic leaders has grown into an operation surpassed only by Sen. Bernie Sanders' coveted email list


To begin with, the corporate sycophants in Congress will never impeach Trump due to the fact that corporate America chose him. Trump has been a Godsend to corporate America as he has accelerated the demise of the middle class, improved chances of reinstating slavery and injected steroids in a bloated and obsolete military.
Secondly, even if Trump were to be impeached, Pence would prove to be worse than Trump as the Evangelist believes nuclear war is not so bad because he will go straight to heaven. Forever a corporate puppet, Pence would mirror Trump but without the usual bombast and political incorrectness.
I would rather see such as campaign aimed at ending corporate influence in D.C. rather than toppling a democratically elected leader and replacing him with a Christian Ayatollah. We are redirecting our precious resources on a non-sequiter exercise.


Which beggars the following question: ‘When and if are Bernie & Steyer going to team up?’


Tom Steyer has plenty of money and is a positive disruptor, if you’re a progressive. It’s his money so your we is a little presumptuous, too. He’s causing the Democratic Establishment some headaches, too.
Disruptions and headaches are what the DNC ( Clintonistas ) and the Obamabots have been giving to their rank-and-file supporters for almost 3 decades. A little suffering for them builds better character, often times.
We need some real characters in the progressive movement, currently. What we don’t need is posers, who are caricatures of progressives. There’s about 120+ of those in Congress already.
Mr. Sargent says, " Democrats should rise to the occasion " which presumes they’re either on their knees or on their duffs. When it comes to Trump, Republicans and their nightmare agendas, we folks who are progressives can’t afford more of either.


There are no good oligarchs. Falling in behind Steyers self indulgence is a terrible idea. It is opportunism in place of grassroots political independence.


Don’t read the articles, just stick to your old worn out script. It worked so well in 2010 and 2016.
Do you wear a Whig, by any chance?


What more proof does one need that the Democratic party is the corrupt, fake opposition, war party!


The Democrats are corrupt because they are not falling in line with a billionaire donor? Steyer isn’t wasting his money. It’s just another investment. Here’s a clue: impeachment isn’t done by petition. But you can use it to develop quite a campaign donor list.


If someone wants to impeach Trump I’ll furnish the rotten peaches!!! I started voting at the age of 18 in 1964. I remember the transition between Kennedy being assassinated and Lyndon Johnson taking over. I have witnessed some bad and really bad presidents since I started voting, but Trump is absolutely horrific. He wants to run a government of the corporations, by the corporations and for the corporations at the same time as running a government of the rich, by the rich and for the rich. In my period of time of voting no one is worse than Trump. And I would include even Richard Nixon who was president from 1969 to 1974, was impeached for Watergate and then later pardoned. Trump’s Watergate was the Russian hacking of Democratic headquarters computers, then providing that information to Donald Trump. Which on my scorecard is much worse than Watergate, but Trump has not been impeached.


How little you know. Steyer was behind the lawsuit on Trump’s emoluments violations. That got tossed, of course.
And, you’ve been smearing Steyer from the get-go. Like the Clintons and Obamas aren’t doing their own versions of pay-to-play.
Anyone trying to knock off Field Marshall Feinstein from the left is doing progressive work, for sure. She and Hatch need to go, bye bye.


Exactly. We should not be falling behind any billionaire or billionaire “mega donor” whatever that might be. Aside from the standard nominal dues paid by members of a party (as is seen outside the US) or organization There should be no money in politics at all.


As leftists, we should be opposed to even the concept of billionaires - we certainly should not be getting behind one like children behind a pied piper just because he is on “our side”.


So let me make sure I’ve got this right. In a nation of over 300 million souls, this guy gets less than 1% of them to sign a petition that has zero chance of having an impact. Even if every Democrat in the House was persuaded by this “massive” outpouring of sentiment, they don’t control the House. Articles of impeachment will wither and die unless the Democrats can flip the House.

Meanwhile, these noble souls have given their contact information to an ambitious politician. They are easy marks for campaign contributions and volunteer labor. “Help me get elected and we’ll impeach the bastard.”

They don’t want your signature. The petition is meaningless. They want your personal information so they can exploit you as a pawn in their game. Only a fool signs these kinds of petitions.


TRUE! How little Yunzer knows…if he thinks the dems. arn’t corrupt.


Well, tell that to Ralph and his Greens. He has been looking for and actively recruiting someone with bonafides like Steyer. To save the planet, etc. Sounds like an updated version; Roosevelt 2.0, as it were.
As for BW, he’s a supporter of Feinstein. An old moneybags without the consciousness of Steyer and a warmongering Likudite, to boot. No thanks.


I smell a scam. Pense has to go. Ryan has to go.

The Poor People’s Campaign: A National Call for Moral Revival

The best chance we have, is to mobilize countrywide with all classes - everybody. This oligarch, who is paying for this “petition” needs to join with We the Poor People, in the streets this May - with Reverend Barber and the millions of We the Moral Majority to prove that he is not scamming us! Political parties need not apply, unless they do the same - JOIN US.


So that is what used to be called the radical left has come to - get behind some billionaire capitalist fucker or you are a “shill for Hillary”?


Exactly. Rev. Barber is the real deal in leadership on the left. Not this capitalist.


Now all they have to do is find some actual impeachable offense he committed. Otherwise in the words of Austin Powers:


Would BW be me? When have I ever supported DiFi? Of course facts are of no value among commenters here. Whatever serves as an insult has value. Stick with your billionaire hero.