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With Integrity of Election at Stake, 14 States Demand Injunction to Stop DeJoy's Sabotage of US Postal Service, Mail-In Voting

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/09/11/integrity-election-stake-14-states-demand-injunction-stop-dejoys-sabotage-us-postal


Fourteen states down.
Only thirty-six to go - but take your time.


LOL. Are the worms turning at long last.

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“Democracy never lasts long. It soon wastes, exhausts and murders itself. There was never a democracy that did not commit suicide.”
John Adams

I got a postcard from the Post Office today (probably many of you did, as well) warning me to be very careful if I have any plans to vote by mail!!! There’s a freaking checklist with 5 or 6 boxes – I think I’m looking at a tax worksheet. Scary stuff: getting your freaking vote processed, here in the USA.

Supposedly, this is the same agency which delivers Christmas cards, ads, and packages every year – by the ton – without any noticeable problem. But those little ballot envelopes are so much heavier, you know, or maybe volatile like nitro-glycerin: major traffic-jam ahead, the Post Office warns me.

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The appetites of parasitic predatory capitalism are being applied to a long-standing, non-profit service organization, legendary for dependability and dedication to function.

Ever notice that the valued profile, which upholds an enviable economic position has, to date, been immune to the “socialism” finger pointing? Not to mention that it is precisely the originary premises of the USPO that made it such a powerful societal engine irreplaceable in the growth of a nation.

Those who want to gut function must be recognized for their ideological swamping: pure unadulterated incompetence.

two items:
1)"" In addition, “the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs, which provides broad healthcare services to veterans nationwide, fills about 80 percent of veteran prescriptions by mail,” the office noted. “The VA processes about 120 million mail-order prescriptions per year—470,000 a day. The Postal Service makes daily prescription deliveries to 330,000 veterans across the country,” many of whom are reporting much longer wait times. There are about 16 million military veterans.

  1. The postal workers union can overcome the postmaster generals orders. Just as a soldier does not have to obey an illegal order, workers can accomplish work arounds to deliver prescriptions on time to all and get ballots back to the county election board. It ain’t surgery!!

A sophisticated, intelligent county election board would provide locked boxes for peoples to drop their completed ballots into.

These would be picked up daily by a two person crew. one democrat and one republican. Paid or volunteer. The locked box remains locked and physically delivered to the county election board office.
An empty lock box is dropped off to replace the one the crew removes. A rural midwest county would probably need five boxes.

It has to be large enough to hold 1,000 ballots May need a pick up truck rather than a sports car.

This is a work around if local post office continues to send ballots to a regional sorting center and will not keep them within the voters county for next day delivery to the election board.

Injunctions are NOT ENOUGH! SOMEBODY has to charge DeJoy with felonious interference with the USPS - there is a statute against this! He needs to have a federal sheriff clap some handcuffs on him and put his butt in prison! And then have a judge order that EVERY mailbox and EVERY mailsorting machine that was removed or destroyed by paid for by DeJoy to replace!