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With Iran Deal on Life Support, White House Looks to Finish the Job


With Iran Deal on Life Support, White House Looks to Finish the Job

Jon Rainwater

Three years after the signing of the Iran nuclear agreement, an array of TV monitors in downtown Vienna still carries live images from Iranian nuclear facilities. Inspectors from the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) still spend 3,000 calendar days a year conducting tests, gathering samples, and generally poking around Iran’s nuclear related facilities. Computers still monitor thousands of tamper-proof seals on nuclear material and equipment just in case the inspectors miss something.


Trump was given a red carpet ride into the White House by the media at the instructions of the dark side who want to correct their Iraq war results that gave Iran power against their friends the Saudi’s and Israel. Bush’s war was supported by NATO but Trump just showed clearly he hates Europe, is totally unreliable and clearly under the control of Putin.


Wars cost humanity greatly.

Only the elites benefit from Wars.

1 plus 1 equals 2.

Do the math before it’s too late.


The DC rich live in Virginia, don’t they? Angry and warring people will just bomb rich Virginia. They won’t bomb D.C. because when you leave D. C. proper, you enter the land of the poor people.

NO ONE will win another ME war-------although Israel might be terminated----but then so would the Palestinians. : (


The US will reap the deadly harvest it has sown! Too bad, so sad but it deserves to be smacked!


This aggression against Iran and trumps (America’s) pathetic lap-dog obedience are all about the deadly malignancy in the ME…Israel.

The subversive influence Israel has on trump, Congress (both parties), and our foreign policy, is a malignant cancer in America and the ME, with Israeli expansionist goals to control/dominate the entire region their long-held agenda. The Israeli supremacist mindset, mythology as the “chosen people”, illegal “settlements” all over the Occupied territories filled with “religious” extremists, war crimes against the Palestinian civilian population, all driven by overt racism, especially among the “settlers” the IDF, and the netanyahu regime.

Subversion of the US by Israeli agents (AIPAC) and American Quislings in every aspect of our sovereignty is a treasonous cancer that should be cut-out, but the power of the pro-Israeli lobby cancer has metastasized thru our nations governmental, political, business, and media to such an extent all must pay obeisance or fave political retribution - the fact is Israel uses the US as a weapon while they take/coerce billions in “aid” annually! Billions that are stolen from American citizens to enrich the Israeli state and its supporters like the trump family organization…

The wars, regime-change agenda, destruction of civilian infrastructure and victimization of millions in the MT/NA have all been driven by this cancerous racist entity and their supremacist mythology cult…as well as ordinary theft cloaked in “religion”… BDS!


uh, what about the US invasion of the Phillipines back in the 1890s, really, and the subversion of democracy in Haiti and south and central america.??? think about it please and get out some real history books…

You might want to read some Mark Twain about our imperialist mentality/so called manifest destiny.


and as usual the war effort will be socialized on the bottom 90% while the 1% will reap the profits…dont kid yourself…


Uh, right,… what about all that ugly history Mary?. Everything you mention is accurate and I am fully aware of that history, from Arbenz to Allende to United Fruit and the death squads of El Salvador and the School of the America’s to the Cuban Revolution…The history of US hegemony, coups, and invasions in Latin America and around the world is real and nothing to be proud of - they were crimes…but I don’t get your point… this article and my response is about Iran , ME politics, the 6 nation nuclear deal with Iran, and the current forces/influence driving US foreign policy now, and the trump regime


I am appalled that you blame a tiny country like Israel for the Middle East problems,instead of oil and our wall street masters of the universe…SMELL THE COFFEE…


What’s really appalling is that you fail or refuse to recognize the malignant and subversive influence “tiny” Israel has on US foreign policy, politicians, and our electoral processes! Israel subverts any nation in the world that could speak against or become a lap-dog to their racist agenda!

Think Russia “meddled” in the last (s)election? Try looking at the decades of premeditated Israel undermining US sovereignty, subverting Congress, Their history of spying on America, supporting their foreign agents in America, the AIPAC, and all manner of actions against US interests! Read some history! Think Israel is our friend and ally? Think again!

Try reading ex Mossad agent, Victor Ostrovsky’s book, _By way of Deception_to get some background of the times Israel has intentionally worked against US interests - look at the Beirut Marine barracks bombing and what Mossad knew but did NOT tell us!! Try thinking about all the unarmed International protesters and American citizens Israeli forces have murdered and/or maimed - not to mention the tens of thousands of Palestinian men, women and children murdered by racist Israel!!

“Smell the freakin coffee”? BS! Inform yourself! Your comment makes you look like a fool…



The problem with Iran is that it supports Hamas and Hezbollah, and is not too friendly to the House of Said, So let’s call them terrorists: that way, facts don’t matter, and campaign contributions and endorsements can keep rolling in.


if only good folks would learn that both World Wars were instigated and funded by USI.
Question–Why did Germany invade Poland and then Russia?