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With Iran Deal Reached, Now US Anti-War Base Must Mobilize to Defend It


With Iran Deal Reached, Now US Anti-War Base Must Mobilize to Defend It

Sarah Lazare, staff writer

Now that a nuclear agreement between Iran and world powers has been reached, the U.S. anti-war base faces a critical opening to mobilize and prevent hawkish lawmakers in Congress from sabotaging a historic opening for deescalation, campaigners urged Tuesday.

"It is hugely important that people who don't want war with Iran in the future speak up now in defense of the deal," Robert Naiman, policy director for Just Foreign Policy, told Common Dreams.


AIPAC is already calculating how to drown this ‘peace agreement’ at birth. Using the NYT and Wash Post to rally i.e., force, congress to void this deal. Wars eternal for eternal profits. In the upcoming election the duopoly has chosen Jeb and Hillary. Either way the deep state wins. Both are warmongers .One crime family and two hustlers seeking fame and fortune.


I’m all aboard. Just tell me what needs to be done. I’m even willing to go to Washington D.C. to meet with my Congress Critter. ; ) Let’s get this peace train rolling.


Well, I’ve already gotten emails from Code Pink (Ray McGovern) and Daily Kos asking me to send emails to stop the REPUBLICAN attack on the Iran agreement.

This partisan nonsense completely ignores the fact that the President’s ability to veto the inevitable vote against the treaty will depend on HOW MANY TURNCOAT DEMS will be voting against the agreement.

Come on guys, give us a little bit of credit. We know how the Republicans will vote. We also know that the veto is the critical issue here and that will depend on how the Dems vote.

On Edit: Add ‘The Nation’ to the list of those using this to rally Dems. Their email links to a petition with “Sign the petition: Defend the Iran deal and stop Republicans from starting a war with Iran.”


Get busy, folks, to defend the best thing we have seen in 40 years. Don’t let the aggressive neanderthals win this time.


I agree! Forget the warmongering, fascists because they can do nothing unless they get a two thirds majority to over turn the Obama veto. The demo rats are the ones that you should really worry about.


This is where the Democrat rank and file need something akin to The Contract With America. Where are the Unions; oh Mr. Trumka, on supporting the President? Oh, now I hear them, " Cut your hair, get a job, pull up your pants, shut the hell up, quit listening to that damn rap music, buy a Chevy or Ford, my home is my castle, yes you are going to church next Sunday, a good place for you would be Army boot camp, shut up and vote how I tell ya’, dammit. "


Not just about using the threat of war to drive arms sales. It has been mentioned again and again and people are ignoring it. The US and it’s allies stile one hundreds billion dollars from Iran and they want to keep it, as far as they are concerned they stole it fair and square and it is theirs now.
So this stolen one hundred billion dollars, who exactly has it, and how much profit are they generating by keeping and which private individuals have access to it and how much are they making as a result from that free loan and likely management fees designed to shrink that capital base ie how much is missing and where has it gone.
How much of the negotiations had nothing to do with nuclear weapons and everything to do with keeping that stolen one hundred billion dollars for as long as possible or even permanently.


“Sanctions”? Let’s say the US Congress warmongers prevent the ratification of the Iran pact. The article says that the US president’s hands would be tied and sanctions would continue but what sanctions are we talking about here? If all other parties agree with Iran and the US pulls out, why should US sanctions prevent the other parties, China, Russia, UK, France etc. from lifting their own sanctions? If the US doesn’t want to do business with Iran that’s just fine but that should in no way keep the other parties to the pact from keeping their parts of the agreement. If the US were to continue to prevent Iran from using the world’s financial system from clearing its international monetary transactions, the BRICS system could click in to take up the slack. After all the two major parties in BRICS are also two major parties in the Iran pact. The only downside to this scenario is for the US which would lose its ability to control the World’s financial system, It would be the writing on the wall or the death knell of American international soft power. And to think it is so unnecessary but so foolish that it will probably happen. Sometimes I think the Congress is America’s own worst enemy!


Not only that, but some of these [illegal by international law] sanctions were carried out via executive order written by … Barack Obama.


I had about a half-dozen requests to sign the petitions mentioned in this article in my inbox this morning. [“A petition from organizations including CODEPINK and Roots Action urging “Defend the Iran deal and stop Republicans from starting a war with Iran” already has over 34,000 signatures.”] I’d have been happy to sign all of them, but they all took me to a page with the url http://www.stopwarwithiran.com followed by /rootsaction or /dailykos, etc. This ended up being just a blank page except for a message reading “please wait”. The signature page never loaded. Did someone sabotage the “stopwarwithiran” site or is there something wrong with my computer?


This deal is not a peace effort by America towards Iran…This is the authoritarian conservative push to get access to Iran’s military capabilities, just like we did to Libya before we attacked them, just like we did to Syria before we attacked them, just like we did to Iraq before we attacked them. No country that has resources we want or that opposes the Jewish theft Palestine can trust America.


This Iran deal has very little to do with peace. Anyway last I checked we were not at war with Iran but plenty of other countries. Peace all over the world because of this Iran deal? Well it sounds good. So now they are telling the anti-war crowd to come out and march. Where have they been since Obama was elected? Where were they when Libya was attacked? Where were they and where are they about all the drone attacks? Now they are supposed to march for peace when we are not and have not been at war with Iran?