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With Joblessness at Highest Level Since Great Depression, Wyden Rips GOP for Acting Like 'Mission Accomplished'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/06/10/joblessness-highest-level-great-depression-wyden-rips-gop-acting-mission

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I agree with Wyden, many business’ remain closed and the recovery time will be extended. The GOP are a bunch of heartless bast%^&$.


Every nationwide recession and depression since the GOP’s 1856 birth (except the post WWII recession) has occurred during a GOP administration. Note that prior to 1929 they called them “panics” or other euphemisms for depressions.

Its like Hank Williams Jr. sings “I’m just carrying on…an old family tradition” (song title; family tradition).


What’s positive about an actual 20% ( A6 ) unemployment rate? It ( at 20% ) is a proverbial snowball rolling down the hill; picking up velocity and volume exponentially. When it hits level ground it’ll look and act more like a tsunami than a wave.
This isn’t rocket science; the Trump Adm. & Senate Republicans are re-creating and re-enacting Sherman’s mendacious march through Georgia, pretty much. Only this time the slash and burn tactics are directed by the wealthy slave owner class against the powerless and broken.
Who, it should be said over and over again, didn’t have one thing to do with the obvious disastrous response to COVID-19. It was caused by the same people who now want to deny relief to those most damaged by this malfeasance. It was planned to be this way, imo.
Yes indeed, Trump, McConnell & His Fascists Thugs are using this malfeasance to drive many workers and the powerless to their knees. While denying them any chance at a fair redress of grievances at the voting booth. Knowing a corrupted Federal Court system will cover for them. That’s a given and has been in the works for a long time. If you think they’re all in on it, and together, you’d really be on to something good. Good for their slow rolling coup, that is.
FYI- Again in the last week, I’ve heard national reporters from the MSM, falsely claim the COVID-19 pandemic started 90-100 days ago. Why?
We know it started at least 180 days ago, through local spread, from the already published data. Down the old rabbit hole, for sure.
The American people better keep taking to the streets, or soon enough, many millions more will be living on them. It’s all in the plan.


In America 75-80% of stocks and bonds are owned by 10% of the population, it is the economy Trump cares about. For the federal reserve, lobbies and government the economy is that 10% and the other 90% of Americans are just collateral damage.


Trump admitted he and his friends ( business ) paid .60 cents on the dollar for assets after the 2008 crash. He loves these obvious " buying opportunities " and so do large corporations, as well. While local small businesses and chains close, the multi-nationals gain market share. Again, " Well, duh! ".
" When a person or party tells you who and ( what ) they are, believe them. " In this case, and prior ones as well, they’ve told us. They’re been in our faces about it, in fact. Believe them.


May be wrong, but seemingly you can see it in the still lasting effects
of 2008 where a lot of property has changed hands and is still changing
hands – here we have a lot of “luxury” housing going up.

NOTHING in the way of affordable housing.


The GOP is the enemy of 99% of the people and let’s hope they are completely eliminated in a landslide in November by losing the POTUS,the senate and the house.

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Occupancy rates for newly constructed higher end apartments, in good locations, are at about 59-63%. Yet, pricing and long-term leasing terms remain the norm. Think tax law doesn’t matter?
I have some insight ( inside info ) that, in the absence of federal and state intervention in the affordable housing market, new production will slow fairly dramatically. Yup, causing yet more unemployment and chaos ( *positive entropy in thermodynamics splainin’ ). *Just snarkin’


The 1% might think they have done enough. THEY have gotten so much the till is running over. They don’t want any more until they can buffer it with tax dodges and loop holes yet to come.
The left will likely help out.

" The fight in America is not between the left and right, it is between the ups and the downs. "
Molly Ivins
Don’t get lost in the tall and unkept overgrowth, blindly seeing weeds everywhere. Some of it holds the nuturing ingredients binding everything together. For now, anyway.
The 1%ers are big believers in the use of Agent Orange, in these particular matters, so to speak.
And, we know how that turned out, right?
FYI- There’s no hard left, no FARC, in the U.S. Don’t buy into the b.s.


The current depression is not the problem it is the answer for the 10% of American stock and bond holders.

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“Congress cannot abandon families in the midst of this ongoing economic crisis”

Sure they can, just watch them.

Meanwhile I’m still gathering materials I’m going to need for building my guillotine.
Maybe I’ll just order one from Jeff.

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True that. They are having injections ( cosmetic enhancements ) in their thumbs, currently. The better to fit more people under them. In the eyes, too
Also, buying bigger boots. The better " to put the boots to them " when the time comes.
Joe Biden’s flimsy defense won’t hold up to the assaults. He’ll bend like a weeping willow. He’s backpedaling, already.

Why can congress not see that sending money to those who are struggling is the surest way to stimulate the economy? Do they think people are going to HOARD that measly $600 bucks? They are going to spend it immediately for food, rent, utilities and other necessities, thereby stimulating the economy. It’s not rocket science, but it does require some common sense, empathy and ditching their smug Calvinist attitudes, rather unlikely I should think amongst the power elite…

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And, when we are told there are just a few bad apples amongst the police, are you going to believe them, or as you watch hundreds of police smashing heads of peaceful demonstrators, are you going to believe your lying eyes. When they SHOW you who they are, BELIEVE them.

Wyden has been a key Left of the Aisle Democrat architect of our Financialized Speculative Unfettered Global Capital E-CONomy. Please read up on and talk to those who’ve fallen to homelessness or down into the Precariat from once firm and stable productive occupations during Senator Wyden’s extended and re-upped terms in the Most Exclusive Country Club in the World, and the most entitled, namely the U.S. Senate.

See the daylight between the positions taken on economic issues by Wyden and his fellow Democratic Party Senator Jeff Merkley, who has politely but firmly opposed Wyden’s doctrinaire attempts at Neo-Liberal E-CONomic legislation. The Jr Senator Merkley has also shown some backbone and independent Public Interest advocacy while resisting Wyden ramming through the deficit-ballooning KORUS, FTA and later the TPP. By the bye, both in the state of Oregon and for Korean Workers who were down-sized as Korean trans nationals shipped their manufacturing jobs to China and anywhere cheaper than South Korea. As PUBLIC CITIZEN trade policy scoreboards show of winners\losers. Trade Policy score-keeping so resisted by our own U.S. broadcast business news programmers and reporters. How about that MARKETPLACE? Or, THIS WEEK ON WALL STREET…Or, PLANET MONEY Or, BUSINESS INSIDER!

South Korea also criminally prosecuted their head of state Park Geun-hye and her collaborators in the Corporate Caliphate sentencing her to 24 years in prison. Let’s see Wyden defend his championing of ***KORUS (Korea-US FTA) Trade Bill *** in light of that. Senator Wyden already cannot defend his Private Interest work at the expense of the Public Interest in his work for passage of the KORUS, FTA ON STEROIDS as the Obama-Biden TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership) was referred to.

KORUS, FTA was the template for the TPP that allowed Trump a nowhere candidate to steal the Trade Issue from the party of the ‘Working Class.’ The House of Clinton role in all this had much to do with Trump’s ability to steal the issue from those who didn’t know or care that the Trump Org has never tried to make anything in the USA except for class privilege and feudalism. All of the Trump Branded products are made wherever in the world labor is cheapest and possesses the fewest rights.

All this non-leaded water-carrying (when he said and did zero to call out and get Obama-Biden, already on the hot seat due to Flint, MI racial poisoning of water supply thanks to the Neo-Liberal E-CONomic doctrines that Wyden has shown blind loyalty to during the decades of Portland Public School Lead In the Drinking Water poisoning) from Senator Ron Wyden in the face of widespread Democratic Party and some Republican Protectionist Paleo-Conservative opposition to these rigged by the Corporate Caliphate trans national beneficiaries of so-called Free Global Trade.

Obama-Biden tried ramming his TPP down the Democratic Party opposition’s throats, until the bill went down of its own accord despite GOP majority support along with Wyden (Merkley opposed) of giving President Obama and future Executive Office holders TRADE PROMOTION AUTHORITY undermining the power of the purse that was supposed to be held by our elected representatives in the legislature:

So why, Mr Progressive Sr Senator from Blue State of Oregon Wyden?
Here’s some scholarship behind the views on Wyden’s BIG LOSER support for every global trade bill since NAFTA, and it has nothing to do with his reductionist and never specific defense of Oregon being a coastal state that lives on its export markets…

If only more corporate-captured U.S. News Media broadcast news of the criminal prosecution of the heads of states of U.S.'s tightest of allies like South Korea and Israel…


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Great, more lip service from pretend-friend-to-progressives Wyden. It’s easy to be seduced by nice sounding talk from Democrats, as I was for many years by Wyden. So I’m trying to keep a list of Wyden’s wrongs, and remember to look at them when he’s trying to seduce us again.

Here’s one from Glenn Greenwald in 2017:
“the devoutly pro-AIPAC Ron Wyden says he still supports this pernicious Israel boycott bill”

Here’s one from Common Dreams last year, in which he introduces legislation to “bar the IRS from creating a free electronic tax filing system”:

Here’s a smart comment on the Intercept by rrheard, with a list of wrongs, including:
"This is what Sen. Wyden has stood for as a Senator:
On November 10, 2005, Wyden was one of five Senate Democrats who joined 44 Republicans in voting “yes” on Amendment no. 2516, brought to the floor by Republican senator Lindsey Graham, which ruled that enemy combatants did not have the right to Habeas Corpus.
In 2011, Wyden supported the no-fly zone and military intervention in Libya in order to protect civilians, stating that “The violence of Colonel Gaddafi against his own people is a humanitarian crisis. I support the international effort to protect the civilians of Libya.”
In 2009 Wyden sponsored the Healthy Americans Act, an act that would institute a national system of market-based private insurance. . . .Wyden supported increasing Medicare funding, enrolling more of the uninsured in federal programs (although his Healthy Americans Act would eliminate many of these programs including Medicaid and SCHIP and replace them with private insurance)
In late 2011 and early 2012, Wyden attracted attention for working with GOP House Budget Committee Chair Paul Ryan to develop a Medicare reform plan that would result in the semi-privatization of the system, . . .
Wyden supports free trade; while in the House, he voted for the North American Free Trade Agreement and has subsequently supported many trade deals in the Senate being one of the very few Democrats to vote in favor of the Central America Free Trade Agreement. He has, however, voted against free trade agreements with Chile, Singapore, and Oman. "

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Thanks for keeping track of Wyden’s true colors. Don’t get too excited about Merkley, either. I’m trying to keep track of his wrongs as well.

Here’s one from The Gray Zone last year, in which Wyden and Merkley both signed a letter urging Trump to escalate Syria:

And George Wuerthner a year and a half ago:
“To add insult to injury, Senator Merkley has obtained $30 million of our taxpayer money to pay for the piping of leaky Ag irrigation ditches that enhances the property values of irrigators and the irrigation district—at public expense to mitigate some of the irrigation impacts to the Deschutes River.”

And Merkley’s disgusting and insulting response last week to my letter on wasteful and cruel use of animals in research:
“I have heard from many Oregonians who are concerned about the use of animals in scientific research, particularly for a COVID-19 vaccine. I have also heard from Oregonians who support scientific research that may lead to innovative cures, treatments, and therapies for diseases and disorders.”

Here’s what Merkley wrote in response to my letter in March 2020 about the coup in Bolivia:
"On November 10, 2019, Evo Morales, Bolivia’s first indigenous president, resigned after almost 14 years in office following a contested election and weeks of protests and strikes that rattled the country. While OAS auditors initially reported election fraud by Morales’s political party, some researchers have called the body’s findings into question based on a lack of statistical evidence. "

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What mission has the GOP accomplished? Do they mean making most of the poor people poorer?