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With Kennedy Retiring, Right-Wing Koch Brothers Ready Millions to Buy Next Supreme Court Seat


With Kennedy Retiring, Right-Wing Koch Brothers Ready Millions to Buy Next Supreme Court Seat

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

After the U.S. Supreme Court this week crippled labor unions, sided with anti-choice health clinics, upheld President Donald Trump's Muslim ban, and preserved GOP gerrymandering, Justice Anthony Kennedy announced his retirement, which will enable Trump to nominate a far-right replacement—and the billionaire Koch Brothers' political network plans to pour millions of dollars or more into promoting the president's choice.


From the sub-head:

“one more example of big money attempt to establish a society governed by the rich”

I’d say we were pretty much there already, what with our only two allowed parties and mass media firmly in plutocrat hands, and it’s for damn sure we aren’t going to vote our way out of it.


Been there at least since the dawn of the 21st century.

With all levels of federal courts stacked with young right wing judges (many of whom will still be on the bench in 2060) by 2020 the Kochs and other 1%ers will no longer need to buy US Congresscritters. Even if every Congressional seat is held by a Green the 1% will simply have any legislation they don’t like overturned by their federal judges.


A quote from the article: "a nominee who will … not seek to advance a political agenda."

What a cruel joke! All those right-wing justices are advancing a political agenda!

Here are two excellent books on the Koch brothers’ “political agenda”:

“Dark Money” by Jane Mayer and “Democracy in Chains” by Nancy MacLean.


I have $62.00 to my name, the K-Bros. have $90+Billion. I get to donate to Commondreams (gladly I might add), they buy a government and destroy the planet. I’m going to go puke now and look in the mirror while my head explodes.


The Supreme Court needs to go. It’s useless. It’s supposed to interpret the law - not make decision based on Democrat or Republican. I’m sick of this game - We have to get a liberal in, we have to get a right winger in. And those phoney baloney hearings - Senators just vote based on liberal or right wing.

I know, it’s never going to happen.


I’m reading DEMOCRACY IN CHAINS by Nancy MacClean and it lays out the whole scheme to takeover the US for the Koch brothers and the right wing using the theories of southern racist economist James Buchannan and his work at U Virginia, Virgina Tech and George Mason University. They (Koch and his cronies) created the Federalist and Heritage Societies and the CATO institute. Their ideal is Chile under the Pinochet regime.


I believe they can be removed by impeachment of Congress. If so, a review and determination needs to be made it these people are truly fair and objective or are serving their own bias and carrying a political agenda. If they are found to be partial, biased and cannot prove their decisions as based on law - they should be removed by impeachment.


This is not over. If the congress can be changed and those centrist and accommodating democrats clearly understand that their days are numbered if they don’t reform and adhere to a progressive agenda - then there is hope. The people really do need to rise up and make the change but are the people up to it or have they been manipulated into hopelessness and complacency?


have we really just become sheep, unable to tell that the wolves are circling. can we find the strength to rise up and fight what is happening?


Yes, they talk one way and act another. They are liars and deceitful people but their heritage comes from the Southern plantation owner. They have no heart for the common people (those they see as beneath them.) Any cruelty is acceptable to them. If the people would only realize how cruel they can and will be in power - maybe we could make a change. I am reading DEMOCRACY IN CHAINS. Great book that tells the truth and shows how their heritage is based in the slave holding south. Their true ideal of a country is Chile under Pinochet.


Judges can be impeached and if the legislative bodies were truly progressive that would be a possibility.


Oh dear reader321, so many “if’s” and so little time. Do you really think Turtle-Head is going to let this slip outta his hands?


Jackye, how many read Commondreams? How many post here? How many shop at amazon?


To “how many read Commondreams ? How many post here ?” I would add: how many have even heard of Commondreams ?

Everybody I know buys Amazon Prime.

Judging from the multiple trips down our little dead end road that Fed Ex and UPS make each day, it appears that everybody I don’t know also buys Amazon Prime, confirming that whatever progress was made on anti-trust and breaking up monopolies during the past 120 years has all been reversed.

We live in a groupthink culture wherein highly educated Murkins are at least as dialed into groupthink as uneducated Murkins.


To add insult to injury I just read in the Seattle Times about Amazon assisting folks with van and uniform purchases if they want to start their own delivery service. How did Amazon beat Uber to this ?

Just like Uber drivers, these delivery drivers will be working for half of minimum wage at best, just like I did with my newspaper delivery route more than a half century ago.

With this move Amazon will be cutting into the family wage jobs UPS (and to a lesser extent) Fed Ex drivers enjoy.


It’s called redundancy…or as I as I liked to call it since I just invented it: Fascism In Depth. .


Murkin sepshunulizm fascism ?


Bork him!


The Koch Brothers installed and own Trump, not Russia. They are also behind Trump’s cabinet picks.