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With Key Vote Just Days Away, Activists Ramp Up Pressure on DNC to Hold #ClimateDebate

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/08/19/key-vote-just-days-away-activists-ramp-pressure-dnc-hold-climatedebate

Please fellow Progressives; support Jay Inslee.


Corporate Tom Perez and Corporate Nancy Pelosi and Corporate Chuck Schumer don’t want to offend their Fossil Fools donors by spotlighting the existential threat posed by the accelerating Climate Emergency.

Better for them and the other Corporate/Wall St. DemocRATS to continue to ride the gravy train as we all spiral down to extinction.


Dear Perez, Pelosi and Schumer:

If you can’t stand up for your own planet and against the oil and all the fossil FOOLS , then there is NO POINT in supporting any of you ---- ever! -No KEYS have ever existed for the killers of their own kingdom aka Country! King Midas couldn’t eat gold, and neither can you!


The DNC are the antithesis to the people’s needs and the climate crisis needs to be front and center to any meaningful discussions among the the prospective candidates. We need concrete actions yesterday. Any delays just further the deteriorates environment we need to survive. If they can’t see this they need to bow out and let real caring people fill all their positions in Congress and the executive branch. Anything lee is a crime against Earth and all her children including humankind. Peace


Inslee is too influenced by promoters of self-driving car high tech nonsense and who see nothing wrong with Uber, Amazon and Costco Big Box retail. Washington State DOT and Seattle area DOTs and transit agencies have a far from stellar record. Add Boeing and military influences upon Inslee and you’ve got a President in bed with the moguls of fossil fuel industry and the czars of high tech like Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates. Plus, no GND so far, including Inslee’s is at all realistic.

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My short list of GND subjects for debate:

  1. Self-driving cars/trucks, nonsense vs stupid.
  2. Plug-in hybrid PHEV vs all-battery BEV tech.
  3. High Speed Rail - 100mph vs 200mph.
  4. Rooftop PV solar vs huge solar farms.
  5. Economic globalization vs localization.
  6. Visions of the future with fewer RVs.
  7. Water supply and sewer water treatment.
  8. Landfill waste.

The fact that this is being resisted by the “democrat” leadership just proves how captured they are by the corporate bribes.


That characterization would fit any number of sham dichotomies, here and there.

But Elon Must pursue his oh-so green dreams, be they delusional as Mary Baker Eddy’s.


I hope you wrote that to each of them.

Good point, but I respectfully disagree with your point because Jay is not perfect, but he is honest and sincere about climate change. Thanks for your opinion.

They are walking a tightrope. Do they champion the Climate Crisis not knowing the pulse of the voters. They want to get elected, AND address climate change. Apparently they are not mutually inclusive.

Hi ToniWintroub:
I have tried emailing them and others too. It does not seem important to them, so I have programed them into junk mail as there is no thought among them, as it seems the corporate ones are the only ones that rate with them. : (

Gloriana, I’m not sure what you mean, other than they don’t care. I rarely get responses, but I know the aides keep a tally. So I write. Wearily, but I write.

Self-driving car tech is a fraudulent ruse meant to distract public attention from actual solutions, a fact Elon Musk knows better than most, Aleph. Care to debate the evidence, or just accept the fraud because Bill Gates acolytes must believe it or lose jobs and status? I’m happy Inslee ended his campaign. He could win the GND battle in Washington State first, then maybe in 2024 or '28. I’d rcommend against 200mph HSR for the Amtrak Cascades.

I’m concerned about his competence not his sincerity, shanti, though that too I must question. I’ve been to Seattle too many times trying to affect transportation planning. Know-it-all Seattlers screw up non-stop. Quitting was a smart move.

Musk is a great fool and con-man. That reminds me of someone.

You’ll not find a defender of automated autos in me. I treasure zero connectivity to anything in my old hybrid wreck, and pledge to avoid any surveillance device configured as or in an automobile. All that crap just makes everything ten times more expensive to fix, and more like to break, anyhow.

Yes, the DNC doesn’t even want to address climate change and in my opinion, Jay’s chances of getting the nomination for POTUS was between slim and none…AND SLIM JUST LEFT TOWN!

In that case, aleph, the debate over BEV vs PHEV is another important subject. Plug-in Hybrids PHEVs have MORE potential to reduce fuel energy consumption than all-battery BEVs and hydrogen fuel cell FCEVs. I’m sure GM & Ford know this is a fact, but they’ve decided to cancel their hybrid models. Catch them red-handed acting against the public good and you’ve got a billion dollar lawsuit to take to court. Standard hybrids may get 40-50mpg, but plug-in hybrids get an effective 100+mpg. Driven less, effective mileage goes up, driven more, mileage goes down. A GM Volt, limited to 50 miles driven daily, get 150mpge. Hybrids can use ‘combustible’ hydrogen stored at lower pressures, more practically than for use in fuel cell EVs.

I hardly drive anymore. My car is a holdover from when I needed it to make a living.

Personal vehicles and the design of most roads and highways are holdovers from when that used to make sense. The absurd notion that personal vehicles could work out in the context of the order-of-magnitude scale energy cutbacks which are no longer optional – it’s a lot of nonsense to me, concocted for people who still want to hear that the Climate Catastrophe need not present any serious inconvenience.