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With Khashoggi Believed Killed, Ethics Watchdog Says: We Must Ask If Trump's Silence "Being Dictated by His Business Interests" With Saudis


With Khashoggi Believed Killed, Ethics Watchdog Says: We Must Ask If Trump's Silence "Being Dictated by His Business Interests" With Saudis

Julia Conley, staff writer

As new evidence emerges that Washington Post correspondent Jamal Khashoggi was tortured and killed inside the Saudi consulate in Istanbul last week, lawmakers and ethics watchdogs said Thursday that President Donald Trump's reluctance to hold the Saudis responsible for Khashoggi's possible murder is exactly what they've warned about when calling attention to Trump's


Pay for play is bad enough, but I think it’s just as likely the Saudis have some serious dirt on Pwesident Twump, which they’ll be happy to conceal for services—already, and yet to be—rendered.


The real axis of evil: Amerika, Saudi Arabia, Israel.


It seems to me that the title of this piece is a rhetorical question.


Now that Turkey says they’ve got audio of Khashoggi’s torture and murder shortly after he entered the embassy, this is turning into a much more difficult issue for the predators to tamp down than I might have expected. For one thing, the Washington Post has been reluctantly nominated the mouse that roared, or something. (New motto: If you can’t print something nice, print nothing at all!)

Students of the grotesque are already mouth-agape, at a loss to imagine how much worse it has to get before the empire of sadism crumbles. Then they send in a sawbones with a bone-saw. Now is that enough?

Remember our notorious astrologer? I’ve never taken that kind of stuff seriously, but the confluence of so many schemes simultaneously meeting their denoument is seriously spookifying – as if the stars are now aligning. Favorably or unfavorably? We’re awaiting further data.


Edited for cause.


Here is an informative background & analysis on the state-sanctioned murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi that shouldn’t be dismissed out of hand because of it’s origin at the Cato Institute. More background information is always preferable to less…

"President Trump, who recently expressed his “love” for MbS, cynically sold U.S. policy to Riyadh. The president recently urged Riyadh to purchase even more weapons and push down oil prices, in recompense for America’s campaign against Tehran, the KSA’s only serious regional rival. In this way the administration sold its soul to the Saudi royals.". - from the article

The trump regime is going to have some shit to pay (hopefully) for its (trumps) slavish boot-licking of MBS and his repressive vicious war-monger regime…as should be clearly be seen at this murder of internationally renowned journalist Jamal Khashoggi. This is what happens when a pathetic narcissist wants to hang with violent dictators and criminal thugs!

This is what happens when the US under Herr trump allies himself and the US with a vicious racist thug regime to slaughter civilian men, women, and children in a half proxy war against Yemen and a political revolution! We are as guilty of War Criomes as the Saudis in Yemen!

If trump is stupid and arrogant enough (guffaw) to ignore the mounting pressure on his regime and its lap-dog relationship with the Saudi monarchy, especially MBS, and refuse to act against the perpetrators and enormity of the murder with force and decisive action(s) (more guffaws) ALL journalists will become targets of any dictator or wannabe neo-nazi thug who is pissed-off at something written against their “interests”! This is NOT a thing that can be ignored or sloughed-off by the orange shithead jackass! There are serious consequences to actions and failure to act, and this murder is one consequence of trumps praising violence and ignoring such violence!

Indict, Impeach, Imprison!


See, if they would have just droned him like Obama, it would be a “no news” story

But Business Interests before Justice…Ya Think ?

Not these folks. I’m appalled that it would be reported in this manner.

(do I need to write in sarcasm for the NSA readers)


Given the giant shitstorm and financial nightmare MBS has gotten the Saudi’s into as a result of the pre-meditated murder of journalist jamal Khashoggi, they should condsider capping his ass!

" Jamal Khashoggi is one of the Arab world’s most prominent journalists and commentators. He is an outspoken critic of Saudi Arabia who has dared to defy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, the kingdom’s de facto ruler."

Headline - “Saudi summit in crisis as Khashoggi case prompts mass withdrawals

" A high-profile investment summit in Riyadh later this month is rapidly becoming a fiasco as prominent businesses and media groups have pulled out over Saudi Arabia’s alleged involvement in the disappearance and[possible murder of the journalist Jamal Khashoggi."

" “As his regime starts to resemble an Arab nationalist dictatorship – socially liberal but centralised, paranoid and built on fear – his promise of a new, tolerant Saudi Arabia is receding.”"


I wonder if Oprah will have MBS back for another hug.


It’s possible “Trump’s silence” is simply due to his absolute narcissism and lack of empathy.


Turkish officials have now told U.S. officials they have video and audio recordings of Khashoggi’s torture and murder inside the Saudi consulate in Instanbul. - https://www.commondreams.org/news/2018/10/12/turkeys-claim-have-audio-and-video-khashoggis-murder-intensifies-demand-trump-speak


Trump’s silence on this matter, aside from his overt whoredom to the corporate war machine, has little to do with any questions regarding human or civil rights being violated by any foreign country or its leaders as much as it has to do with the origins of the execution orders themselves. It wasn’t the foreign leadership that made that original order but it was our own corporate whore who was the source. It sent a message to those who would be critical of HIS administration’s reign of the subjects he was chosen to rule over - all of us not of the wealth bracket. After all, are we not mere profit-fodder for the wealthy?



I love how Trump acted like he knew little about what happened. The world saw the video of Khashoggi entering the building and not leaving, sources listed grisly details of what occurred inside, we all knew about the intercepted Saudi intentions, and yet shithead ‘knows nothink!’ Did any of the suckholes asking questions above the din of helicopter rotors call him on it? Or state the obvious, like: the Saudis are a client state who are a reliable source of cheap oil. We have a standing agreement that they keep the flow coming our way and we protect them as well as receive billions in Saudi cash for weapons. The Saudis also agree to stay silent on the treatment of Palestinians as we turn a blind eye to the war crimes in Yemen. Finally, they’ve funneled millions to Trump’s businesses, and being given the OK to murder a dissident is just one of the many return favors.


Trump is Colonel Klink.


Trump is not running this show, in my opinion, although I’m sure his hotels will start suffering soon: moonofalabama.org
Above link, Oct. 14.

  1. According to Moon, K’s history is much more than journalism. He has been hired as advisor to Saudi ambassadors both in the US and the UK.
  2. There is a trial coming up where victims can sue Saudis over the Trade Towers collapse.
  3. K had some series of close connections to that event, including having interviewed Osama.