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With Latest Denial of Rights, Israel May be Guilty of 'Collective Punishment': UN



MAY BE ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Try since 1948.


Nope, it is more that Washington, DC is the capital of Israel. Israel is allowed to do what it does because it serves US interests, not the other way around.


You can bet AIPAC money will be flowing freely in Philadelphia next month.

Wouldn't we love to be a fly on the wall of the AIPAC hospitality suite at the convention ?


I get that Isis-Ra-El, Israel, has been in a religious war for over a thousand years, at least, but to what extent will it continue? By the normal standards of winning, neither have won. It took America carving up the land with arbitrary boundaries, or borders, to give Isralites what they have now. Where in the Bible did it say that Gods children had to lie, rape, and steal to get their way? My conclusion is that all these decisions are not religious based, at least not now. So if Israel cant win, then why keep trying? But thats a bad argument too. So there must be something else to this. Think of the propaganda, excuse me, public relations, that has to be used to maintain rape and child murder. Just seems like a lot of work for failed planning. My final question is: How are these people Gods children?


And HRC along with her family (including son-in-law) will be wearing their AIPAC campaign buttons throughout the convention making Blankfein proud (Goldman Sachs). Israel's guilt is a fact not a "maybe" and has been for ages.


In what way does Israel help the USA? It gets huge donations, UN vetoes on its illegal acts, military secrets, acceptance of its illegal nukes, and in return, Israel buys the US Congress!!!!


Exactly! 'May be.... All you have to do is substitute 'Russia' for 'Israel' and imagine the universal condemnation. What was it that Netanyahu boasted? Something about leading the US by the nose with impunity. When will the Americans wake up and realize that they have been duped and robbed by the robber country?


Four nightclubbers shot in Tel Aviv is a criminal incident needing investigation, arrests and trials. It is not a "deadly attack" on the Israeli state needing more repression and aggression on another state. Years ago the IRA bombings in Britain did not bring a lockdown of the British people, trade sanctions against Swedish fish, and some automatic foreign invasion someplace with no relation to Ireland. The terrorism on both sides in Ireland stopped when the people decided they had had enough and stopped supporting it.


What does the author mean by "may be"?. Israel has been collectively punishing the Palestinian Arabs since 1948 when 700 000 to 900 000 were dispossed of their homes and farms and forced into refugee camps that still exist.


Try to remember that Israel can ONLY commit the crimes that it perpetrates because of the protection of Washington and the funding by US TAXPAYER DOLLARS, JOBS, ETC.

Take US support from that outlaw state and it would collapse within a year.


Hillary's Bigotry

Hillary writes a political love letter to Netanyahu promising to restrengthen ties if she is elected. She states no concern for Palestine. (Gaza)
Read more: http://forward.com/opinion/national/324013/how-i-w..

"Mrs Clinton's Bigotry
Ibehaving like a de facto bigot? She does so in her open, prosecutorial hostility toward the fight to liberate Palestinians from the racist oppression of Israel and its Zionist ideology. At the same time, Clinton is willing to attack those who fight against Israeli bigotry, particularly in the form of the Boycott, Sanctions and Divestment (BDS) movement. Disregarding U.S. law, she has pledged herself to destroy the BDS movement even if she has to rip to shreds the First Amendment of the Constitution to do it.

Fwd: Article: Two "Presumptive" Presidential Candidates: Bigots All Around | OpEdNews
http://www.opednews.com/articles/Two-Presumptive-Presiden-by-Lawrence-Davidson-Bigotry_Donald-Trump_Hillary-Clinton_Israel-160610-260.htmlSans SerifSend



It is AIPAC and members of the cult that spawned Israel that must approve all candidates for elective office in the US Government before they can be noticed by the media (also controlled by the same predatory capitalists).

There is NO American agency with the power to destroy Israeli politicians.

"To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticise”


Summer 2914 :"7 civilians are killed in Israel. 1660 Palestinian civilians are killed. In Gaza, hospitals, mosques, schools, and office towers are destroyed. Entire neighborhoods are pulverized to rubble. Israel faces harsh criticism as pictures of carnage flood social media. After 50 days a ceasefire is brokered by Egypt. “Calm” is restored.

"The ceasefire is broken by Israel in a matter of days. Farmers are shot in the buffer zone. Silence. Fishermen are attacked at sea. Silence. The Rafah border crossing with Egypt is sealed. The siege is worse than before the Israeli attack. Silence. Ten months later, building materials have still not entered Gaza. The billions of dollars promised for rebuilding doesn’t materialize, nothing is rebuilt. Silence. Thousands live in the rubble of their destroyed homes. Children freeze to death during the winter. Thousands more remain in the UN schools they fled to during the July attack. Silence. Israeli soldiers publish testimonies that point to war crimes committed in the offensive. In America, the mainstream media largely ignore the testimonies. Silence. Gaza is forgotten.
The Never-Ending Nakba » CounterPunch: Tells the Facts, Names the Names
HYPERLINK "http://www.counterpunch.org/2015/05/15/the-never-ending-nakba/"http://www.counterpunch.org/2015/05/15/the-never-ending-nakba/


"may amount to prohibited collective punishment and will only increase
the sense of injustice and frustration felt by Palestinians "

I noticed several comments that took exception to the 'maybe,' and well they should. Let me add my outrage because it extends beyond the 'maybe' to the second portion of the quote. 'increase the sense of injustice.."Note, THE SENSE of injustice not actual injustice. What a lot of weasel words used here. I find it difficult to imagine such being applied in other contexts. The cowards.


You have the luxury to yawn.



With that flip remark you are condemning how many thousands to misery and death.

Yes, Palestinians, keep fighting. Certainly more Palestinians will die than Israelis, as in the past, but keep fighting and dying for the moral satisfaction of us Leftists safe in America.

There are only 2 possible outcomes. Negotiations leading to a 2 State solution, or continual escalation which, sooner or later will have a nuclear outcome.

The compromise solution is obvious. Israel has to withdraw from the West Bank and Gaza, and Palestine has to renounce the right of return to pre-'67 Israel. Yes, a Palestinian state. But that is incompatible with a push to return, and destroy the state the Israelis have built.

Every time EITHER SIDE kills, a sane compromise recedes further into the future.

You want Israel to disappear, you bloody minded son of a bitch. YOU go fight for it. Leave the Palestinians alone. They don't need your encouragement for their suicide.