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With Letter and Hug, Five-Year-Old Takes Immigration Plea to Pope Francis



This pope certainly seems to be an improvement over his predecessors. However, we need to keep in mind that the reverence shown toward him grows out of the same reverence that Catholic children are taught to have toward priests. And many of those same priests have taken advantage of that belief to sexually abuse children. To ascribe some special "holiness" to an individual is bound to have extremely negative effects, and should not be encouraged, as it has been by the mass media adulation and official receptions now underway in Washington.


Can you give us a break? What is with progressives that they feel the need to 'spout and spoil' everything. What purpose does this comment of yours serve in relation to this very nice and very human experience. No one is saying that your issue isn't important or that it should be forgotten but only that it has nothing to do with this incident whatsoever.

You wanted to spoil good feelings for people... yeah okay and now what? Nothing right? You just wanted to spout some sourness ... is that it?


Every time I read something about Pope Francis, my heart grows fonder of him. Thank you, Pope Francis, for championing those that have no voice.


The Pope mentioned four Americans in his speech before Congress, also four of my favorites, Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King, Dorothy Day, and one of the most interesting former businessman turned Trappist Monk, the brilliant Thomas Merton. This notion that whenever Bernie is mentioned, and now when the Pope is mentioned, there must be the obligatory listing of fault, doesn't wash in fairness. Be wary of the ex Catholic, they often are vicious. No one is perfect, including the Pope. His contribution to the dialogue on economic justice is part of the new spirit of the times.


I do not know what these people will do once the Pope leaves, and once the election is over if Bernie doesn't win, they wallow in a sour that is really unbecoming. There isn't an issue or a person out there who is fault free. No matter what is mentioned, one can always ask "what about this" to no end.


i'm not saying there aren't problems with the heavily set in "beliefs" of the Catholic church. I am saying that right now, right here, this Pope is forcing TPTB to at least look at their vicious policies, is advocating for people and the environment and is telling TPTB that they are a danger to us all.

For all that, today, I wholeheartedly thank him.


This courageous young lady meeting Francis was a lovely moment, especially when contrasted with the hideous pomp & over the top side-show at the WH that must have been an embarrassment for Francis.

That said, I am troubled by the Serra cannonization as a current reminder of the continuing Native American Genocide and how Serra's elevation would be seen and felt by decendants of victims of the RCC. Some Native Americans still believe the Christianity forced on their ancestors by missionaries and there are apparently differing views on Serra and the missions. Serra is the first Hispanic/Latino-American Saint.

Francis has made many positive statements on important issues and in July during his visit to latin America said: "I say this to you with regret. Many grave sins were committed against the native peoples of America in the name of God. I humbly ask forgiveness not only for the offenses of the church herself, but also for crimes committed against the native peoples during the so-called conquest of America."

Francis spoke-out against child abuse and its cover-up/toleration and this history of church abuse is somewhat different but perhaps more enduring. I hope Francis speaks-out again on church abuses/killings of indigenous peoples from the Americas and elsewhere soon.


I know and it has really surprised me. I wouldn't have expected it but this is not the sixties and I think I just assumed that there would be the same joyousness of rebellion and that very sixties positive outlook to make a better world in the future.

It is like the left has become permanently defeated and can't even imagine itself as winning anymore. So all that can be done is to criticize not create. Put downs instead of supporting people. I am actually becoming discouraged by this. It is an infectious defeat that is being promulgated not strength.

Even many pundits can only criticize. They substitute that for activism I think. That is why they can be so reckless with their negativity and sourness. It doesn't risk anything. They see themselves as weak and defeated so there is no place lower to fall to. They can criticize because... they don't expect we can ever win.

I think a progressive term limits is in order for certain professional progressive pundits ...lol.


Scroll down to hear Sophie Cruz recite from memory the contents of her letter to Pope Francis, after she gave the letter to him ..



I'm sure that the same caution should be extended to rabbis, imams, gurus etc. but none of them are currently being given a 24/7 ovation. Innocents are always at risk when any person in authority is given reverence or respect on account of that office alone - and this applies to elected officials who have also been known to abuse those who believe that they are special beings different from the rest of us.


Ouch ... or is that an 'ex-ouch'...lol. I hope Rev Dan Berrigan is able to enjoy hearing the Pope mention at least three of Father Dan's favorite people. Dorothy Day is one I know from experience and Merton I know from Dan's writings and past associations.

Father Berrigan has long remained a loyal son of the church and it has been a hard road but he deserves this vindication of his continued faith in his church. Pope Francis represents the church that Father Berrigan devoted his life to. The church that he believed was the church of the poor and not the church of capitalism and power. God bless this Pope and Fr. Berrigan too.


This video and what this girl did touches my heart. But to be a progressive "spoiler", I wonder if she had clearance beforehand with security or if this was a purely spontaneous event?
Either way, "Si se puede!"
I am glad they had a presence at this event, and hope they will remain strong and continue the struggle.


Ever since John-Paul I, conservative American Catholics have condemned all other Catholics as "Cafeteria Catholics", picking and choosing church doctrines when, the conservative Catholics asserted, Catholic doctrine is all or none. You're Catholic or not. Now, with the current Pope, the expression "cafeteria Catholic" has vanished. Indeed, many reading this comment may even be unfamiliar with the expression, it has been so completely expunged from the commentary of conservative Catholics, when apparently moderate and liberal Catholics have not found the expression to their taste (thank goodness). So, what we have is the revelation of conservative Catholics for what they are: hypocrites.


Look JoeRyan, the American media has treated the Pope as the head of all Christendom since at least John-Paul I. This, while since Ronald Reagan, the determiners of all Christian doctrine has been the Papacy if pronouncing conservative doctrine. Otherwise, the determiners of all Christian doctrine are right wing Protestants ministers and denominations who are apparently in some way integrated with the Catholic hierarchy. In this, the Orthodox churches are wholly unrecognized, and probably thought conservative Catholics and Protestants (you know, they're "orthodox"). So, Joe, get on the ignorance band-wagon of the American media, and just accept the bizarrely twisted understanding of Christianity of incredibly confused but "theologically knowledgeable" American journalists. Now, is everything clear?


Then he handed her a pamphlet telling her how to ignore sex education and to stay pregnant all her life and to obey her husband.

Oh and to pray to a deity or she will burn in hell for all eternity.

Then he asked her for a donation to have the Vatican gold collection cleanedl


Oh and I want to donate to have the Vatican gold collection cleaned. Know where I write the check for that?

And good news, gays and women have decided that yes indeed, heterosexual Christian men are superior and we have decided to all believe in a sky deity and live our lives in line with whatever Francis tells us.



The image I always have of much of the CD commentership is one of bitter lonely scowling old men (and a few women) sitting at a keyboard all day, simmering in personal grudges...They need to get a life!


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