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With Local Democracy Squashed, Fracking to Resume in Texas Town


With Local Democracy Squashed, Fracking to Resume in Texas Town

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Less than two weeks after Texas Gov. Greg Abbott signed legislation to prevent local municipalities from regulating a wide variety of drilling practices, fracking is set to resume in the city of Denton, where nearly 60 percent of voters banned the practice last November.


Profits matter, nothing else even comes close. When you don’t care about the world you leave behind, then it’s easy to move forward with all possible speed.


True. And here on Turtle Island (the “USA”) this is what can be expected by the powers that be because this is stolen land from stolen lives. They cannot see the land as sacred which makes their crimes possible.


Being good stewards of the land is just words in their Bible. They are more concerned with the 11th commandment “thou shalt not commit abortion.” To hell with all those other words in the bible is what they have to say; that’s just too much to have to read. So, they stay hyperfocused on a single issue, abortion, while the rest of their political party is raping the earth for all its got with no regard for whether or not there will be anything for the future generations. So, tell me who exactly is committing abortion here?


There is nothing like an “in-your-face” blatant disregard for people’s democratic rights to fire up the much needed outrage of ordinary citizens. These folks are being told they are insignificant and their voice is being silenced by a group of arrogant wealthy individuals. We will see how they take this affront. I hope they fight back and show the SOBs.


What’s the point of having multiple levels of government? Perhaps the good people of Denton can take fmr. Pres. Andrew Jackson’s precedence of ignoring a Supreme Court order and ignore the state gov’s ruling and continue to enforce their rules- banning fracking- and send in their own police to arrest anyone attempting to frack, leaving the state gov up to enforcing the state’s rules.


This is when you barricade the roads. The Mayor and police can man the barricades.


This is where the political officials fail the community, and the system fails the people. Time to escalate. The next step is for the people to take their power back with civil disobedience. And if the city officials want democracy and justice, they will side with the people of the community by not stopping them (e.g., not arresting them).