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With Lockdowns Cutting Off Access, Global Charity Estimates 1.5 Million Women Will Have Unsafe Abortions Amid Pandemic

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/08/19/lockdowns-cutting-access-global-charity-estimates-15-million-women-will-have-unsafe

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Yeah, along with the age of consent being 12 years old in some countries, what could go wrong? Oh yeah, check out the worlds worst slums.

And here they are:


Not sure if they are the “worst”


Euphamistically called “tent cities”/“shantytowns”. AKA- slums.

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Thanks for that information, it is millions of people. Going to check the second link.

Excellent information

Yesterday Pence and his “We can’t get covid” entourage came to Wisconsin.
Anyone the least bit suspicious that the trumpy’s can go anywhere unmasked and not get the virus. Pence’s group were mostly unmasked yesterday.
Were they all inoculated before they let this virus loose on the public at large? Secret vaccination.

Planet Earth and all the other 99.99999% species (domestic, captive, wild) DESPERATELY need more human birth control and more abortions. So at least let’s make them available to all women and safe for all women.