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With Locked Arms and Raised Fists, NFL Players Express Solidarity With Kaepernick


With Locked Arms and Raised Fists, NFL Players Express Solidarity With Kaepernick

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

The first Sunday of the National Football League's 2016 season saw several players in multiple cities express solidarity with Colin Kaepernick's national anthem protest against racial injustice.


The warmongers in this country are outraged that the Left is winning this discussion.
There goes all the false patriotism that marches young men and women off to war to die "for their country."


"While at least one player, Denver Broncos linebacker Brandon Marshall, has lost an endorsement deal for kneeling during the anthem."

Anyone know who this company is, and who we all should probably review purchasing from.....

Endorsements are a two way street.


GUFFAW! Little did the U.S. media, NFL, and right wing fans realize what they were getting into when they called out Colin Kaepernick. Apparent from the media gushing fake tears about the 9/11 attack yesterday, all of these "mainstream" constituents still won't acknowledge the race, ethnic, class divisions in the U.S. Presumably this is because blame for all this social misery falls upon them, and they do not desire to change their ways.


A few years ago, I posted that the way for protestors to get the most media attention would be to protest at NFL football games and I am so happy to see this happening in 2016.

Some in the MSM, like Bill the Shill, say how ungrateful that Colin, whose salary is in the millions of $, would dare to do something like this and dishonor the flag by kneeling during the national anthem.

It has been reported that Bill O Reilly gets paid somewhere around $ 30,000,000.00 per year by Fox News and has been for a long time, a cheerleader for illegal, wars and the killing of US soldiers and foreign civilians. What is wrong with this picture?


People can choose to do their business with other than the Air Academy Federal Union. The Union spokesperson was very clear - he's an authoritarian militant. And he and others like him will try to bust the balls of every individual they can squeeze. They demand conformity now!

Remember Craig Hodges of the Chicago Bulls? The fascists dealt with him and shut him out of the NBA for urging action to resolve racial issues. He and Larry Bird were the two best three point shooters in history i believe. And suddenly, no NBA team will hire him?

For the authoritarians and fascists there is never an appropriate time to express views that are contrary to their angry, rigid thinking. Put your armour on - this will be a long slug fest. Out the nearest autocrat with truth. America's thoughtless allegiance to militarism must be challenged and undone.


The next step towards enlightenment is to recognize that the freedoms these people speak off derive from the Constitution and representative Government and NOT the US military.

The sacred cow of Militarism, upon which generations of citizens suckled and nurtured , is part of the problem.

Making war on people in Vietnam and Iraq has not brought any freedom.


"While at least one player, Denver Broncos linebacker Brandon Marshall, has lost an endorsement deal for kneeling during the anthem."
Maybe it's just me, but I call bullshit...LOSING and endorsement for 'attending' the anthem? I smell a 'backwards 'B' here.....


Americans have not died for their country since Vietnam and that was only because many of our troops had no choice.

The volunteer armies of today die for "their" corporations. It blows my mind how easily young people are doped into taking a bullet for entities that only invest in death and destruction, which also includes the death and destruction of the young people themselves.


First, Kate Upton is an idiot.
Second, Southern Baptist Pastor Allen Joyner who announces football games on weekends said, "The military personnel should take a few shots at you......" (presumably with live ammunition) because you won't stand for the National Anthem.
What a great Christian Joyner is.


Colin, how about writing your own version of the Pledge.. such as:

I pledge my loyalty to the ideals of the United States of America, and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under God, in disarray, with liberty and and justice for many.


After Sep. 12, 2016's practice, Century Link ended their agreement with Brandon Marshall. Brandon and Colin were teammates at U. of Nevada.


In case you have forgotten, Colin has had a number of injuries dating back to last season. Also, the 49er super bowl year, it was a lot of Colin making those big plays that took the 49ers to the super bowl. Furthermore, the NFL is very similar to the US Military, A rah rah drop and give me 20, run everywhere you go, macho crowd. In other words, Colin has cojones, and is the real home of the brave.


I have a nephew who has served in Iraq and is still in the military and is a very nice person but unfortunately, has been so brainwashed with so many thanking him for his service, that I am afraid he will never wake up; however, since he had injuries in Iraq and lost fellow soldiers there it is understandable that he is in denial and does not have a clue how he was used for nefarious purposes. He probably could not live with himself and may even become suicidal if he realized the truth.