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With 'Longtime Dream' of Tax Cuts for Billionaires Fulfilled, Paul Ryan Won't Seek Reelection: Reports


With 'Longtime Dream' of Tax Cuts for Billionaires Fulfilled, Paul Ryan Won't Seek Reelection: Reports

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Having successfully rammed through tax legislation that massively rewards America's billionaires—including his long-time patrons Charles and David Koch—and sets the stage for his ultimate goal of obliterating the safety net, House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) is


It’s hard to get excited about the Kochtopus losing just one arm, but at this point I’ll take any good news I can find.


What Ryan is going to do is split the scene before he gets formally caught. There is little or zero future for him either nationally or in Wisconsin.
From the very beginning his thinking and actions screamed sociopath. Although clinically, he’s just closer to very immature, not especially bright, and totally opportunistic. He is not “leaving” he is simply running. And his fleeing will likely be successful-he has not stepped on enough legal toes to make anyone want to get him. He knows exactly what he is done, and like an adolescent male with too much time on his hands he is waiting for his damage to become manifest. The issue turns upon his fantasy set, inherited from coming of age under Reagan, of Ayn Rand as a real guide and actually getting into a place where it was not fantasy, it is people’s lives. He is still and will always be a murderer.


This rat, with his bag tied to a stick, dangling over his shoulder, is standing on the rail ready to jump. He has eaten all the cheese and shit in every corner of the ship. Only now that he hears the ticking of the bomb he helped plant in the boiler room, he runs for stern.
Fuck this guy. Fuck him with a big rubber dick.


The sad reality of this is, his type of corrupt misuse of office, will continue until the Duopoly is exposed and blown up, for good.


Bye-Bye Obstructionist A-hole


Good riddance. But he did a ton of damage while he was in office, and I find it hard to believe we will ever be able to undo all of it. Now he’s off to cash in: board member of multiple corporations that he helped enrich while in office, book deals, speaking engagements that pay $75K/pop, etc.

He is forgetting one little bump in his golden retirement, however: what awaits him after death. Hope he has 1 million X sunscreen.


And as is true of all slimy cephalopods a new arm will just grow back…


A rat escaping a sinking ship.


I think he is smart, sees the writing on the wall and is getting out while the getting is good.


But Ryan’s job is only half done. After the tax cuts for the rich come the cuts to safety net programs and entitlements because ‘deficits’ (that were purposely caused by the tax cuts).

Well, I’m sure some other Ayn Randian servant of the oligarchy will replace him. Hell, even Obama was on the brink of a grand bargain…


Great minds think alike I just posted a rat escaping a sinking ship post myself:) But yours is better.


Can’t he leave right now?
Please, pretty please!


Congresscritters with Ryan’s experience have a K Street lobbying job awaiting their retirement that starts at no less than $2 million per year. Beats Ryan’s current $174k salary and having to run for re-election every 2 years.

With diminished gubmit revenue from December’s tax cuts, Ryan now has the contrived “crisis” needed to gut Medicare, Social Security and other “domestic” programs with no need to worry about voters taking revenge in November.

Expect domestic program cuts during the next 8 months to be as destructive as Sherman’s march to the sea .


Gracias. I was in a particularly anxious and nasty mood today. I’ll guess I’ll go to work and take it out on my clients :slight_smile:


Thanks Paul for leaving us your Republican, one economic idea wet dream, of a giant welfare for the rich tax break for average Joe and Jane to repay its cost. The latest estimate we’ll have $1.5 to $2 trillion of additional national debt to pay for your generous gift. No wonder you and your fellow Republican rats are stampeding to the life boats before the bills show up. Republican Reagan tried it, biggest debt increase post WWII, Republican Jr. Bush tried it 2nd biggest increase and collapsed the U S economy, what happened to “trick me once”?


Who is Paul Ryan? (Sarc)


voting for Repubs or Dems leads to this disaster. Wake up sheeple !!


Or else the Koch broos will ask for their money back


Can only be a cause for national celebration. Now I suppose he has a job lined up for him with the Koch Brothers or Wall Street where he will be handsomely paid off for all the work he has done for them while he used the con of “public service.” Another creep who should be heading to prison.