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With #MarchToThePolls in Chicago, Women's March Aims to Channel 'Outrage and Energy' to Defeat Trump Agenda on Election Day


With #MarchToThePolls in Chicago, Women's March Aims to Channel 'Outrage and Energy' to Defeat Trump Agenda on Election Day

Julia Conley, staff writer

Energized by the outrage that resulted from U.S. Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh's nomination and confirmation in recent weeks, the Women's March Chicago will hold a rally and literal "march to the polls" on Saturday, with marchers walking to early voting sites to cast their ballots in the midterm elections.


Who’s Brett Boofin’?   Donald Trump!
Who’s Trump Boofin’??   ALL OF US!!!



Sandy Oestreich, Founder-Pres., Nat’l Equal Rights Amendment Alliance


GOP leader: "Women protesting Kavanaugh were ‘clowns’ " and ‘it will all blow over’"

Florida, NY, DC, CA–MeToo, the Women’s Marches, and the ascension of a questionable new SCOTUS member raise a clarion call for the U.S. Constitutional Equal Rights Amendment’s passage: “Equality of rights under the law shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any state according to sex.”

Leader of 300,000-member National Equal Rights Amendment Alliance, Sandy Oestreich, says, “This Amendment means equal treatment, male and female. Sex discrimination made a violation of the U.S. Constitution. We demand that sexual assaults be seriously adjudicated as the soul-searing crime it is. Ladies and gentlemen, we have been noble too long. Thank you for rising up with us.”

On the streets women variously say that nothing else has ever quelled the ongoing “dismissive,” “humiliating”, “inhumane,often brutalizing of little girls and women by a certain set of men and boys”–not all–“often fueled with alcohol and laughter.” Now, 80% more women are demanding Constitutional protection against sex discrimination.

Dr. Faye E. William Esq., President, Congress of Black Women notes economist research that shows when women do have equity, America’s Gross Domestic Product can soar by 15% as in other Nations similarly. But the opposition continues to ignore that."

The National Equal Rights Amendment Alliance, Equal Means Equal, ERA Coalition, Congress of Black Women, Katrina’s Dream, and ERA Action, all nationwide, and many others agree, “It’s time!”

This Amendment had lain silent for 35 years. Over 14 months recently, two more of the three final ratification votes occurred. Passage requires one more state legislature’s vote for it: Virginia, North Carolina, Florida, Arizona or Georgia. 94% of Americans surveyed endorse this Amendment’s passage.“If Washington won’t work for its constituents, we must, we WILL”, say proponents.

Sandy Oestreich, founder-president of National Equal Rights Amendment Alliance

Prof. Emerita, Adelphi U., NY

Fmr. elected official, etc.


Women are being used as pawns again! And oh how easily women fall for it and file into line! These marches are orchestrated by George Soros, the Trump hater. We all can’t stand Trump however women need to understand that the entire political, financial, educational and scientific fields were exclusively set up by men. Women were prohibited from having anything to do with public life. Even though it’s a relic, even the Constitution was written entirely by men! And women think these ideas and laws apply to them. When will women have a thing of their own instead of tag along and continue to be at the beck and call of men? If we were not represented, then it doesn’t apply to us. Once women get this, there is no reason why they should adopt or comply with any of the structures that are shoved down our throats. Certainly to be a pawn in this mans’ game is utterly pathetic. The womens’ marches are about misogynists corralling women to further their agendas. Forget about this political system - women are 50% of the population - we can do our own thing.


Yes, what has been missing in the 19th amendment–it was never enough to vote! We also need an amendment to guarantee that every man and woman in the US has economic security to guarantee that “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” in our constitution. If you want to promote liberty then guarantee equality. We the previously omitted and ignored by the constitution are the equality factor in making the US a “more perfect union.”


It’s a shame they aren’t protesting the Daley/Emmanuel/Democrat machine that has made Chicago such a crap city over the past 50 years.

The Daley machine that turned the Chicago PD into America’s Browshirts, and turned the South Side into a war zone. Emmanuel who’s done nothing to halt the decline, except try an centralize more power in the mayor’s office.

The problems facing the Women of Chicago are a lot closer to home than Kavanaugh


I’m pretty sure the Women’s March organizers are mostly (all?) women.


“A woman wears a jacket that reads ‘November Is Coming’ as protestors rally against in the rotunda of the Russell Senate Office Building on Capitol Hill, September 24, 2018 in Washington, DC.”

Linda Sarsour.


Walk softly and cast a BIG vote!


Women… and Men have to put down their cardboard signs and get rough! This is the Only language they understand. Wanna Win? Fight! Surround them on an individual basis! You know where they live and where they work. Study their daily routines. They are Very touchable. Only a few have security. This will get much worse if old style tactics are used over and over as we keep losing! They are laughing at you and the rest of us because we never confronted these Cowards head on! Think about how Mad you are right now! So what you plannining to do about it???


So help me out here; just how does George Soros actually benefit from these marches???


seriously ??? why do people fall for this shit on CD. these a$$ools need to be totally ignored. they ruin many a thread.


The biggest job of the Moscow hackers is to divide the Left so that it can’t accomplish anything.

Thank you “Free Radical.”
Would you like to tell us where you live, and which party you represent?


Another Republican, or Russian, has discovered CD, and wants the Left to ‘win’ the election by being seen on the evening news beating people up.

Anyone with experience in the movement knows that the strongest advocates of violence are infiltrating agents.

Let us get it straight in our heads that at this time, THEY have the most guns and training. We LOSE any civil war, on TV, in elections, and on the field of battle.




Strong words. I wouldn’t disagree with most of what you say. But when doing their own thing they still needs some unity to make any impact, Someone giving a few ideas about who the candidates are and what they represent doesn’t bind the vote. At the end of this march when they vote, they will vote as they please.


Not talking about Beating people up as you put it. Without a Plan of Direct Action, how are we to take on the people who are blatantly attacking us? Voting? That doesn’t work.


Marches do not translate into Votes. Same as Taylor Swift telling her fans who to vote for.


Soros doesn’t benefit at all. Nobody does. Rallies have accomplished nothing so far, yet this is the Organizers’ only tactic. Rallies do not turn into Votes either. Women, and the rest of us need a more sophisticated plan as everything else we’ve tried has Failed!


I am hoping (ahem) to get some understanding of how this person’s mind may (or may not) be functioning.