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With Mass Arrests, Saudi Crown Prince Moves to Consolidate Power

With Mass Arrests, Saudi Crown Prince Moves to Consolidate Power

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Meanwhile, the Trump administration praises the Saudi regime and the weapons keep flowing

Saudi Arabia mass arrests
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Things that make you go hmmm…
–Back in May, Trump et al are welcomed to Saudi and they ink a $110 billion arms deal on the first day. Included is a $350 billion commitment to Saudi and other gulf states over the next 10 years
–A week ago son-in-law Kushner, Trump’s Middle East Envoy Jason Greenblatt and deputy national security adviser Dina Powell return from a mysterious, unannouced (to us) trip to Saudi Arabia. We don’t know who they talked to but the purpose was supposedly to continue to broker peace in the Middle East
–Saturday while Trump urges Saudi Arabia to choose Wall Street for its IPO of giant ARAMCO shares, the Saudi Crown Prince is quickly moving to consolidate power

Meanwhile, Trump takes his entourage to Asia and makes more outrageous comments taking our attention away…again.


Trump seems to venerate authoritarians. Putin, Xi, Dutarte, the Saudi monarch, he even praised Kim at one point.


There’s another missing piece of the puzzle. After Trump’s Aramco tweet, there was a tweet from Al-Waleed that seemed to cast doubt over the NYSE listing. The tweet has been deleted and the prince detained. I wonder what is going in addition to the consolidation of power by the crown prince. Perhaps crown prince used that as an excuse to remove Al-Waleed from power. Who knows.


MBS’ arrest of Al-Waleed bin Talal was a gift to Trump for badmouthing him during the elections last year.


This is just like governance by Drug Lords or organized crime lords.
There is a reason why monarchy is obsolete.


Sounds like a power grab to me…using the guise of “ridding themselves of corruption” like all good capitalist-dictatorship-cum-monarchies do. Henry VIII would be proud.

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Yep … but they morphed into corporations …

Palace Intrigue continues on murderously.

In looking for some hopeful news here …

Came upon this in a NJ paper here - Star Ledger …

Last paragraph of the article …

"The surprise arrests were immediately hailed by pro-government
media outlets as the clearest sign yet that Prince Mohammed is
keeping his promise to reform the country as it moves to overhaul
its economy away from dependence on oil and liberalize some
aspects of the ultraconservative society."

versus the reality in this article by Johnson –

As The Intercept’s Ryan Grim notes, the U.S. has long held to a kind of “unspoken arrangement” with Saudi Arabia, under which the monarchy is permitted to “pump millions into Washington’s political ecosystem while mouthing a belief in ‘reform,’ and Washington would pretend to believe that they meant it”—while selling the repressive regime hundreds of billions of dollars worth of weapons.

Saturday’s mass arrests, which came just days after White House adviser Jared Kushner visited Saudi Arabia, further discredit the “platitudes” and gestures toward serious reform made by Saudi leaders, Grim observes—and the implications could be enormous, given Prince Mohammed’s “dangerously impulsive and aggressive” support for the war in Yemen, which has resulted in the “world’s worst humanitarian crisis.”

“Those regional policies have been disasters for the millions who have suffered the consequences, including the starving people of Yemen, as well as for Saudi Arabia, but [the crown prince] has dug in harder and harder,” Grim concludes. “And his supporters in Washington have not blinked.”