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With Mass Civil Disobedience, Young Activists March Against 'Broken System'



Yeah ...there they are.

It is called HOPE. Hope for all of us! It isn't Obama's promises or those now being promised by status quo politicians.

It is them... the YOUNG and they give us hope. They themselves are the promise and all proto-fascist oligarchic climate change deniers should beware... because when you have lost the young then you have lost the future.


Bravo to the youth willing to put it on the line.


These youth make me very proud- I hope this spreads like wildfire!!!!


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What A great statement! Thanks redraven!!!


First a thousand; then 10,000; expanding to 100,000. Change is on the way!


"This is what democracy looks like!' We "Grey Panthers" need to be out there with today's youth and others to add our energy to breath life into the spirits of Dr. King and John and thousands of others who fought for civil rights and environmental justice and against war and fascism.

We are the 99%! Occupy still lives......


For the last fifteen or twenty years, I've been writing, urging people to awaken and take the country, the world, back from the fascists, the exploiters, the profiteers, the murderers and the war criminals.
* I never thought to live to see it, but it is happening! The youth, our future and our hope, are finally awakening and realizing their power! And it seems to be happening world wide!
* It is time for we old ones to put aside our fears and support our youth in any way we can. Of the six billion plus on the planet today, at least half of them are our youth. If they want to see change, they can make it. The one hundred-forty or fifty old men that currently own over half the world's wealth and resources and want the rest of it may well find that they will be the ones standing in the bread lines, or looking out through the bars of the prison system they created.
* Children and youth of the world, I am shedding tears of joy and pray that you will not be dissuaded, that you will overcome the barriers being put up before you and create a world of peace, compassion, love and empathy. A world where one can speak without fear, a world where one can sleep the night through without the sounds of drones and explosions disturbing you, a world where you no longer have to fear the knock on the door in the middle of the night, a world where one can have food to eat that doesn't come from a lab, a world where law enforcement is a friend and protector of the people, not a representative of tyranny and injustice, a world where government of the people, by the people and for the people exists again.
* God bless you and keep you!


I hope these young people turn out to vote for Bernie.


To my lasting regret, my own four children are not among the ranks of these young men and women. The question on my mind is, how best for us, the so-called 'greatest generation', show our collective support?


Good for those who turned out for the demonstration in D.C. During the Vietnam Wars, Tricky Dick cowered in the White House while thousands marched in D.C. against those U.S. wars.

May the protests continue!

"From environmental to criminal justice, the country we live in today does not reflect the beliefs of the population it comprises."

While I'm all for civil disobedience, and agree with the protesters about most of what they seem to be advocating for, I'm not sure the above quote is accurate. The "beliefs of the population" can be troublesome for radicals and dissidents, as the majority sometimes takes awhile to catch up (see: emancipation, civil rights, marriage equality), often requiring evidence that progress worked before being able to accept that same progress as a positive, post facto. For instance: from what I gather, an increasing percentage of the US population is skeptical about climate change. I'm nervous about basing demands for change on an imagined majority popular support -- as opposed to ideals such as sustainability, equality, or justice -- as evidence of lack of support would pull the foundation out from under the demands.


I hope this is the start of a new movement
-- that will progress like the 60's movements
-- and not be crashed like the ''Occupy'' movement.


A politically correct march? Or is this just another case of effectively blocking out the voices of the poor, as we have seen so often ever since Occupy? I really don't know. In real life, what matters at the end of the day is whether or not you have food and shelter -- regardless of skin color, gender, etc. A lot of Americans don't have those basic human needs. Our poverty crisis IS the proof of how broken our current system is. All flowery Fourth of July speeches aside, the US is an economic entity. Class is everything. Think this generation can even fathom the issue of "economic justice" today?


Well, that hope has sparked up many times since the 1980s. We thought it really happened, too, with Occupy. But before we even had time to catch our breath, Dem pols and liberal media redefined Occupy itself as an elitist middle class movement alone. The rest of us walked away. There is the Black Lives Matter movement, which quickly took on the implication that white lives don't, and this has only worsened tensions in the US. But overall, liberal media (as well as mainstream) continue to preach middle class elitism.

Think of it this way: Who are the People, and what do they want? We can't answer that. What we do know is that liberals only more deeply divided us (and blocked progress) by spending recent years merely maintaining a pep rally for the better off, the middle class. This implies that the corporate state is so successful that everyone is able to work, there are jobs for all, therefore no need for poverty relief. They are wrong.


Sustainability very much includes dealing with climate change--mostly by switching to non-carbon energy, partly by desalinating seawater for irrigation. partly I don't know what all else.