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With McConnell-Led GOP Poised to Hold Senate, Progressives Fear 'Disastrous' Obstruction as Covid Spreads and Planet Burns

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/11/04/mcconnell-led-gop-poised-hold-senate-progressives-fear-disastrous-obstruction-covid

McConnell’s negotiations on the STIMULUS made clear that he is dealing
with authority higher than the President’s – as word went out that negotiators
for Elites/wealthy who control the nation would officer nothing - ZIP.

This is the battle over the ages with Elites – those who consider themselves
Superior – and who want control over others. Money gives them the opportunity
to do that. Let’s uninvent it. Property gives them the opportunity to do it.
But I’ve worked in Real Estate and I’ve never seen a deed with any Creator’s name
on it. What we have everywhere is a COMMONWEALTH to share and protect.

No one owns the sun or the moon – and we should be able to say as well that no
one owns our water, but even there they are trying.

This is why they war on Nature – because they believe they have the right to control
everything and “OWN” everything – and Nature provided for the many, not the few.


GOP voter suppression across the nation isn’t only being hinted at now
by our press – it’s being made clearer and clearer – but it’s late in the GOP
game which has permitted them to hold us prisoner for four years now and
with what can only be called insanities in not responding to the needs of the people –

but more urgently to the needs of NATURE and the planet –

Evidently, they KNOW “god” wants them to move toward an apocalypse because
their little black book says so –

We can’t any longer wait for Elites to OK some measures to save the planet –
measures which will be meaningless.

Rise up with Greta Thunberg – because we need to begin to move all of the decisions
into our own hands.


Are the democratic faithful getting it yet? The GOP didn’t give two shits if Trump got re elected. As a matter of fact, they abhorred the idea. That’s why they spent all their effort on keeping the senate. And it appears to have worked.
Now, at least two more years of gridlock and malaise. And after all these last 40 years, and many an ignominious defeat, they still haven’t figured out that the real power in DC lies in the Senate, and the only way to win it is to actually EXITE YOUR BASE. But no, they again wasted their time, money and effort in another quixotic crusade in search of the rarest, and practically extinct political game, the moderate Republican.


Um, can someone tel lus just which “Progressive policies” Biden would propose to begin with? McConnell has no worries there. Are you being silly?


You don’t get these results-----Sanders or Warren would have been destroyed in this election. Part of this is programing----people just vote their party and Trump being President helps him a lot----but this is a right wing country.

Susan Collins has won Maine??? she should have been gone decades ago--------The people in this country are fucking stupid.


SOme of us have been saying it for a year now - the system is broken beyond repair:

We are not going to get out of this by Voting.


Well there may be two runoffs which could get it to 50-50 plus Harris as VP.


Beg to differ. A majority of Americans, not just democrats, favor things like single payer, green new deal, legal abortion, legal marijuana, higher taxes and more core corporate regulation. However, if you listen to the Democratic hierarchy those things are pie in the sky, and republicans call them communism.
What can be said of a people who’s sociopolitical views are not reflected by their political class?


“If voting changed anything they would make it illegal.”


To paraphrase that most unpopular Ralph Nader - “if voting worked, it’d be illegal.”

Pelosi and her establishment wonks will never get it. That the most unpopular president in modern history, a bonafide racist with open authoritarian impulses could be in a race this tight with Biden pretty much shows with proof positive that the DNC can only successfully snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. Nearly any of the primary opponents would have generated a lot more enthusiasm than the imposed establishment lesser of two evils candidate.


All too true. Things are now going to get really awful in America this winter. And in the end, we will all just have to “eat cake”

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Well, Biden’s weak and failed candidacy did seem to prove the oldest of political axioms. Your party will only do as well as the top of the ticket.
And now, after 2016 and 2020, it seems the democrats still don’t get it.

That is right but we need the youth to radicalize.


They never get it because they are paid handsomely to never get it. Win or lose, the gravy keeps pouring in from Wall Street.


The reason Biden lost Florida is because he was branded a socialist-----and the same for Georgia and N Carolina .I guess these people wanted Trumps great healthcare plan-----ow that’s right he dosen’t have one??? The whole Rep convention was don’t elect those radical left wing socialists.

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Don’t worry Biden’s gonna reach across the aisle…


The DNC leadership won’t get it, ever, because they are not paid to get it. They are paid to ignore it

It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends upon his not understanding it. - Upton Sinclair

Apparently, “vote for me I’m not him” only works on establishment Wall Street dems. They’ve gone with that twice now.


Another misfire by Pelosi in not settling for the last stimulus proposal. She is not competent and needs to move to the back benches.


Once again, despite the republicans imploding, the damn DNC has figured out a way to finish second in a must win contest. Ernst, Collins, reelected, ha, absolutely pathetic. But, don’t blame the Democrats, true Deomocrats, progressives, “it’s the republican lights that took over the party, the clintons, obama, biden, stupid!” Former Vermont governor Howard Dean got booted out by the clintons and obama, duhhh! They booted out a DNC winner in exchange for losers!

But, in the end it’s H L Menckin’s plain folks of land. And as said, in the end Americans deserve it good and hard. You can’t fix stupid!