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With MegaChurch-Like Announcement, Sen. Ted Cruz Announces GOP Presidential Run


With MegaChurch-Like Announcement, Sen. Ted Cruz Announces GOP Presidential Run

Jon Queally, staff writer

Declaring his belief in the power of like-minded rightwingers—who he termed "courageous conservatives"—to rise up in the name of "truth" and "liberty," Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) became the first Republican to formally announce his candidacy for 2016 presidential campaign in a speech before a crowd of supporters at the evangelical Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia on Monday.


I would not discount this guy. He’s stupid and mendacious, but those are precisely the qualities that seem to be winning the day in the GOP.


Please let Cruz and his base move toTexas, then let Texas secede. Let the Rednecks rally together. take over a state like Texas and then leave the USA. It’s my dream too.


The audacity of dope.


Cruz makes Jeb look almost sane. If he wants to lead, then let it be in a mega-church somewhere in the bowels of Texas where his rants will fall like manna on the ears of his faithful followers. His Hispanic surname will not trump his ongoing attempts to betray Hispanics in Texas and across the nation with his anti-immigrant rhetoric and history of voting against their (the Hispanics) own best interests at every turn. Wonder who is injecting funds into his campaign…oh, wait…that no longer has to be disclosed except in a haphazard, symbolic manner. Cruz will become a “cross” to bear for the GOP. What a foul wind blows through his jowls, etc.


Thank God Ted Cruz is running for President! The US Presidential Campaign is one of the most depressing theaters this sad old world has to offer in these postmodern times. The whole thing reeks of money, corruption and Madison Ave nonsense. The candidates utter all the usual platitudes about the USA as the greatest nation in the entire natural history of the Universe. And when they aren’t saying things of that nature, they just say things that are equally stupid and vapid. One half of the electorate is bored to death by the campaign nonsense and cannot be moved to cast a vote. A good number of the other 50% just hold their nose, as they pull the lever for one or another liar/criminal/ thug, who would be “the most powerful man in the world.” It’s all enough to put you off politics forever.

But then someone like Ted Cruz comes along and restores the human dimension by bringing out the comic and farcical side of US elections. Senator Cruz is a buffoon. He was educated at the “finest” universities in the “one indispensable nation,” but it’s as if he has never read a book, so willfully ignorant and obtuse is the man. Cruz is completely unserious about the Presidency; it’s all a massive ego trip and a chance to rake in some money. But it will be entertaining watching this bull trying to navigate its way through the china shop…


Please all note who Cruz’s wife works for…Gold-in-Sacks! who’d a thunk it…
Gee, wiz, no wonder he couldn’t/wouldn’t vote for Dodd-Frank!
He’s a fully funded prop of the Kochs and other deep-pocketed 1%-ers that could give a crap about anything but their own very narrow ‘interests’.
Yes, I do agree with the sad fact that his running on an extremest platform of Xian domininist crazy makes other Repubs running look relatively ‘sane’.
and Teddy darling has a big old liar, liar pants on fire problem, duly noted in the above article.


Appropriate place for Cruz to announce that he has been given the green light to be selected to run for Prez. Liberty University should really be called anything but; liberty for some; liberty for bigots; and liberty for fascists!


Teddy Cruz has taken over the wing-nut faction of the GOP that used to belong to Mike Huckabee from Arkansas. LIke Newt Gingrich, nobody, including especially the potential candidate, takes this stunt seriously–if anything it is a ploy to try out some new marketing gambits dreamed up by the GOP spin-meisters like Frank Luntz.


Seeing that it was mandatory for the students to attend the Cruz speech, it was rather funny to see that many of the students were wearing red Rand Paul Tee-shirts!


'‘It’s fun to poke fun at Ted Cruz. But we should remember his crazy is there to later make the merely extreme seem eminently reasonable.’

This is what I’ve believed since the 2008 elections. Not just about Cruz, but all of the übercrazies the GOP tosses out there. That’s why people like him are so very dangerous.


I thought Ted Cruz was born in Calgary (AB). Has the rule requiring American presidents to be born USAns been changed?


His mother was born in the US so no surprise–just like Barack Obama he is automatically considered American. However, it is kind of cute seeing the GOP have its own “birther” controversy to have to handle.


Unlike “all the Jews in the US government” who are accused without evidence of being “dual citizens,” Ted Cruz actually IS a dual citizen, although he has pledged to give up his Canadian citizenship.