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With 'Merger From Hell' Reportedly Approved by DOJ, Warnings of Agrichemical Chokehold on Food System


With 'Merger From Hell' Reportedly Approved by DOJ, Warnings of Agrichemical Chokehold on Food System

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Watchdog groups sounded alarms on Monday after the Wall Street Journal reported that the proposed mega-merger of Bayer and Monsanto has cleared its final regulatory hurdle in the United States.


https://www.foodandwaterwatch.org/ Very good watchdog charity.


This is so scary, it brings tears and I posted it to my front page right away. Less diversity of seed, more pollution runoff and greater death tolls to bugs of all kinds, including bee’s, pray tell what could go wrong with our little blue ball in space. Oh, wait, got a headache from all this?, here, take a Bayer and feel ?better?..


With the best European Commission money can buy approving this merger from hell expect more Brexit like action in member states.


Hey farmers, are you glad you voted for Trump now?


Its hard to call them “farmers” anymore when most are agribusiness operatives, monoculturalists and monopolists.


Kudos to the photographer who could fit that much corporate evil into one shot. Patenting life. How very capitalist of them.

Time to collect seeds and store heirloom seeds before they become too expensive or extinct. :blossom::tulip::seedling::ear_of_rice::sunflower::hibiscus::wilted_flower::rose::grapes::cherries::tomato::eggplant::carrot::corn::broccoli::cucumber:


Trump had little to do with this. Monsanto and Bayer have been destroying the Earth for decades with both parties in office. Obushma appointed Monsanto executives to executive positions in the FDA. His administration carried out raids on natural medicine clinics and places like raw milk farms. They don’t raid factory farms. They raid organic, raw milk farms.


Again , Russia has grown into one of the largest producers of food in the world and have an enunciated policy that they will not use GMOs and that their products will be organic.

This is a direct threat to the Bayers and Monsantos.



maybe it would be safer for Americans to import our food from Russia, they seem to care more than our own corporations.


Nowadays revolution means don’t eat processed foods or foods packaged in plastic bottles or jars.

Very simple.

Next step is organize communist cells to deliver socialized organic foods to food deserts at cost plus 10%. Hire low cost unemployed young people burdened with debt slavery from college loans.

Establish food bank cooperatives to fund competitors that completely bypass corporatist ag.


In my day they were called food coops.


Yep. They are disappearing but still called food coops. The bank part might replace corporatists top to bottom. I don’t think humans are gonna survive too much longer but add my 2¢ worth hoping for a positive outcome.


One can only wonder who got paid and how much.


The Trumpenstein monster is in the White House, a sexist, racist, narcissistic sociopath forming a government of the rich, by the rich and for the rich. Which by no accident is also the government of the corporations, by the corporations and for the corporations. In 2016, I would have been happy to vote for Bernie Sanders or a third term for Obama. Instead we got a choice between Hillary, a Democratic Party insider or Trump. The main vote between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump resulted in the lowest voter turn out in 70 years. The large majority of voters voted for apathy, which made this the lowest voter turn out in 70 years…


five big piggies all in a row


Corporate farmers with millions to hand over in inheritance to hand over to the next generation are part of the cabal that blew trump

Family farms have always known better and often have a more progressive attitude.


Who would have thought our Justice Dept. would rule in favor of corp’s. over people.
In the not so distant future, it will be cheaper to farm organic. When that happens it will be outlawed


I’m not a farmer, but didn’t they used to (in the olden days) hold back a portion of their crops for the seeds to replant? Seems like a sensible thing to do if your only other choice is to purchase agrichem seeds from these guys.