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With Message of Freedom and Resistance, Flotilla to Sail Against Gaza Siege


With Message of Freedom and Resistance, Flotilla to Sail Against Gaza Siege

Sarah Lazare, staff writer

More than three boats carrying over 50 people from at least 20 countries will take to the sea in coming days with an ambitious aim: to break the siege of Gaza and send a message of freedom and resistance to the world.

"We are sailing because we promised we would until the blockade is lifted," Loukas Spamellos, spokesperson for the global Freedom Flotilla Coalition, told Common Dreams over the phone from Athens, Greece.


Hope they hurry to beat Obama’s list next Tuesday.


Israel confiscated almost every bit of equipment capable of recording events (videocameras, cellphones, tablets etc.), blocked transmissions from the Mavi Marmara to prevent the truth from getting out, then released its own “video” to justify the slaughter of the passengers.

Israel never returned the equipment so it was able to control the narrative - one where armed soldiers attacking a ship full of unarmed protesters in international waters became innocent soldiers killing people in self defense.

I hope the organizers of this trip have some way around Israel’s jamming capability and the brave people on the current voyage remain safe.


Amazing how the suppressed have become the suppressors and can’t even see it.


The story of human history, sad to say.


The Israeli siege of Gaza is an absurd and disgusting affair. That being said, this flotilla to “break the siege” of Gaza is as stupid as trying to climb some high Himalayan peak. It is a needless risk of life and limb for what? The chance to say “we did it”? or “we did it because it was there?” (the favorite mountain climber justification).
When the thugs of the IDF get done shooting up the boats, confiscating their cargo, beating the snot out of the passenger-protesters, I will feel the same as when I hear of mountain climbers who have gotten buried under an avalanche and now expect the whole world to stop and risk their lives to rescue them. You were warned, you knew the risks, now deal with the consequences.
Divestment, refusal to purchase anything Israeli, and canceling trips to that troubled part of the world, would do far more to get the attention of either the Israeli electorate and the dysfunctional governments they keep electing to run their affairs than such stunts.


Yet here you are posting about it.

They’re drawing attention to the problem - and risking their lives to do it. I call that courage.


Power corrupts absolutely


Gosh ZT, whatever are you talking about?

Are you trying to imitate a bot or are you actually a bot?


True, if you’re only trying to get the attention of Israelis (who are just as brainwashed by propaganda as are USans) and their government. However, the purpose of the Flotilla is to focus the attention of the rest of the world on the plight of the Palestinians. Relief boats on the high seas are in the spotlight longer and are much harder to ignore than an occasional report on Palestinians suffering alone in their open-air prison.

If they are successful in breaking the seige, it won’t be to say, “We did it”. It will mean that they have been able to deliver help to our fellow human beings who are suffering. THAT is the goal. The Palestinians began asking for a BDS movement 10 years ago, and it is just now starting to take hold. Clearly additional strategies are needed. I agree with ctrl_z, it is a courageous action.


Speaking of brainwashed…have you looked in the mirror today? Actually, I think you get paid to post your nonsense.


Catsma (as opposed to dogma I presume?!) says: “I agree with ctrl_z, it is a courageous action.”

Of course it is courageous–that is not the issue. So is mountain climbing, or driving in a nascar race at nearly 200 MPH with less than a foot between you and the cars in front of and behind you, or bungi jumping off a high bridge, or surfing in the face of an approaching hurricane because you are in search of the perfect wave.
The question I addressed is: What should be the reaction of the rest of us when the inevitable happens to those who have voluntarily exposed themselves to mortal danger as this intrepid band of protesters has?


“Catsma, as opposed to dogma?”–Good one,I like that-- thanks for making me smile.

To address the substance of your post: When you called the Flotilla attempt to break the seige, “stupid” in your original post, I didn’t think you’d also describe it as courageous, as the two terms are not ordinarily used in conjunction with whatever the action might be-- hence I made the comment that I think it’s courageous.

As for what our reactions should be if the Flotilla fails to reach Gaza: Your reaction will be, if I read you right, “you knew the risks, deal with it.” My reaction will be, “Bless y’all, and thank you for your efforts in taking on such a dangerous, righteous endeavor.” I think they are all well aware that they will have to deal with the consequences, which could be deadly, but are committed to taking the action anyway, because they see it as something they can do which just might be a catalyst for change.


Thank you, from you I take that as a compliment.


Yes, you’re right…I was just trying to be polite. :grinning:


Now that is funny–nicely said and well done.


Then why do you dirty Israelis keep asking for human American money in the billions each year.


Obviously you either believe the Israeli gov’s propaganda, or you have incentive to repeat it. Nobody forced the military to do anything in this case, and the attack on the Mavi Marmara and other boats was an act of piracy on the high seas as they were way outside of Gaza or Israeli waters. The soldiers came in firing and throwing flash bang grenades. There was aid on all the boats which was stolen by Israel.


Just remember the USS Liberty. Google the name and you can get almost the whole story.

  • She was an unarmed intelligence gathering ship, monitoring traffic during the Israeli/Egyptian war.Israeli planes were sent out to first destroy her communication ability, then sink her with all hands. Two MTBs were also dispatched.
  • The Israeli pilot radioed back, “This is an American ship, flying the American flag!” He repeated this twice and was told each time to carry out the mission.
  • They first strafed the ship, going for the antennas and the radio shack. Then they strafed anything that moved, killing a number of crewmen and officers. One sailor crawled under fire to a damaged antenna, dragging a wire with him. He managed to get the wire connected and the ship began sending out distress messages, telling what was happening.
  • The admiral of a carrier task force immediately scrambled a flight of fighter planes to the rescue, and radioed back to DC what was happening. He was told to stand down. He refused and was told by the President to stand down. The planes were retired.
  • On the Liberty, they thought she might sink from the beating she was taking. Some abandoned ship in lifeboats and rafts and they were strafed and many killed.
  • It is a long story, but you can Google it and get the details. I’m running on memory. The upshot of it was that apparently Israel wanted to sink her with all hands and blame the Egyptians in hope that the US would nuke Egypt.
  • The ship was found and towed to safety the next day. The crew were given orders that they were never to discuss this incident, not even with their families and for many years it was completely hushed up. The veil has lifted a bit, now, but the disgrace and dishonor should live forever on the Joint Chiefs and the White House, not to mention the Israeli government.


Just Google USS Liberty. I did last night, and I didn’t miss many details. Just one was in slight error. They had jettisoned some of the liferafts, or they had burned through their lashings. As they drifted astern, the MTBs machine gunned them. Crewmembers said, had they abandoned ship in those rafts, they would have been killed.

  • Of course, I also blame the Johnson government for not coming to their rescue, then covering it up with secrecy. Apparently Johnson “didn’t want to embarrass his new middle-eastern ally.”
  • Ah well, I guess it just proves my dad’s old definition of an honest politician. “It’s one who stays bought.”
  • Ask AIPAC.