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With Midnight Deadline, Final Push to Thwart Trump's Attack on Net Neutrality


With Midnight Deadline, Final Push to Thwart Trump's Attack on Net Neutrality

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Wednesday at midnight, Eastern Time, is the deadline to submit public comment on the Federal Communications Commission's plan to roll back net neutrality rules that prevent internet service providers (ISPs) from limiting or prioritizing customers' access to particular websites.


Back in the day of Michael Copps at the FCC there was A 3 to 5 member panel that made these decisions- One of the members was Michael Powell, son of Colin Powel, A ruthless money grubbing pimp- But, just the same it was somewhat democratic, not just Ajit Pai making this decision all on his draconian own…
Just who would benefeit from this undoing of our internet? Cui Bono is the question that needs to be asked…
I say leave the internet as A common carrier, neutral and free… We don’t need any more orders from headquarters Mr. Trump!!!




I think the silence here shows just how much the people cosigned themselves that Net Neutrality is going to die an unceremonious death and there is nothing we can do about it.


Yes, I was also wondering about the comments and enthusiasm- I wonder how many wrote to the FCC?
It seems that policies that directly affect people are somehow often ignored on CD-
It ain’t over till it’s over- I will hold out with some hope…


There does seem to be an air of despondency and despair here. Not that it is entirely unjustified considering to horrors the last half of a year have shown.

As for the comments, unfortunately Ajit Pai himself said that he is going to ignore the majority of them and only focus on the “high quality” ones. Which is obvious he is just going to listen to the planted comments that support his agenda.