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With Midterms in One Week, Bernie Sanders Says GOP Effort to Strip Healthcare From 32 Million 'Should Be Repeated Every Hour of Every Day'

With Midterms in One Week, Bernie Sanders Says GOP Effort to Strip Healthcare From 32 Million 'Should Be Repeated Every Hour of Every Day'

Jake Johnson, staff writer

As Republicans fervently work to distort their contemptible anti-healthcare record and pose as defenders of Americans with preexisting conditions with just seven days to go before the midterm elections, Sen.


We know Exactly what they are trying to do! Are we supposed to hold up signs that say “Please” allow us to have Heathcare and our Social Secutity? How Sad are We ???


True that he had the Ball and dropped it on our heads but seriously… who else do we have?


Just another day in America.
The King of the assh*les has vomited up his daily reminder of how fking useless he is at anything beyond childish belligerence, the Vichy democrats are still hiding behind the couch hoping LOTE voting comes back in vogue and Bernie is talking about the things 99% of the people want to hear while being ignored by 99% of the press. Meh.


You get it, but so many well meaning Bernie’s, acolytes will probably never get it!


These days memories are short but candidacy’s can spring up. Two years running is what it takes to get enough contributions and support, and any longer and enthusiasm wanes. It’s a fine line. A candidate has to appear soon and gather steam quickly, and they usually do. Let’s hope it’s a good one. I’d like to hear of two or three favorites. Is Jerry Brown even a possibility?

Every half hour would be even better. ALWAYS immediately followed by the video of Mitch McTurtle saying the repukes are going to go after social security, medicare, and Medicaid to pay for the debt increases caused by their tax cuts for corporations and the 1/10th of 1%ers.


NOW yer talkin’–BACK to the naysayers and defeatists wallowing in their assumed impotence. Every post to that effect, on this web sit and others, negates roughly the GOTV work of one person. With enemies like them (and like the Democratic party misleadership) we have no need for enemies to assure our defeat.

Why do so many commenters immediately attack Bernie Sanders for saying a few true words? Sanders is correct, and what he is saying needs to be pointed out over and over. It’s too late to rehash the 2016 election. Blame Clinton, blame the Democrats, blame Bernie for endorsing her at the end, blah, blah, blah, whatever. NONE of that makes Sanders wrong in what he is saying. And we should be glad there is at least this one person saying it.

Jesus, you people want some mythical hero to rise up in glorious splendid perfection. Anything less than that and you won’t agree with a word he says, and instead talk about the events of two freaking years ago. Bernie ain’t the enemy. Trump and the Republicans are the ones who passed the tax cut precisely so they could go after SS and Medicare; they even admit it. So why not praise Sanders for stating the truth and focusing on this issue? If he runs in 2020, you can fret over his imperfections and seek out your implausible hero then. Good luck with that.

Me, I don’t need another “hero”.
All I want is life beyond the f***ing Thunderdome this country has become.


Should progressive voters be motivated by single issue articles like this one? I ask because I’m not. A blue wave in this election will enable corporate neo-liberal neo-cons to retain control of the Dems, freezing out progressives. Votes for the Green slate probably won’t even be counted. Maybe the only way out of our two party system in which both parties are corrupt and right-wing is to kill off one of the parties and replace it with a party that actually offers “change we can believe in.” The Dems are vulnerable, still pretending they are the resistance, hoping for a 2018 miracle to keep their big-money donors interested.

Electoral politics cannot “save” us from the fall of the empire. It can only be a rear-guard action to buy time to prepare for the inevitable transition, which is looking increasingly to be unplanned and chaotic. Climate change is bearing down on us like a fast freight train, but as Margaret Atwood pointed out in a brilliant art6icle on Medium a couple of years ago, “It’s not just climate change, it’s EVERYTHING change.”

Since 2004 I have been voting Green and comparing voting for the Democratic party as it stands to being shot in the stomach–a long, painful death. But right now it appears that we are staring imminent authoritarian rule in the face, comparable to being shot in the head. For once it appears that there really IS a lesser evil in the short run.

A GOP sweep next week would likely make any preparation for a softer landing impossible. I will again hold my nose, probably for the last time, and vote for what could be the beginning of a somewhat improved Democratic party over the alternative, in the hope that GOP control over the voting apparatus (which no one but THOSE “single issue” people has paid any attention to) is not yet quite complete.

Perhaps if we can dodge the bullet aimed at our collective heads, enough people will wake up to dodge the one aimed at our stomach.

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The UN’s UDHR lists food, shelter, and medical care as fundamental human rights – even for the jobless poor. America disagrees, and we ended actual welfare aid in the 1990s. Congress (Sanders included) knows that anything resembling universal health care would make no sense in a country that’s over 20 years into its war on the poor. The overall life expectancy of the US poor already fell below that of every developed nation. Maintaining health requires adequate food and shelter.

American voting habits. When an R is president, Ds usually see gains in Congress, and vice-versa. On 2020, presidents are almost always re-elected, no matter how bad they are.