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With Migrants Facing Unbeatable Odds, Privilege Blinds Us to What Is Just

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/08/09/migrants-facing-unbeatable-odds-privilege-blinds-us-what-just

The use of terms to describe political issues is very important. It can convey truth or slanted propaganda and deceit…
The use of the term “migrants”, along with “criminals and rapists”, is used by trump and his regime, and lackey media, to instill fear, hatred, anger, and violent racist acts against Latinos, in this case.
While some people fleeing drought and other natural phenomena might accurately be termed “migrants” I believe most are fleeing right-wing regimes, gang violence, and other political threats, and should more rightly be termed “refugees”, as perhaps should they all rather than “migrants”…

The US over decades has been the prime mover toward, and supporter of, the oppression, repression, and murders of largely uncounted people throughout Central America. The “School of the Americas” training death squads and tactics, only one instrument used by the right to eliminate the opposition, the progressive left, poor and native peoples by death squads, active military units serving US supported dictators, US political hegemony and powerful economic forces.- the United Fruit of today.

Words are important.- " The medium is the message "

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I have told people these past three years that nobody ever leaves their home voluntarily. It is beyond sadness; it rips a hole in your soul. All of your life, your friends, your family, your traditions, are based there. Only something very evil can force you to leave. I know. Last winter I lived one step above what street people endure every day. At least I had a roof over my head. But no food security, no car, no public transportation. Closest grocery store was over a mile away. Medical care was catch as catch can. Went without necessary meds. Why, you ask? What trauma made me move? Nothing more than a friend who turned out to be a sociopath, forcing me to move 85 miles from my home of over 30 years, then abandoning me in a strange place. I know what these people are enduring. And why. The sociopath can be your neighbor. Your friend. Your government. You could be next…

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