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With Militarization of Cops on Full Display, Senator Plans Amendment to End Transfer of Military Equipment to Local Police

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/06/01/militarization-cops-full-display-senator-plans-amendment-end-transfer-military


Don’t forget the cultural militarization of police on TV. It seems that every last cop show (there are a few exceptions) has to have smart-ass police as heroes. Heroes because they first win the game of clever (by the writers) repartee. Those same police usually spend the hour accusing everyone they meet of whatever the big crime is until the last couple of minutes when they finally get the “perp” (they just have to use cop-writer terms). And, in the last few decade we went from having SWAT shows with SWAT as special teams (thanks to Darrel Gates) to every time they just tool around town, no more in big teams, even the one or two in a care are engaged suddenly and all the time in automatic arms fire fights, including big explosions, in all sort of locations from businesses to residential. Smirking, because the amount of smirk defines the show’s heroes, the “winners.” Law and Order used to at least pretend they were about a variety of legal issues, even though they were really just an updated Dragnet where “the law” was rule or no rule, black and white and no gray areas, and, of course, in place of character development, smart-ass smirks. The only real “law” is who has the (writer determined) winning sarcasm.
That is how “we” see the world. Fiction becomes the frame through which we see the world around us.


President Donald Trump in 2017 rolled back Obama-era limits on the 1033 Program,

Oh please, it was Obama who gave Don his weapons in the first place.

From Glen Ford at Black Agenda Report:

“A recent show that, under the Pentagon’s 1033 program, enacted in 1997, the value of military weapons, gear and equipment transferred to local cops did not exceed $34 million annually until 2010, the second year of the Obama administration, when it nearly tripled to more than $91 million. By 2014, the year that Michael Brown was shot down – and when the full Congress, including 32 members of the Congressional Black Caucus, rejected a bill that would have [shut down the 1033 program] – Obama was sending three quarters of a billion dollars, more than $787 million a year, in battlefield weaponry to local police departments. In other words, President Obama oversaw a 24-fold (2,400%) increase in the militarization of local police between 2008 and 2014. Even with the scale-back announced in 2015, Obama still managed to transfer a $459 million arsenal to the cops – 14 times as much weapons of terror and death than President Bush gifted to the local police at his high point year of 2008.”

Truth matters.


Good idea but it is just a tiny step. If the elites, our aristocratic rulers and their omnipresent corporate masters, would stop treating people like serfs and commodities and offering real societal improvements - universal healthcare, guaranteed higher education, UBI and ending wars would be a good start - just maybe folks would find hope again and we could actually build a society that cares. That might be the ultimate point of all of this violence and destruction - take away hope and we will see more violence. It never fails.


People need to wake up------We live in a CORPORATE MILITARY POLICE STATE! Look at what is happening all over the country----are the police working for us or only some of us??? Over 2 trillion just stolen by democrats and republicans-----they create a crisis and then they steal----I believe the real revolution will be non-violent-----but sad to say we are far off from that day.


Every person in this country has a right to share in the wealth of this country.

No one should live in fear of the police-----


“as long as our police arm up like a combat force, they’ll act like it.”
Excellent. That, and quit recruiting ex military into the police forces. The military mindset is exactly what we don’t need in our police forces.


It all sort of reflects Trump’s “what’s the fun in having nuclear weapons if we don’t use them” mentality.


The US Army combat force. Let’s take infantry as an example:

Are better trained than the local policeman by any measure.
Tactics, weapons, identifying threats, defense and offense.

I agree with the headline and article. I do not want police wearing camo to disguise their unit, authority, identity. I want every police in Blue with a nametag. Every sheriff deputy in very dark green. Again with a name tag.

The local police with their bearcats supreme = three roof manways and auto rifles at the ready are more of a threat than I need or will accept here.

The mini bulldozer that goes up the porch steps thru the front door and in pour that squad.

How often to the wrong address,an innocent family. Children terrorized.

Again, the local police have 30 days of training and start at $78,000 per year. The soldier, if married, is eligible for food stamps. If I am in the angry crowd, I trust the soldier or national guard long before local police to restore order without needless …

The president poured gasoline on this fire. He wants to instill fear to have white peoples vote for him vs Biden.


“I will be introducing an amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act to discontinue the program that transfers military weaponry to local police departments”

Bravo, Senator Schatz


"Don’t forget the cultural militarization of police on TV. " Dreamdancer

To expand on your theme is the presence of violence as premise of well over 80% of the movie programing on the sites like Amazon video, netflicks, etc.

The weaponization of time not dominated by the failed system; the manipulation of the “consumer” into “product to be sold to corporations” is death by a thousand cuts. The feedback loops of violation memes are to condition youth to knee-jerk violence, which then makes them subject to “law enforcement”, which then makes them products for the PRISON INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX which in turn are slave labor camps for corporations, which in turn sell that slave produced stuff back into the population making as many people as possible ‘accessories’ to an entire spectrum of crime(s), which is then used to humiliate, silence and alienate as many as possible from civil society.



I would simply change ‘aristocratic’ to ‘kachistocratic’ (-ocracy by the least qualified). A corporate focused representative cannot be a representative of the people. The premises for corporate profit mandates are anathema to civil society, the capacity to recognize the original diversity of the traditional peoples of the world. This corporate era / error is attempting to erase the very diversity that gave rise to the creativity and inventiveness that produces what corporations then steal and covet, wreck and poison - all with impunity of the psychopath.

Even the term “traditional” is demonized as backward, yet ALL PEOPLES at all times recognize traditions in their knowledge, heritage, lifestyles. The corporation wants to make sure that THEIR extractive/ predatory/ authoritarian / kachistocracy is the bottom line/whip wielded over all of us.


Lets be clear here, program 1033 may have started in 1997, but the transfer of military equipment to local police departments first started under Nixon in the early 1970’s. Not at the volume of the above program, but started none the less. Lets also realize this transfer put more money into the pockets of “Defense” contractors, a bonus for members of congress, increasing the bribe merry-go-round, between the two groups.


WWMMD? (What will Moscow Mitch do?)


Police training and how they treat people is at the core of contempt for the lives of people in America!

This militarization of police in America is at least partially a result of Israeli “training” of US police departments that translates into making American’s, especially poor and people of color into Palestinians like Israel treats them!
Israel is a racist state with a violent racist military and police and theit “training” US police should not be tolerated! George Floyd was treated as a Palestinian with ZERO respect for justice or his life by a racist killer-cop!.

George Floyd was treated as less than human, not deserving any respect; his non-violent “crime” turned into abuse, assault, and murder by all 4 racist violent cops ! WHY? Dehumanization of people - perps - by police training and entrenched culture of even more violence must END!

America must not be under OCCUPATION by militarized Israeli-style police or our cops indoctrinated!

STOP ALL training police by Israeli racist forces!




BDS! STOP ALL Israeli “training” - AKA racist indoctrination -


How long i wonder before protesters are killed.

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Steven Salaita focuses on this bond in Inter/Nationalism: Decolonizing Native America and Palestine.

That level of police-militarization is feasible (at least so far) in Israel, where the Israeli polity is fully prepared to entirely exterminate their territorial rivals. Exterminationists run rampant in USA as well, but I’d say it’s still an open question whether fascist forces can prevail with their argument that all of “them” (that would be us) should be killed, here and now.


I used to work at a Baseball stadium in the Bronx…whenever it was a big game there would be an “army” of police carrying around machine guns. I would think to myself, if some shit goes down right now would these guys have the restraint not fire that assault rifle with 50,000 people walking around? Do they think this makes me feel Safe? Do they care at all what we think? The answer to all three is a NO! If you need a machine gun or a tank to serve and protect then you are prob in the wrong line of work.


The transfer of military weapons to police was a big big mistake. They have to not only stop it, they should stop the use of most of them.


I’m appalled! and disgusted…Thanks for the info, speechless.

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Did you know that long ago, back in the 80s or 90s when his father was running the CIA and I think Vice president, George W Bush used to own an airline, and one of Osama Bin Ladens half brothers was his business partner?

Its a matter of public record but after 9-11, when you would have expected it to have been in the media, it never even made the news.