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With Monthly Cash Payments, Progressive Caucus Urges Pelosi to Go Big and Bold on Coronavirus Stimulus

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/03/20/monthly-cash-payments-progressive-caucus-urges-pelosi-go-big-and-bold-coronavirus

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with eligibility based on income.

I’m sick of this sh*t. There’s a saying goin around that “I am starving and all the Republicans offered me was homilies. All the Democrats did was hand me a bunch of forms.”


I agree but they (the Repugs) backed off on checks for everyone. The whole argument about it going to the wealthy is stupid since it could be recouped in their taxes. It’s just virtue-signalling crap by the neoliberal Democrats.


that progressive dems have to literally beg pelosi to take care of the working people of this nation should be enuf to tell the people of san francsico to send her home permanently this november that is if we even get to have an election and btw where is the wunderkind biden these days? nowhere to be seen or heard, bernie having a medical roundtable tonite! watch it live on the net.


Pelosi doesn’t want to go along with bailing out the average American, who is out of work now, in debt with no income coming in, and has little to no savings.
My guess is that she’d rather squeeze as many Americans as she can economically, so they’ll vote Democrat in the next election.
What else can one expect from sociopaths?


`We need to do this - we need to do that - The whole country knows they need - a whole lot of help with money in this corona virus. The rich do not need help. Nor should they get it . The rich cannot be made whole. The economy is never going to be the same ever again. All those politicians that control the country have little to NO experience what it means to be poor in this crisis. Millionaires and Billionaires and corporations are sick - mentally sick Why? because they want more money even when thousands of regular people are dying all around them If they are not making money their lives are nothing, they must WIN, WIN, WIN.
They control and the Congress and Congress feels duty to help rich folks like them first? Those with lots of money need to learn that their law of the jungle is utter selfish crap and cannot be tolerated any way let alone in a corona virus epidemic.
No one in power seems to have any empathy, compassion, love, care, guilt or remorse OR CONSCIENCE. The traits they show in everything they do is sociopathic/psychopathic Working people get eaten up and die and that’s what they want. Nothing for the regular people nothing. Sure they may throw us a bone but their republican/democrat parties are one ruling class determined to get more money for themselves and their pals. They must have more and more money no matter how many million dies. Money for them is sacrosanct When will we as a nation realize the rulers are psychopathic and wear a mask of sanity that prevent them from being recognized as such. When will they be faced with their criminal hate filled behavior?
Progressives moral outrage at how Trump, McConnell Pelosi are acting is obviously correct but no one in power gives a damn about anything but themselves. There is no emotion no feelings and no reasoning with the psychopaths of government. The leader on the Bernie “left” will always loose because the rich do not give any kid of a damn for anyone except themselves.
This the problem the country is run by psychopathically screwed up individuals


Fat chance. Pelosi is another Clinton conservative with her arrogant ass on her shoulders and a smug finger to progressives.


My rep, Debbie Dingell, who, to her credit, has moved notably leftward since her husband died, nonetheless confuses the matter of where she stands by being a member of both the House Progressive Caucus AND the Problem Solvers Caucus. WTF!

As for Nancy “Paygo” Pelosi, this is her moment on the big stage.
And America’s confidence – outside a cadre of limousine liberals – is not very high.


When the hell has Pelosi or schumer EVER gone big and bold.
Nixon Republican/Democrats don’t do that


ONE DEMAND: Take back all those tax cuts to the rich!


WTF? I’ve payed my taxes in their entirety for the past 35 years. Now, I’m out of work with no end in sight and the asshat democrats (which I’ve supported in the past) and the repugnantans (who I’ve always hated) don’t see fit to sending me some of my tax money back? They instead want to bailout big business (as usual) and the extremely poor, leaving essentially the now unemployed middle class (both lower and upper) to tough it out. This will be the end of what little middle class was left. This is also the end of my voting for either of the 2 trash bin parties. They can go to hell. IT IS TIME FOR BERNIE TO TAKE A WALK AWAY FROM THE DEMS AND TAKE HIS SUPPORTERS WITH HIM. PROGRESSIVES NEED TO OFFICIALLY START THEIR OWN PARTY. IT MIGHT NOT BE A LARGE AND STRONG STRONG PARTY RIGHT NOW, BUT ITS BETTER TO STAND FOR YOURSELF AND PRINCIPALS THAN TO BE USED AS A DOORMAT TO ENABLE THE CONTINUED COMPROMISE OF THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY. FUCK THE REPUGNANTANS - BUT FUCK THE DEMS TOO.


Maybe he meant “sediment”?


or effluent


“Go Big!” Let’s emblazon it on baseball caps. Wow, they’re standing up for… well, it’s hard to say. From a human survival standpoint, 1K every now and then don’t cut it anymore. Haven’t you heard? It isn’t 1950. I know – you don’t have enough money to float all boats, only all banks. For the banks we get to evoke magic money out of the Fed Wizards of Chaos Theory. That kind of magic money wouldn’t work for handing out to USAmericans, for some reason. (I’m not sophisticated enough to understand why not, though.)

The scene is absurdly surreal, from an economic theory standpoint. They’re calling it stimulus, as if USAmericans are gonna be in so much the buying mood. Maybe so, as each family-island stocks two-weeks of provisions at first, then four weeks…

Yeah right. Consumers (at least, the ones still alive) need stimulus. That’ll do it.

The headline:

”With Monthly Cash Payments, Progressive Caucus Urges Pelosi to Go Big and Bold on Coronavirus Stimulus“

OK. I’m gonna hold my breath now. I hope I regain consciousness at some point and don’t suffer any permanent damage. If I don’t, someone send the bill to Nancy for me.


Her plan was a big present to the 1%. Give some credit to McConnell and his bunch (Trump included) about handing out direct checks. That wasn’t her idea. See, she’s already got tunnel vision for her class only.

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No more thinking about Democrats. They are so bad there’s nothing left. We must build a new party and forget the Democrats entirely. We should quit making fine distinctions, lump them together with the Republicans as 2 corporate parties working against the people’s interests and not keep deluding ourselves into trying to reach them. Per household cash help during the crisis, it’s not even quite accurate to say the administration outflanked them on the left, the Democrats actively moved right of the administration by proposing means testing.


Instead of the “Progressive Caucus Urging Pelosi to Go Big”, I would just be “Urging Pelosi to Go”

And most of the entrenched, ‘dollar-drenched’, and establishment “smoother-lying” neoliberal-con ‘D’ Vichy Party supporters of this Disguised Global Crony Capitalist EMPIRE, dead-end demos should just be “Urged to Go Also”.

This info from “The Intercept” should hopefully ‘expose’ and educate the low-information Democrats to:


the intercept 2020/03/16 bernie-versus-biden-who-won-the-debate/

Listen and learn the sorry TRUTH about the Byeden Bernie debate.


Here they are. The kind of Democrats we need more of!

I recently read one poster gave another poster “hell” for speaking of “generalizations”. Yet, commonly, flagrantly, a lot of bloggers here do just that same thing, over and over again with House Democrats, 9 of which actively supported Independent party candidate, and progressive, Bernie Sanders!!!

Stop with the damn generalizations. Not all Dems are bad, or corrupt. That is bull shite.

This is why we all need to vote every damn chance you get. Point your anger at the sociopathic/narcissistic Rethuglicon party, Caligula and get the f’r and his mafia out Nov…

How much were the tax cuts for the wealthy –

and how much did Herr Drumpf, McConnell and even Pelosi benefit from them?

Meanwhile, Mnuchin is pushing Herr Drumpf to buy $20 BILLION of oil for the reserve.

And …

Ultraviolet –

"Not all Dems are bad, or corrupt. That is bull shite."

The government has been moved so far to the right that we really barely have
any moderates left in Congress – and only liberals are those elected in 2018.

And the GOP is trying to rustle up new recruits even further to the fascist right
because the ones they have are “too squishy” to carry out the full agenda of their
corporate owners which seems to be inconvenient for the GOP.

Meanwhile, you don’t see Pelosi announcing the DP will NOT accept any more
Elite/corporate money, do you?
Would be a sure way to win in 2020.

How about campaigning for MEDICARE4ALL? Who’s out there except Bernie Sanders?

How about the ERA – same thing.