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With More Restrictions and Fewer Observers, 2016 Election Will Require 'Vigilance'


With More Restrictions and Fewer Observers, 2016 Election Will Require 'Vigilance'

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Voting rights advocates are crying foul after a Reuters investigation revealed that the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) is scaling back its deployment of election observers during this year's presidential election.


Let’s cut to the chase: no one is voting for Hillary Clinton, yet Hillary Clinton is going to be named the winner. So in order to make this particular sausage it’s important that as few people witness the process as possible.


Perfect!! The dimwits can outdo the repugs in voter fraud and repugs can call foul play and take it do the supreme court who will appoint Trump President. Good cop/bad cop


They have to make sure all those potential Jill Stein voters only believe they voted for the same.

I suggest Citizens in the USA wanting to vote Green vote in conjunction with other Green voters and make it very clear who they voted for or a Vote for Jill will literally mean a vote for HRC once the machines have their way.


What would be the point of creating a new party unless votes cast for it would be counted properly? Unless the mechanisms of voter suppression and election fraud are confronted and rooted out, hackable machines are banned, and exit polls are allowed and not “adjusted”… etc. etc., the chances of a new party winning an election are slimmer than slim.

Maybe those interested in creating a new party should consider that an integral part of the project involves cleaning up the very dirty tricks that have been accumulating.


It seems very likely that Drumpf will be playing golf again with his buddy Slick Willy on Nov. 9th, regardless of who “wins” the election.


This action by the U.S. Department of Justice(?) shows just how afraid the duopoly is of losing it’s power.


Preach, cat, preach.


Gore vs. Bush all over agin, but with one major difference: both campaigners are liars, cheats, and thieves. Anyone who thinks that their vote is going to make a difference needs to wake up.


Of course they cut out observers. How can you steal elections with observers watching everything? Just ask Clinton and Bush!


There is no debate whether or not the Primary Vote was inaccurate. We all witnessed this as it was damn hard to miss. Our “representatives” would have to be blind, deaf, and dumb to have missed it. For me To not know with 100% confidence that those leaders elected are the leaders that the majority actually voted for is the very essence of corruption. What it is is BETRAYAL. Who is confident their vote will count in the up coming Presidential election, or that their vote will not be changed or will not be tossed to the shredder? Not me. I’ve given this some thought and I am SICK of playing the game. For the 1st time in my decades of voting I.will not cast my vote is year … unless the electronic voter machines are tossed and votes return to hand counting as well as transparent results are made available to us and the media. I plan to clue in my so-called “representatives” to my decision. I’d also put the call to everyone out there to TAKE A STAND as well. It will take all of us to insist on the security and integrity of our votes.


I would love to see that happen down in the USA and the beginning of the end of that Militaristic Fascist duopoly.


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DOJ needs to protect Clinton’s ability to steal elections.


There’s currently a MoveOn Petition going around to encourage the UN to send observers in November. It’ll be a cold day in Hell before either the GOP or the DNC allow this to happen for real, but it’ll at least put the duopoly on notice that we see their game and want it to stop.


Of course they did. This was anticipated after the Democratic primary problems. If you want to commit election fraud and don’t want people to see it then what else are you to do except try and hide it?


Thank you very much for this link! I have been intending to write the UN on this very issue anyway and had wondered about the possibility of getting such a petition going. I am a little surprised this is coming from MoveOn as they have taken a hard right turn but am glad they did this.


Thanks Bill, I just signed the petition.
Growing up, I never thought the citizens of the United States would not trust the election commissions. Was I ever hoodwinked. I feel sorry for those who get all their information from main stream media.


Funny clown, you conveniently ignore the fact that it is the already red states that are disenfranchising eligible citizens. Clinton, on paper at least is still a Democrat. At least have the good sense to wait until she shows us who she really is after the election. Right now she is all over the spectrum.


I signed and added this plea.
Our political parties no longer even pretend to listen to us and we need protection for our local elections to begin to regain our democratic process.