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With More Than 700 Children Still Separated, Immigrant Rights Groups Decry Trump Officials' Claim That Reunification Deadline Was Met


With More Than 700 Children Still Separated, Immigrant Rights Groups Decry Trump Officials' Claim That Reunification Deadline Was Met

Julia Conley, staff writer

Immigrant rights advocates are repudiating the praise that some in the corporate media have heaped on the Trump administration for reuniting some families, as hundreds of children remained apart from their parents on Friday—a day after the court-ordered deadline for reunifying every family torn apart by President Donald Trump's "zero tolerance" immigration policy.


and i wonder still about the punishment for not meeting the deadline?


Trump’s admin is a FAKE administration. One lie after another by the liar in chief. But it does not stop with him. The whole administration’s political appointments are a lying machine. The bigger the truth that contradicts them, the bigger the lies. But all you have to do is pay a bit of attention and you see right through these fakers.


What is rarely mentioned is that the US is responsible for most of this immigrant crisis. The American, government has for decades interfered politically in the countries of Central America and supported thugs and fascist dictators who were puppets of the American, corporate, empire.


I just heard some really mentally deficient BorderPatrol/Customs agent defending the separation of children from parents to a mother father shoplifting at Wall Mart as if there were a moral equivalent. No damned wonder people want these agencies eliminated. One: parent are not separated from children for Shoplifting, and two: Wall Maart will not even press charges if there is found to be “cause” like indigent and poverty. We don’t shoot people in the back for a parking ticket, well not generally anyway. The uniforms and badges need to be taken away from these idiots on an ego and power trip. I hater living in an ugly mean country and pay thousands in taxes to support it. I loved Ike voted for Nixon twice, felt really bad about Kent and Ohio. state. We are on our way to a Tiananmen Square incident. Please Dear God cease. If we can build prisons in days we can erect courtrooms with judges now gavelling speeding ticket.


Well Judge Sabraw, thanks for proving there’s at least two systems of justice in this country.
You should be ashamed of yourself. You’ve degraded you’re profession and you’re country.


What is very suspect and entirely unacceptable in this crime against children and families, are the families that the trump regime have deemed “ineligible” to be reunited! What are the criteria? Where is the evidence, and who decided? This manufactured category is part of the crime used to justify failure to comply with the courts ruling to reunite…that means someone must be held in contempt!

People seeking asylum from violence of various sorts had their hildren ripped from them, then scamed to self-deportation and signing documents in a language they did not understand! They were lied-to and coerced with false promises of reunification, now proven lies, many could not even understand!

The trump regime planned this odious separation crime but did nothing to document who the family units were - children and parents - or where they were removed or deported to! The regime did nothing to create any system or mechanism to reunite families and to claim they can’t comply is BS! They cannot comply in large part because _they did not create the basis data-base listing/documenting family unit_s, they did not supply native speakers to help and fully inform victims of the enormity of the separation!
No mechanism or plan was created to reunite because they did not care if the refugees were ever reunited…only separated, in perhaps the most despicable (hard to say there are so many) acts from the mental idiot child and his goon squads!

The trump regime and its rotten fish-head ginger-pig leader, will be remembered as the worst, most corrupt, most dysfunctional, destructive, divisive,deceptive, racist and bigoted, lying, ignorant regime in US history!

The planned Israeli-inspired/fomented war of aggression against Iran will be the final outrage from these odious people who must wind-up in a new Nuremberg Trial prosecution with hangings following…


Actually, depending on state laws shoplifting can be a misdemeanor punishable by a fine or imprisonment . For illegal border crossing (improper entry) you’re also looking at a fine or imprisonment up to one year.

Whether you agree with the ICE agent or not the consequences of the two are similar.


I don’t believe one single thing these Nazi vermin say about the kids and their parents. The ones who HAVE been reunited deserve reparation and need therapy for the trauma, on our dime.

The ones who haven’t been reunited? This is the richest, spying-est country in the world. I don’t believe for one godd**n minute the vermin can’t find the parents wherever they are and reunite the kids…if a parent is a convicted killer, then put the kids with other family.

And I’d love to see Nielsen, Sessions, especially Homan burned at the stake. Gotta find some worse punishment for Dump and whoever advised him on this course.


The obvious alternative to this approach is to let the parents back into the country. So it’s not true to say that the children will need to be sent back to their countries of origin.

The fundamental problem is that many, if not most or all, of these people were wrongly denied asylum or a process to assert their claim of asylum.


You’re really screwed up if you see moral equivalence between shoplifting and taking children away from their parents.


i was talking about the consequences of comitting a misdemeanor and being locked up. Unless you would like chidren to be locked up with the parents which woulld be kinda sick.


That’s exactly the reaction they were expecting. Whoever is running this show has some pretty good analysts.


I was talking about the notion that imprisoning someone over a shoplifting charge and thereby separating them from their children being an acceptable resolution. It’s not. It’s immoral. Especially when the “victim” – in this case Wal-Mart – doesn’t even want to press charges. Better to take those resources and hire those people to do some useful work, pay them, and let them buy those goods. Our society’s preference to criminalize behavior is a blot on us all.

How about some charity and compassion instead? How does that saying go – something about being without fault and throwing stones? Humanity calls for something better than what you seem to think is the right, or at least acceptable, answer here.


I’m all for charity. That’s what those Wamart shoplifters should get instead of having to steal. Unfortunately the human race is not at that level yet. Most people would take advantage and take us for chumps.

My wife is a trauma nurse at a major hospital and she’s seen a lot of people coming thru there. Both with insurance and without. All get the exact same treatment. But for some reason it is always the ones that are not gonna cover their expenses that know their “rights” and demand extra things from the staff. They are basically playing the system.

same like these “asylum seekers” do. Why do you think there’s suddenly a huge influx of “minors accompanied by adults” (who might or might not be related)? Or why there was in influx of “unaccompanied minors” a few years ago? They are expecting the exact reaction you had, oh poor them, let them in. Somebody is running that show, and they are playing us for chumps. It’s nice to have faith in your fellow human beings but unfortunately a lot of us are out there to scam others.


We must not let this crime against refugees and their children be forgotten or the profiteers who make millions from the arrest, imprisonment and misery and of Latino refugees and their children, escape justice! The vulture capitalist system og greed and creating profit from the abuse of others is an atrocity!

The trump regime and its connected cronies make millions from these poor people we have imprisoned and victimized! How can trumps executive policy decisions that lead directly to his, his families, and his cronies, billions in profits from exploitation and/or abuse of people or exploitation/destruction of the natural world NOT be crimes and de facto conspiracy!?




really awful “criteria” for eligible reunion with parents. Those children remaining in ICE custody are suffering and their parents are suffering. Who knows what the final damage to those kids will be; for their whole lives; it could and should have been avoided if trump & sessions hadn’t instituted their cruelty.


not at all similar


i totally agree. i couldn’t imagine being separated like this and have no idea where my child was going or for how long. the gov’t really tripped the trigger on this one and i am ashamed and terrified as to what this president will do to this country.


My feeling is that this was intentional – planned – damage done to these families.

Obviously, we need more lawyers who will devote themselves to human rights issues.