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With Most Benefits Going to Rich, 'Reckless and Stupid' GOP Tax Scam 2.0 Could Cost $3 Trillion Over Ten Years


With Most Benefits Going to Rich, 'Reckless and Stupid' GOP Tax Scam 2.0 Could Cost $3 Trillion Over Ten Years

Jake Johnson, staff writer

In their latest "reckless and stupid" bid to deliver massive rewards to ultra-wealthy Americans, House Republicans on Monday introduced three pieces of legislation that make up the GOP's so-called "Tax Reform 2.0" package.


The looting of America and its people continues, expanding under the trump regime. the greatest theft and diversion of resources from a civilian nations priorities - public education, universal single-payer health care, environmental protections, infant, elder, and pre/post natal care, etc, etc…the looting has transferred vast wealth to the 1% from the middle classes and poor, and gutted government Of, By and FOR the people!

Nationalize the banks, the energy sector, the insurance industry, fund public Not-for-profit hospitals, establish and fund many medical colleges, protect public education, and end the MICC war machine death grip on our nation! There are other sectors that also should be publicly owned!

I only hope I live long enough to see the perpetrators and beneficiaries of this grand con theft dancing at the end of ropes, or imprisoned at hard labor for the rest of their lives!!


I only hope that I live long enough to see the architects of these thefts and each and every politician that voted to give legitimacy to these thefts, hunted down and given a ticket home.



Well, the macro-economic impacts of this are obvious. This is being pushed because it enriches and empowers the already rich and powerful, and about .5% of it is ideological. But the bigger issue, to me, is that it shows how completely broken this political system is. Anyone saying the “moderates” are here to save the day can go fly a balloon. There shouldn’t be a such a massive gap between popular opinion and government policy. The fact that there is, and that the policies are clearly net negatives for most people but clear positives for the donors of these rotten people, says a lot about this system. It ain’t pretty, and I wish we had an actual opposition party offering actual alternatives. Instead, we got Pelosi, and Schumer, the DNC and the DCCC, which is another sign of a broken system.


Medicare and other programs are beyond being “in the crosshairs” of the GOP. They are already cutting reimbursements for walk-in clinic visits by 50% so the trigger has already been pulled. Unfortunately most Murkins that I know keep telling me that Congress won’t cut these programs because the programs are so popular.

When was the last time Congress cared about whether a program was popular before they cut it ?


This is ridiculous. Wait until we get nearer to the date before you do anything. By that time the corrupt Drump administration will be gone.


No wonder Paul Ryan is afraid to run again. What a coward.


Nailed and besides he has his pot of gold and Great Health Care.


More than 40 million Americans live in poverty, according to the US census.
More than 5 million Americans live in third world conditions also known as “absolute poverty,” according to the report.
Forty-six million Americans depend on food banks, which is 30% above 2007 levels, according to Feeding America.

“Even people who are working full time can’t afford a decent living. They do need food stamps. They do need the sort of assistance that government can provide, but instead what we see is a constant cut back in all of those benefits by this administration,” Alston said.


What happens when some guy with a gun is dying of terminal cancer and can’t afford medical care because his was cancelled and can’t afford to eat because his food stamps were yanked. He’s got nothing to lose so what do you think he’s going to do if he gets the chance?

Why do you think the republicans are refusing to meet their constituents?


Well the biggest theft/crime is the stupid, idiotic, immoral wars. The biggest dissapointment with Obama was he kept his presidential body count going and so far, ditto Trump. How are we going to stop the deep state corporate gangsters running this country? Will we ever have a president who is also NOT a mass murderer? Sigh. banjered


From what I understand social security has hit its tipping point this year----more going out and less coming in------and democrats and republicans increased military spending to 700 b taking off the caps. People better wake up because they are getting screwed.


Who is to blame? The assholes in office? No. “We the People” for ALLOWING things to get this far out of hand. This isn’t new with the current criminals in charge. This “takeover” by the criminals has been coming on for decades.

We saw their malfeasance and re-elected them!
We refused to withhold taxes that SUPPORT their tyranny!
We kept silent as more and more was taken away from the working class.
We sat at keyboards like I am doing instead of sitting in their offices with a thousand others.
We continue to watch “reality T.V.” while the “real reality” is passing us by with only a whimper.

Beat me up if you like but Dumpf and his fellow assholes, Oliar and his fellow assholes, and those before them are not the CAUSE; they are the EFFECT from our apathy, fear and idleness in the face of a Fascist onslaught!


The populace keeps on voting in a system that does not represent them. Both D’s and R’s are wholly owned by the corporate oligarchs. The bottom line is that 'Muricans Are Morons, at least those who keep on voting for the two corporate political parties. And therefore they deserve everything heading their way.


The only problem with that, Geezer, is that it is headed the way of ALL of us who may not be asleep or sheep. The rest of your post is right on.


It’s not complicated. Ask mainstream America what they want, and they’ll shout, “Tax cuts!” Ask them what should be cut from the budget, and they’ll shout, “Welfare!” (a quarter century after actual welfare aid was ended). They remain oblivious to our war and prison budgets.


Who can push back? The party began moving to the right in the 1980s, with the Reagan Democrats. The the Clinton “New Democrat Party” (as he called it) took over in the 1990s. Since then, Democrats have implemented more of the hard right agenda than Republicans would have dared to try. They split apart the Dem voting base, middle class vs. poor. How did they think things would turn out?


They intend on paying for the tax cuts by slashing Social Security and Medicare. 65 million seniors receive these earned benefits, and for 22 million seniors, those are the only income amounts they receive, including me. I pay mortgage, clothes, utilities, food for 2, life insurance, as well as license and auto insurance (car paid for). But the effects would be far-reaching, affecting banks (loans and deposits), doctors, hospitals, grocery chains, and much else that I’ve not thought of yet. 22 million people would be penniless with no income at all. The remainder of recipients would have their monthly incomes slashed, throwing them into further poverty.

What the hell are the Republics thinking? It is certainly reckless and stupid. I trust that millions will protest.

May the next hurricane hit Mar A Lago alone in Florida to teach DJT a lesson.


We have now reached the Smash and Grab portion on the republican/big business plan. In the last two years all the GOP dreams of Lewis Powell and Ronald Reagan have come true. They have practically eliminated corporate taxes, cut the top individual rate, destroyed the regulatory cabinet offices, expanded the military, and packed the federal courts with idealouges that will back up their agenda. Now, the end game is upon us. Another fascist is about to be placed on the SCOTUS. Abortion, birth control, employer sponsored healthcare, and labor unions are about to made illegal. A war is coming. An economic crash right behind it.
They know they only have two more months. The only things left for them to steal is the desk blotters and post it notes.


You actually think we have ten years of habitat left?

Bless your heart.

Just keep having kids and go shopping and blame the reckless stupid other people.

Hubris keeps the economy going, until of course, there is nothing left.

You spend all your time worrying about who is richer than you, and forget that all around you the habitat is collapsing.

Hello Florence.