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With "Mountainous" Evidence on Plaintiffs' Side, Hundreds of Cancer Cases Against Monsanto Get Green Light


With "Mountainous" Evidence on Plaintiffs' Side, Hundreds of Cancer Cases Against Monsanto Get Green Light

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

After opening arguments kicked off in California state court on Monday for a Bay Area man's landmark lawsuit alleging that Monsanto's popular weedkiller Roundup caused him to develop cancer, a federal judge on Tuesday ruled that hundreds of unrelated but similar cases against the agrochemical company can also proceed to trial.


Good luck bringing fown this behemoth whose been poisoning us for decades!


Everyone : Please write a letter to your local Home Depot, your local Lowes, or your local hardware store, stating that you refuse to shop in their stores until this “poison” is removed from their buildings.

Tell them that they are contributing to an elevation in cancer rates all the while making a profit on it.

Ask for a reply.


When karma visits the CEO… things change.


Wonder how drop proof the containers are?


Buy one and try it.

Might want to buy a Hazmat suit first.


Agent orange and Frankenfoods. Toxic monsantos greed and death!


Monsatan - now the Bayer monster - must pay for their poisoning Mother Earth and millions of people! To deny that many conditions and diseases and health problems are caused by the mostly untested chemicals, products, and various agricultural “cides” in our environment and homes, pushed by the poison industry on the public, hiding the truth of the effects, must be exposed. The trump regime gutting of environmental protections 9what there actually was) and his scotus pick are a blatant obvious attempt by the psychopath-in-chief to serve corporate profits above all else…including Monsatan…they all must be brought down!



I may at times seem like a broken record (for those of us who remember records), but the precautionary principle should be required content in the curricula of all schools. The Sword of Damocles wears many disguises.


Don’t stop there, all lawn and garden centers are ecological nightmares when fire is added to the mix. The run-off from these fires when water is added is a toxic soup, and must be contained, packaged in Haz-mat containers, and be disposed of in a landfill designed to handled this kind of materials. The possible harm to responding firefighters, and the public if any material escapes and gets into wells or storm drains is just not worth the risk IMHO.


Twenty-three years ago when I moved to my current home, I witnessed tens if not hundreds of thousands of frogs on our streets after a significant rain. Now, it is maybe a hundred–and I walk the dog at night, when the frogs are (or should be) at their zenith.


the workers that make this product have 5 times more cancers than non-workers<< this will come out in the trial and is the smoking gun


Don’t forget the endless poison spewing forth from the Many Military Bases all over this country and the world.

Don’t forget the endless poisoning of our land, air, surface and ground water from the Factory Farming on land and sea. ie spewing manure, recycled antibiotics and growth hormones into our environment/ homes


India, Canada and European countries have been in this fight against Monsanto/Bayer for decades.
The public of the oosa truly needs some serious education about Roundup. The facts have been public for decades but most people are totally oblivious to the toxic poisons in our environment. (Teflon anyone)

I shudder whenever I see Roundup on the shelves let alone in someone’s shopping cart.


According to what i’ve read, monsantos law suits will become
the problem of Bayer. What i’m wondering is ,will these lawsuits be able to be litigated according to US law or will German law take precedent ?


“Legions”? Perhaps the author meant “Lesions”. At least I read the fucking article before getting on my high horse and self-righteously posting in order to make myself feel good.


Crickets here from the usual paid trolls and mindless cheerleaders for corporate chemistry. It’s not so easy to pretend anymore that GM foods are about crop yields and global nutrition.

The case that Monsanto’s interests were control of the food supply and ever-increasing sales of glyphosate has been laid out again and again, and the chorus of scorn has been equally relentless. Anyone who dares to suggest that a corporation with a history of lying for profit is once again lying for profit, well they must be some kind of, take your pick, reactionary, religious fundamentalist, leftover hippie, naive fool, must hate science in general.

It’s always been BS, and hopefully this case and others to follow will finally connect the dots for ordinary people who have been spraying this stuff around on their properties and getting exposure from living near farms. It’s tragic that farmers themselves have been duped and poisoned, and it’s disgusting that both the left and the right have been part of the denial, for different reasons.

The libertarians and the corporate trolls I expect to be unconcerned about, you know, cancer. But the way so many “liberals” have smeared the whistleblowers and the unconvinced is just appalling. In what universe is Monsanto a friend of progressives? On what planet have major corporations been interested in public health and nutrition? Scientific method = good. Corporate science = at best unreliable, and at worst a threat to our survival.


My husband was in an engineering company in Vietnam-- they cleared out the brush after the planes sprayed the agent orange . Our first son was born 10 months after Mike came home, and died 2 days later of cancer – l sure would like to get in on this lawsuit!


If memory serves, Monsanto successfully sued a dairy co-op in Vermont for truthfully labeling its milk as “rGBH-free,” on the theory that such labels constituted a disparagement of its proprietary hormone. Mind you, the label made no claim about the safety or efficacy of rBGH, but merely offered the information for those who might have a preference for natural products.

Monsanto has also used the courts to help avoid having to truthfully label products containing GMOs, turning the above legal theory on its head. It will be most gratifying to finally see this corporate bully get its comeuppance.


I hope you and your family will accept my sincere condolences for that tragic and preventable loss. As a young merchant seaman during that era, I helped deliver those orange barrels and other materiel across the Pacific, earning an above-average working class wage and not thinking about the implications. I didn’t turn against the war until my return to the world in 1968.

May this lawsuit bring you—and all the many, many other victims—justice at last.