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With Mueller Report Expected Soon, Trump Team May Claim Executive Privilege to Block Public Release


With Mueller Report Expected Soon, Trump Team May Claim Executive Privilege to Block Public Release

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

With Special Counsel Robert Mueller expected to put out a report detailing his findings from the ongoing probe into alleged Russian election interference and any collusion or obstruction of justice by President Donald Trump's campaign or administration as early as next month, the president's legal team may move to block parts of it from Congress and the public on the grounds of executive privilege.


In light of Loyalty oaths to israel and Government officials acting to ensure no one can boycott Israel, to demonstrate the farce that the Mueller probe is (Mueller the same guy that testified that Saddam Hussein had WMD’s) , we have this.

So will this probe note that a number of the so called campaigns of Russians to influence the elections were in fact false flags run by firms with ties to US Intelligence agencies?

I suspect that just as with “Hussein had WMDS” , the Mueller probe will find only what it wants to find and ignore everything else. Oh and this no more my proclaiming loyalty to Donald Trump then my suggestions that they were lying about Saddam husseins WMDS was proclaiming loyalty to him. This is about the TRUTH.


Have I been asleep the last 2 years? What is the 2016 election-related crime that was committed by Russia? And if it is such a heinous offense that they all bark impeachment all the time, why is it taking over 2 years to uncover it, and at the same time, show that the Trump team colluded to commit this supposed crime? And the real foreign intrusion into our political system, the elephant in the room, the Israelis, continue to be ignored. Time for my lobotomy.


The arrogance of these treasonous trump regime scum will eventually (hopefully) hang them. I wrote soon after trumps selection that given enough rope thay would hang themselves. Little did I know the depths of his/their depravity and contempt for the America millions believe-in - even if a shadow of the truth.

The wild ravings by trump and his liars, er lawyers, to “declare a national emergency” or claim executive privilege, are the last gasps of the most destructive, divisive, depraved, treasonous regime in American history! The sooner the mentally diseased trumpenfuhrer is removed from power - before he gets to install another right-wing SCOTUS shill - the obviously better!


As the sage said - and I agree - “I’d rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy”…


If “executive privilege” won’t work perhaps this would be another opportunity to test the national emergency strategy so the GOP can test if it is likely to work for suspending the 2020 POTUS election ?


We will know some of what is in the report by who goes to jail and who doesn’t. Other tid-bits will leak out and we will find this stuff out.


We can test “The Peoples” national emergency strategy. Or how far we can march with our pitchforks before being assaulted by Trumps goons.


The main issue with Mueller is that he is a Republican, which means he is like the fox minding the chicken coop.
Mueller won’t find anything, even if he were an honest party (which he isn’t, since he is a Republican), for the simple reason there is nothing to find. This doesn’t mean Trump didn’t do anything wrong, it means Trump didn’t leave a smoking gun.
If deceit were an art form, Trump would be a virtuoso like Rembrandt or Picasso. There will be Trump for generations to come.


The sheep won’t even notice. They’re more interested in football. His base will cheer.


Emphyrio, please reconsider what you wrote: “Little did I know the depths of his/their depravity and contempt for the America millions believe-in…”
You are correct about Trump’s depravity, but you are dead wrong implying he deceived voters. Trump “represents” and “reflects” the voters’ depravity, and the “majority” of white Americans “support” Trump, because Trump reflects “their depravity”.
Trump doesn’t have “contempt” for white voters, Trump feels his ego stroked by them. Trump knows white Americans drool after him and worship him like a demigod, and he likes it.
I am fascinated that you guys are so reluctant to admit that Trump is nothing more than a reflection of the putrid “culture” of White America, that is all there is.


Againg_the_wind, the Israelis aren’t “intruding” into the business of the US. It is important to tell it the way it is. The Israelis are simply accepting what is being offered to them by the Evangelicals who have taken over much of the US. Much of the US population has been indoctrinated into the most backward versions of the Christian superstition, where helping Israel plays an important part. That population of retrograde Americans is now in the driver’s seat, and the Israelis don’t mind what they offer them. Therefore, please don’t blame Israel, blame your own compatriots.


dkshaw, please don’t call Trump supporters “sheep”, they are not sheep. They are White Blue Collar Ignorant Racist Trash, emphasis on “Ignorant Racist Trash”. And they are over 60% of the White American Population. The truth doesn’t go away because it is ugly.


I have three words for you: “Drain. The. Swamp.” There were plenty of other lies, but that seems to be the one that most resonated with voters sick to death of the institutional corruption represented by Rottenhams.


As far as Iḿ concerned this is a model premised on God is capital and the archangel is the premise of “externalized costs”. The latter spans the spectrum of concepts from the material to meaning of truth. Its the little magic pill that runs on a clock to procrastinate recognition of consequences. It is the narcissist’s wet dream; the ultimate death wish. Why? Because each time denial is used in practice, it then shifts its function to concept. Each time it is applied as concept, it shifts to strategy. Each time it is used as strategy the fabric of reality is held hostage while thread after thread is pulled out, until the net simply floats away on any suggestion of a breeze.

From my point of view, that describes where we are. Think globally and act locally. Respect yourself, neighbors and even those who threaten you. They are our teachers and we need to be perpetual students of clear discernment and shared learning. The environment of high function recreated from the depths of deceit and misrepresentation the dollar deity has fomented.


Well, mebbe Monkton is projecting a degree of bile and acid from drinking too much of the koolaid himself. The Trump voters are much like you in that respect. When the system holds you hostage in so many ways, for so many generations, its not uncommon for the Stockholm Syndrome to kick in. Note: Trump plays that card like Snake Oil Salesman - and is even shiftier.


Oh, Ohhh…

Jimmy Dore: Even Politico Is Warning Democrats To “Prepare For Disappointment” As Mueller Probe Winds Down


You have to look under the hood. The drain-the-swamp slogan didn’t resonate, what resonated was Trump, an ignorant, brutish, coarse and very white guy telling the blue collar trash that there was a swamp full of black and brown people that needed to be drained. That was precisely what the white blue collar trash wanted to hear coming from someone as ignorant and as brutish as themselves.
The left, for historical reasons, is apologetic towards the White Working Trash. But you shouldn’t be, those ignoramuses are immoral racist trash, nothing more.


Of course they will be disappointed. Mueller is a “Republican”.


Didn’t Nixon try that?

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