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With Nation Distracted by Coronavirus, Rights Groups Warn Senate Against Handing Trump 'Terrifying' Spy Powers

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/03/16/nation-distracted-coronavirus-rights-groups-warn-senate-against-handing-trump

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The Duopoly, the Uniparty, will do what ever it wants. It has no counterbalance.


“while the bill prevents the government from collecting location information without a warrant, it leaves other highly sensitive information, like internet browsing and search history, vulnerable to invasive government spying without a warrant”
Gosh. So they will find out about all the kinky porn I watch… Oh well, I hadn’t planned on becoming a public figure any way…


Biden has been there for a long time - Biden Across the Aisle

Reaching across the aisle= voting with republicans.

Bipartisanship= voting with republicans

Getting things done= voting with republicans

Access to healthcare= does not support any form of universal healthcare.

Standing with our allies= sending billions of dollars to Israel

Small businesses are the backbone of our country= tax cuts for large multinational corporations

Pro business= tax cuts for large multinational corporations

Americans wont do those jobs= donors dont want to pay competitive wages, so we will exploit desperate immigrants instead.

Moderate= right wing

Realistic= will not support anything that benefits regular people

Pragmatic= will not support anything that benefits regular people

Socially liberal/fiscally moderate= not racist, just hates poor people.

Far-left= anyone promoting policies that benefits regular people

Russians meddled in our election= we accept no responsibility for our failures

Im sure there are many more, but these are quite common


The camel’s nose was the Patriot Act back in 2001. If we had pushed very hard on the Bush Coup of 2000, and, by that, I mean kept at our elected officials not to certify the election until there was a valid recount in Florida by an independent group, and if Gore and the Dims hadn’t quietly caved at the same time, we might not have Trump today. We were too distracted by the Y2K mess to see the real show was House of Bush lining up the fix. Poppy even said he wanted Jebbie to be Pres since he was the smartest. Prescott, back in the day, wanted to overthrow FDR’s government. So, you see, we have a long list of incidents where the camel has crept into the tent and we did nothing. FDR didn’t arrest Prescott as a traitor, we allowed a dirty election result in 2000, and then did nothing about the Patriot Act. I heard, over and over, if you don’t do anything wrong, you have nothing to worry about. Good Germans, all.


ww1, we opened mail at the post office, both incoming and outgoing. The suspected persons, communists and progressives, never knew.
This was accomplished under the management of the postal inspectors. The people accomplishing the work were highly trusted contractors, not gov’t employees.
Telephone calls had tapped in listeners and operators were used also.
This continued until ww2.
Ramped up looking for sabateurs. Port security, military movements, counter espionage.
Continued after the war looking for communists and pinkos. Joe McArthy tried to ride the crest and become president.
FBI spent a lot of time and money tracking politicians, civil rights leaders, union leaders, Hollywood peoples including Nancy Reagan (commie).
Viet Nam era is pretty well publicly exposed.
Today, we have about 2,000 macho white nationalists to worry about. Probably another 1,000 foreign born potential terrorists to keep track of. The laws should permit less expensive costs than our local prosecutor paying Verizon $400 to review one phone call.

Overseas surveil is on full throttle.

Yes folks. This is exactly what fascism looks like.
Don’t be shocked. We knew this day would come. And now it’s here.
Joe Biden will be the last president of the United States.

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Agree, and I have always thought FDR not publicly hanging, after being found guilty, the fascists’ that plotted to kill him, was his biggest failing. It’s possible we would have an entirely different country, if he had.


Yes, apparently it can impart a smidgen of wisdom to even the most seriously compromised, witness The Newt making sense by saying that if it is overreaction, it is better than under-reacting and quoting Gov. Cuomo.

We are in deep crap. Those of us who were young when Bush passed the Patriot Act fought it because we knew what sort of future it would bring. Allowing Trump to have this authority is like allowing a toddler to play with a semi automatic weapon. And given where Trump’s mind is, this really isn’t far from the truth. Call your representatives and fight this. In some places businesses may be shut down, but at least we have the internet and the phone. We need to be relentless activists now more than ever, because Trump isn’t trustworthy, our capitalist healthcare system is a total fail and it’s ultimately only us who can change things. Bernie would change things, too if we can get him in!

Silly person, it was all due to Ralph Nader’s ego. Didn’t you get the memo?

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There are approximately 800,000 ( ++ those we don’t know about ) sworn and legal gov’t employed personnel working in the surveillance section of The Police & Security State.
Your #s are so far off on everything, it’s the equivalent of using a magnifying glass to get a better look at Mars.
Please, your naivete is silly. What’s next, your personal encounter with a travelling group of three-toed Leprechauns? Blarney much?
There are approximately 25-30 million self-identified white separatists* ( families, etc. ) living within the nation’s borders.
In a pluralistic society this shouldn’t frighten you, it just is what is. * Get a grip on the #s, please.

We can’t seem to weed out politicians who become bad actors, any more than we are able to stop them when they break laws and rules.
There are a bunch still on the streets from the trump corruptions, and others waiting until hell freezes over to get their time in prison. Some still to be fully investigated.

They already can get all the info on anyone. And cameras everywhere.
We have nearly zero privacy, and we should all be aware.

Yes, if anyone is shocked, it means they have been completely brainwashed, but I think Trump not Biden, may be the last president of the U.S.


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Please, write a book. No truer words have ever been spoken. It’s a drop the mic; YES, moment.
God bless you… and the wings you flew in on.

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Tasunke Witko said it best, referring to the invasion of European whites into Lakota lands-The council of old men were right. We must stop them now or we will be fighting them at our lodge doors. He said this when he heard that the woman he loved, Yellow Woman, had been killed at Sand Creek…
Another saying from the Lakota, if you see a rattlesnake outside your lodge door, you must kill it because it now knows the way into your lodge.

I was attempting to communicate that we have been watching and listening to suspicious peoples for a very long time. We are not going to stop, put brakes on, or exempt anyone.

Maybe you did not know that we infiltrated the kkk in the 1950’s and continued to do so. Often the federal agent or paid snitch became the clan’s cell leader !! That is how we prevented many dangerous and even fatal attacks in the southeast states.

This infiltration continues inside the macho white nationalists groups. In Florida, they even murdered one of their former members partly becuase they thought he had become a snitch.

I doubled the white supremes to 2,000 from 1,000 (c-span hearing) due to the Virginia NRA gathering that had 20,000 attendees. Nobody needs an AR for hunting game.

Chicago has so many citizens accused of being gang members that the published list is laughable, as are your fearful quantities.

PS: Happy Saint Patricks Day to everyone.
Prayers for our elederly being healthy will not hurt.