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With Nation Distracted by Public Health and Economic Crises, Trump Moves to Allow GMO Crops in Wildlife Refuges

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/03/20/nation-distracted-public-health-and-economic-crises-trump-moves-allow-gmo-crops


And the locusts destroy the frankenstein crops.


Writing your Congressman would be more useful than pronouncing curses.

Ok why is this measure needed? Pick 1

A: There a shortage of food produced in the USA

B: There a shortage of land on which to grow that food.

C:Public lands in essence “free land” made available to Corporations below market value so as to allow them to generate a larger return with minimal expense for the 1 percent that own most of the stock in these firms?

Again this is another subsidy to the Corporations in what the Republicans like to call “a Free market”. It is anything BUT a free market. The Corporations planting these crops are not only gaining access to land for free , but they are externalizing all of the real costs to the Environment and to the peoples in the future that will have to suffer the consequences of environmental destruction.

This example is one of many that show how wealth really created under Capitalism.


Allows GMOs into a wildlife refuge, but won’t allow intelligence to touch his grey matter.


In answer to “A” i know Spain is now exporting avocados to California. But i guess they don’t want to grow avocados on that mentioned land and “B” there still seems to be land on which to grow things, so…

sigh—Trump has no brain , heart or soul.I suppose he must be dying and wants to take he whole world with him. : (

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Anything Obama enacted, Trump has to dismantle due to his peeve against him.


Yeah I suppose complaining to people who already agree with you is the same as making your voice heard to those who don’t want to hear it at all. If nothing else at a bare minimum all those who are for or against a bill have their choices registered. 10,000 people who take the time to send an e-mail to their congressmen saying they oppose a travesty like this matter more to someone who wants votes. If enough people oppose something that makes waves. Telling us the same things over and over doesn’t make even a ripple. Maybe if you added something to the debate that was new or had an alternate view or something that helped … but to just keep saying how they are scoundrels doesn’t help anybody. Even they themselves know that they are scoundrels but they just want to see if public opinion will let them get away with it on various issues.

I think the Republicans focus their bile on the most recent opposition candidate thanks to a style developed by Rush Limbaugh and others like him. Once it seemed to work with Carter the technique was written in stone. It worked against Dukakis using Willie Horton. It worked against Clinton and then against Gore. Obama is the most recent target that’s all. He actually gave them most of what they wanted to begin with. It wasn’t about that. It was having a scapegoat target to focus hate on. Obama as the Democrat is the target. Now it will be Biden or Bernie but that hasn’t been finalized yet. Obama hate still carries weight because it isn’t based on anything in particular. It is only that Obama is not a Republican. Plain and simple…he is a Dem and we all hate those liberal Dems right?



Just read that:

Washington Post: US intelligence warned Trump in January and February as he dismissed coronavirus threat

from US intelligence agencies starting in January that warned of the scale and intensity of the coronavirus outbreak in China, The Washington Post reported~https://apple.news/APpfuZkr9StqVftMjurCRkw Friday.

Citing US officials familiar with the agencies’ reports and warnings, the Post reported that intelligence agencies depicted the nature and global spread of the virus and China’s apparent downplaying of its severity, as well as the potential need for government measures to contain it – while Trump opted to dismiss or simply not address their seriousness.

“Donald Trump may not have been expecting this, but a lot of other people in the government were – they just couldn’t get him to do anything about it,” the official noted to the Post.

This criminal needs an earful from all of us for the sake of human, animal, planetary health and solidarity

(202) 456-1111

He is still claiming Obama was born in Kenya and that the Central Park 5 are guilty. He is an unrepentant racist.

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Who is your congressman who is responsive to constituent letters? Mine have never cast a vote against any aspect of MIC excess, or for universal single payer, or against trade deals. Letters and phone calls don’t work on the congress I’ve been watching.

Alas…if only you knew who my congressmen were. Senators: Cornyn, Cruz. Congressman example: , Louie Gohmert,Henry Cuellar, Kay Grange, John Ratcliffe, shall I proceed?,


The hideous republicans are sneaking through all kinds of destructive and corrupt changes that Biden will never have the will or mental alertness to get reversed. It is incredible how much damage is being done to this country and the world. The history of the human species will detail the outsized effect the US had on the crisis, that is, if there is anyone left to write it.

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Who but Trump offers move proof of the suicidal nature of capitalism?

Who but Trump offers more proof that we do not have a democracy?

And you would be right with that assumption but since the “wall” fiasco Spain has been exporting to Ca. Thereby raising the prices here in Spain.

Without belaboring the obvious, just what exactly does ‘work’? I don’t think writing your Senator, whether for or against something, works automatically either way. However, ordinary common sense should tell you that hearing from a large number of their constituents on about some particular issue does have an affect on them! They are in the ‘public’ eye. They do have to deal with the press even though they try to avoid going on the record whenever possible. A large response from the voters on something does influence them.

What you want is what you want and you want it now… but other people do not want the same things as you might. If a senator becomes overwhelmed by voter letters it makes them take notice. How exactly do you think it works anyway? The reason why Citizens United is so pernicious is that it further reinforces money as votes. Yes a few billionaires do have an inordinate amount of say but as yet, they aren’t able to change people’s votes to go the way they want. So unless you can explain why not telling your congressmen that you oppose some bill on some issue etc. is more effective at influencing them to vote the way you the voter feels, then is writing them and telling them… then only money talks and gets itself heard and you or I don’t have enough to be heard in any other way but by voting. And letting these folks know how we feel … tells them just how far that they will be able to get away with something.

I think that they are very concerned about how people will vote because of the very nature of the game. Nevertheless, they take the big money hand over fist but they do their damnedest to look popular while they do it. Too many progressives choose not to participate in our flawed political process but at the same time they want politicians to care about what they say.

To be perfectly honest I think a ‘letter to the editor’ to all our media outlets is probably more effective or just as effective. People vote - it is like choosing to buy one item over another - we vote for one guy or the other - we turn to this TV channel or another etc. People in the ‘I hope they choose me’ business care about what people think.