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With Nation Transfixed By Kavanaugh Monstrosity, House GOP Votes to Give Rich Another $3 Trillion in Tax Cuts


With Nation Transfixed By Kavanaugh Monstrosity, House GOP Votes to Give Rich Another $3 Trillion in Tax Cuts

Jake Johnson, staff writer

With the nation's attention rightly transfixed by the Senate GOP's monstrous efforts to ram through a Supreme Court nominee who has been credibly accused by multiple women of sexual assault, House Republicans on Friday voted overwhelmingly to approve another $3 trillion in tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans just weeks before the November midterms.


One thing these R bastards are good at is managing the news cycle—which, by the way, Pwesident Twump learned early in his career as a Public Person of Importance.


A definition of insanity is to depend on taxation to fix inequality when rich conservative’s bribes to politicians determine the tax laws.


The graphic with the piece is incorrect, it is not “at the expense of the middle class”. It is at the expense of the bottom economic 90%.


Possibly the bottom 95% seeing how so many Murkins keep falling down the economic ladder.


Classic distraction. Regardless of the truth of this horrible Supreme Court situation, it is covers up more meaningful (as regards the nation) events.

Don’t forget, lost in all this is this guys horrible right-wing record which would probably vote to confirm otherwise.


Economist Richard Wolff on the Trump economy:


As we see there is flooding across the nation as the Oligarchy tries to save
corporate-fascist control of the nation –

Kavanaugh isn’t simply a threat to Reproductive Freedom for Families, he’s a threat
to the freedom and liberty of us all –


Wonderful news! The wars in Yemen and Syria have ended! China and the US aren’t moving into more and more antagonism! Russia and the Democrats are now buddies! Police no longer are getting away with killing unarmed folk, usually black men! Global warming has been turned around! The large plastic waste island in the Pacific vanished! Students aren’t so in debt they can’t ever pay it back anymore! Households with two full time incomes are no longer struggling to get by! People aren’t dying because they can’t pay for their health care!

It must be so since the only subject left to write articles about here on Common Dreams are about Kavanaugh.

Or this isn’t just a big distraction, is it?


Yes, the Republican agenda has for it’s #1 priority to slash Medicare and Social Security. No doubt about it in my mind!


Well who gonna stop them? Us Cowards? We should have been taking Direct Action by surrounding and harassing them where they live, eat out, play Golf, everywhere to make their lives as miserable as they are making ours. They do not deserve a good nights’ sleep. What’s it gonna take for Americans to wake up? Because of THEM, people are dying. Why don’t they suffer the same fate? What are we so afraid of?


No kidding… what are we gonna do about it???


Guit –

Can it help to have Trump in denial of Global Warming along with the entire GOP?

Follow Cobyn’s lead in NATIONALIZING our natural resources …

which btw Our Founders PRIVATIZED for their fellow Elites.

Will it help to have “Creationists” who deny science/Global Warming take control of our government?

Begin here –

STOP eating animals – animal domestication takes a high toll on the environment –

STOP supporting “Christianity” male-supremacist religions which underpin Elite/Patriarchy.

STOP supporting Capitalism in any way you can find to do so.

STOP voting for the “lesser evil” which is still a vote for evil which moves the nation further to the right.

As I’ve been recommending for a long time here there are many “Stop’s” and many “Start’s” –
long lists of things to STOP doing and to START doing – and I hope that others here will add
to the list in this NON-VIOLENT revolution against corporate-fascism and Elite control of government.


“Reps. Conor Lamb (Penn.), Jacky Rosen (Nev.), and Kyrsten Sinema (Ariz.)—voted for the GOP-crafted measure, which would permanently extend the individual tax cuts under the current Republican tax law.”

Sinema Was my Rep. until I moved from her district but she is running for the Senate. I Was going to vote for her, No Longer. If I see her on the campaign trail I’m sure to ask her, “how are you going to pay for it”.


These people have machinations within machinations. There is no substance at all…just smoke and mirrors.


Democrats are human beings. I don’t know what republicans are.


Who’s for burying every last one of these one of these thieves?



The people who suffer most under these tax cuts for the rich are working-class women, many with children, and people of color (the poorest). For all you identity freaks out there, these groups hardly exist in the Me Too movement – at least visibly.

And these are most-abused/raped/oppressed girls and women in this exceptional nation – though patriarchy and misogyny run across race and class lines.

Gender matters.

White supremacy matters.

Class matters. It is in the intersection of all this that we will find our collective (and therefore individual) liberation. Or not.


I am with you on this. We sit and bitch and stay home. We don’t do protests we don’t make calls or maybe a few, but they can ignore that and they do. We should be camping on their business doorsteps, and I agree that making them uncomfortable in any situation is a good idea. We are very easy to ignore if we are invisible, naturally being visible comes with risks but what is that little thing about the tree of liberty being refreshed with a little blood-- you know of real patriots.


Greenwich those are great ideas but how far right will we be before they come to pass. Don’t you think we need to step up our game some?