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With Nation's Attention Elsewhere, Trump Quietly Intensifies War on Workers


With Nation's Attention Elsewhere, Trump Quietly Intensifies War on Workers

Jake Johnson, staff writer

In a little-discussed move that could spell disaster for unions and workers in the near future and over the long-term, President Donald Trump on Tuesday night announced the nomination of William Emanuel—a lawyer for a firm that represents large corporations—to fill a vacant seat on the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB).

"The labor board put in place by Trump will be far more likely to side with employers in contentious, policy-setting cases."
—Dave Jamieson, Huffington Post


And his ignorant base that happen to be unionized workers (too many at Boeing voted for the Mango Monster) will remain clueless…laying blame on their corporate employers/slave masters for eroding all their contractual perquisites: like decent wages, retirement benefits, occupational safety, 5-day work weeks, overtime pay, etc. with the blessings of the powers-that-be at the NLRB and SCOTUS. And then be outraged when the union itself has been crippled and undermined into non-existence as labor laws are abrogated/nullified.

Yet another worthless campaign promise spoken by the pit viper in the WH. (Any substantive promises made throughout the DJT campaign were made to corporate entities behind closed doors and are being carried out right on schedule.) Also, even Vlad got it wrong when he essentially said that DJT would be good for the common man/people.


I’m just curious. What did the Obama administration do to help union workers keep their jobs?


The biggest problem, as readers of WSWS.com know full well, is that unions themselves have been busily selling out their members to corporations and corporate Dems, for quite a few years now.

The result is union leadership that is now powerless to take on the corporations, and can only nod their assent to corporate candidates like Hillary.

It’s going to take a long, long, bitter fight to get back to the days of strong unions and satisfied workers. I have serious doubts that it will be possible at all.


Here a link to the considerable accomplishments made by Obama and his administration benefiting LABOR during his two terms in office, with his efforts during his second term the most productive:

“As His Term Wanes, Obama Champions Workers’ Rights”

Bear in mind that he was constantly facing an uphill slog with the obstinate, obstreperous, pugnacious Republican-controlled House and Senate whose historic stand against raising the national minimum wage and union-busting campaign over the years were deeply entrenched/set in stone. Raygun set the stage for undermining unions and labor, which persists to this day. In addition, corporate leaders were doing their best to undermine the workers in order to bolster their bottom lines and we know how they loathe unions.


What will it take for the Trump Chumps to wise up?


Loss of Medicaid, livable wages, public education; access to their favorite hunting grounds; unable to afford any kind of health insurance; loss of public transportation; dramatic increase in fracking activities or existence of oil pipelines on or near the property/neighborhood; skyrocketing cost of food as a result of disastrous trade policies (high tariffs, treaty abolishment, unilateral trade proposals, etc.); having to buy bottled water and/or not being able to bathe or wash their clothes because their water sources have been poisoned by industrial or agricultural pollution or privatized and priced out of sight…anything that disrupts their daily routines or causes them individual harm or discomfort. But their ignorance will probably cause them to blame something or someone (Obama more than likely) else…never would they blame their exalted leader.


Seeing how Trump Chumps soak up whatever Trump and Conway tell them, which will be that its all Obama’s, Clinton’s and the media’s fault, the Chumps will never abandon Trump.

Lets just hope that Trump’s “infrastructure plan” (LOL) includes lots of bridge work, considering how many of the Chumps and their families will end up residing under bridges.

Note that Saint Ron is more popular among Republicans AND Democrats today than he was when he was sleeping through his 8 year POTUS stint.

Propaganda works. Goebbels would be proud.


What BS ! The democrats had 60 votes in the senate and control of the house----and the labor "leaders"were asking for one rule by congress ----so employee’s could vote for a union in private—and this never saw the light of day in a democrat congress. They could easily of passed a minimum wage and set it to go into effect a few years out ----But they didn’t.
These Unions have stood by the democrats for decades and they get the finger in return.


What was Obama’s response to Flint???


The unions wanted card check, but a few conservative Democrats in the Senate, specifically Ben Nelson and former Republican Arlen Spector, were against it. By far the majority of the Senate caucus was for it. Since it takes 60 to break a filibuster, however, the legislation was going nowhere. At that point, both houses were deep in healthcare and cap-and-trade so it was pushed back on the legislative schedule.

Just want to clarify the issue. Not every Democrat is a sellout and there is only so much room in the legislative schedule. I say this as someone who recently organized for a union and am for this 100%.


So true Seatower. Too few workers realize most of the benefits they enjoy today are brought to them by past union struggles.


Don’t forget, right wing spin propaganda would have workers believe that unions are to blame for corporate downsizing and outsourcing, Never mind the pressure from stock holders for increasing dividends and stock prices- that part you are dutifully expected to ignore. Unions get played as the scapegoat. We need to lay the blame where the blame is due and don’t let up!


Quite extensive, in fact:

One example: On January 16, 2016, President Obama issued an emergency declaration for the State of Michigan and ordered Federal aid to supplement state and local response efforts due to the emergency conditions in Flint, Michigan, affected by contaminated water. The President’s action authorized the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to provide water, water filters, water filter cartridges, water test kits, and other necessary related items; assistance with those commodities has been extended through August 14, 2016.

Read more: FACT SHEET: Federal Support for the Flint Water Crisis Response and Recovery


In addition, he brokered a $100 million grant: $100 million to address the lead in the drinking water crisis in Flint, Michigan, despite a report that seeks to give Trump credit for the funding.


$100 million to the state of Michigan to fund drinking water infrastructure upgrades in Flint. The EPA said in its announcement that the funding was provided by the Water Infrastructure Improvements for the Nation Act of 2016, a measure passed by Congress and signed into law by Obama in December.


Jefferson Smith to the rescue!

Thank you for your sagacious commentary…again, substantive, informative, and well-written.


“…residing under bridges” …still laughing! Thanks, I needed that. Overall excellent comment, too.