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With Nation's Attention on Democratic Debate, McConnell Advances Over a Dozen Lifetime Trump Judges

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/07/31/nations-attention-democratic-debate-mcconnell-advances-over-dozen-lifetime-trump


I guess you could call that, "A lifetime of pain and misery."

I know Mitch’s remaining years are going to be much shorter, however, we must devise an appropriate way, to return the favor.


Maybe we need to grow a collective spine and flood the streets as is being done in Puerto Rico.


Schumer called a massive filibuster of all business to shut this down? Oh wait…


Moscow Mitch doing the bidding of the Kremlin (Putin-Stalin-style) as we move toward totalitarianism

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The US fascists have been quite busy advancing their fascist agenda beginning with seating Kavanaugh in the SC now followed by the appointment of 19 right-wing judges nationwide. Seizing the judiciary is a classic move fascists make to cement their power (history has a few examples of that). The US Constitution - already a farce since the implementation of the Patriot Act and the NDAA - will soon become a worthless piece of paper. Brace yourself because this fascist shit is not gonna go away by itself…


“Moscow Mitch” is Putin’s Bitch. This heinous, corrupt, deeply right-wing ass clown is doing what he loves best these days, stuffing the courts with hardcore, lifetime appointments who will reverse decisions and destroy the legal system that has been created despite the efforts of scum like Kavanaugh, Scalia and Thomas and their cohorts on other federal benches. If I was Putin I couldn’t hope to find better shills to cause the further and faster deterioration of the U.S. and to assure the rise of Russia.
In the end, it didn’t take an overt war with the U.S. Nothing dramatic like with nukes. All it took was the collaboration of the near-treasonous Republican Party and their own political “philosophy” to accomplish the damage to our republic and our democracy.
Remember how USAns, especially Rethugs, used to look down their noses at the dysfunctional mess of Russia after the collapse of the Soviet government? Well, the proverbial shoe is on the other foot now as we witness our own version of that dysfunction and greed with an increasingly broken system. Ironic, isn’t it, that the very same right-wingers that sneered at Russia and the “shithole” countries could, if they were honest, see the same thing happen to us because of THEIR bankrupt ideology.
At this rate by 2024 we could be in full-out corporate fascism. “E Pluribus Unum” could changed to “All Hail Our Corporate Overlords”.


Also, remember when many prominent Rethugs (during Obama) were praising Putin as a “real leader”.

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Putin and his cabal are laughing their asses off. Speaking of asses, since Moscow Mitch plays this game all the time, you’d think the Democrats would be on to it by now. A third-stringer could be assigned to watch for flanking moves, but that may be too much to ask.


If we could get over a 3/4 progressive majority in house and senate and in the presidency, we can make amendments limiting Supreme Court justices to judges to 6 year terms, and we could also pass very specific clear constitutional amendments crippling their ability to rule from the bench. Additionally we could have more than one supreme court - after all the number of cases going to that court are far more than imagined when the Founding fathers were around. Each district could have its own caseload and their rulings would be binding in all districts, this would allow a massive number of new appointments. It would also mean that far far more cases could be heard and justice would be better served for many thousands of legitimate appeals which never even get to be heard each year. It would also mean that this current kangaroo court could be split up and each justice would have a whole new body to serve with, and most would face mandatory retirement. Also any law passed that overrules the supreme courts decision, (particularly a law or amendment as applicable per the circumstance), that was specifically designed to reverse a wrongful Supreme court bench-legislation, such as Citizens United, would effectively eliminate the courts fascist ruling. In that case it would have to be an amendment or even a few hundred thousand of them.

Example: Henceforth, any and all rights granted to persons, natural or otherwise, in this constitution, do not in any way apply to Corporations, organizations or any other entity except for a Biological Human Being. All previous legislation and precedent to the contrary is hereby permanently reversed.


Why in the name of all the gods known and unknown are these LIFETIME positions? They should be term-limited. As for that quartet of ophidians pictured, the one on the far right truly scares me. And I don’t scare easily.


This scurrilous sonofabitch cares only about destroying the things which benefit the working and poor classes and further enriching the already super-rich. And stacking the courts is one fine way to ensure favoritism to the well-healed will continue


While these RepubliCon McConnell scum are the actual perpetrators, we need to look at who, by their hubris, stupidity, corruption and betrayal, enabled this atrocity; the DINO Clinton’s, Obama, Pelosi, Schumer, wing, and all the others who had the ability to build a strong base but instead betrayed that base and the entire nation - perhaps the entire planet!!

You may disagree, but for decades neither DINO administration or the DNC, DCCC, DNC, built ANY base! They did not fight for anything when out of power! They focused on campaign-contribution bribes as they often colluded with the R’Cons and their banker,wall street, corporate, trade deal, war-machine co-conspirators and helped build this RepublicCon/trump regime nightmare world of shite, and this nation may likely never recover from the crimes and corruption committed!

The truth is the same DINO mechanisms and many of the same sold-out players are STILL doing the very same delusional failures and intentional betrayals that led to this pile of rot, still claiming in their pathology and corruption that “we must do more of the same to ‘win’”!


The GOP wants everyone to believe Judicial appointments are “for life.” The truth though is that anyone who swears an oath can be impeached.
And Kavanaugh’s multiple lies to Congress make him ripe for removal. All that’s needed is a Democratic majority in the House. And a super majority in the Senate. Or enough of a majority in the house to convince a handful of Republicans to cross the isle.


Courting disaster

With Nation’s Attention on Democratic Debate,

The fed cuts interest rates by a quarter point - and it is still not enough for whatever is in power:

US interest rate cut fails to impress Trump

From the article:

“At present, the US economy is creating plenty of jobs. Unemployment hit a 49-year low in May and was at 3.7% last month.”

“But many of those jobs are in the service sector and are low-paying with low hours, economists say.”


Thus the middle class, despised by both the upper and lower classes, reels.

But the problem is the class structure itself - and who is addressing that - and how can we possibly gain ground on this most toxic of all issues.

We have lost control of the environmental catastrophe unfolding - because long long ago we lost control of the political process.


Honor used to be a thing.


“Why in the name of all the gods known and unknown are these LIFETIME positions?”

Originally, the same reason we don’t elect them, so the positions wouldn’t become politicalized, that didn’t work out to well. I agree something needs to be done.


Good first offering, DragonHawk.

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It needs to be changed and made retroactive. SOmehow

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