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With Nation's Eyes on Michael Flynn, McConnell Anounces 'We Have the Votes' to Pass #GOPTaxScam


With Nation's Eyes on Michael Flynn, McConnell Anounces 'We Have the Votes' to Pass #GOPTaxScam

Jon Queally, staff writer

Warnings that bombshell developments surroundingTrump's former national security advisor will provide smokescreen for Republican giveaway to corporations and wealthy donors


Neither branch of the corporate party can or will stop the tax give away to corporations and their shareholders.


Tax reform? Okay, lets eliminate taxes all together, cap wealth by yearly referendum and distribute all excess wealth equally, electronically, among all citizens. Do not give tax revenues to politicians to waste.

Direct Democracy


I don’t know when or how turtleman will get his comeuppance but what I would give to be there when the whip comes down is off the charts. McConnell is a most vile elitist, a hate filled racist psychopath who has sucked off the public teat most of his life. He and his clothes horse wife are right up there with the Mnuchins for the most despicable insider couple in DC.


What makes you think most members of either branch of the duopoly even wants to stop the tax giveaway to their Fat-Cat “campaign contributors” (aka owners)??  There may be a few mavericks and independents who will stand up for ‘Us the People’, but it’s hard to run a campaign for your local school board – or even for dog­catcher – without first selling your soul in exchange for “donations” (aka bribes).


That is the point


It’s not a give away. Modern writers seem too wimpy to call thievery what it is.

The borrowing from taxpayers to disburse among the elite is theft.


Time for local and state governments to pick up the ball and raise taxes on the wealthy and initiate programs to replace those cut by the federal government. New York would be a great place to start with people like Trump, Bloomberg and all the pigs on Wall Street. If the federal government fails us, we must fight at the state and local level where we might have more impact. Face it - Washington doesn’t give a damn about main street America and begging them doesn’t do much good. They are bought out by lobbyists and the elite. Can local/city income taxes be brought about to deal with some of these issues?


I am surprised why the democrats aren’t using the same dirty tactics of filibustering, shutting down the government and multitude of other tactics to at least delay this trumptaxscam from moving forward today.


I am in favor of a 10% flat tax, no IRS no audits no nothing but the rich will never agree to it, will they?


Seems almost official, a final vote in the Senate and Trump will sign into law the newest coup; the tax coup, the biggest transfer of wealth to the top since the financial coup of '07-'08. That’s when the financial industry used your money,(taxes to bail them out) to fatten the Wall Street and big bankers with real value extracted from average Americans. Since that well has dried up the vampires now will have a direct IV to suck blood,(money) directly from our Medicare and Social Security along with the few remaining social platforms the make life worth living. The neo-liberal economics is being used to reduce life to just numbers and the poorer you are the less your numbers mean to the vampires, you’re there to be feasted on and disposed of, no worth, monetarily wise, in their view. And there’s no way to fight them anymore, they are too powerful.


I call it a coup, same difference by any other name also.


Using taxpayer money for vouchers to fund church-affiliated schools is not only theft, but unconstitutional — and DeVos and her funny-dementalist theocrats get away with more and more of it every day.

Many very wealthy RePooplicans, most of whom got / get that way by gaming the system, would LOVE a flat tax, and would agree to it in a heartbeat.  They’ve been pushing for it for years 'cause It lets them off the hook for paying in proportion to all the hidden benefits they derive from the rigged economy.  I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again,

Return to Eisenhower-Era PRO$PERITY  —  Return to Eisenhower-Era TAX RATE$!!!


Oligarchy, defending inequality R Us.

Direct Democracy


I doubt the rich will agree to a flat tax because then they will then be losing those deductions just a flat 10% on earning and profits. We know that some of the wealthiest corporations have not only paid a dime in taxes that have received hefty sums in the form of tax credits.


If this tax bill succeeds in passing, I will to a large extent place the blame on all those who’ve so successfully fixed the public’s attention on Trump and the alleged “Russian attack on our democracy”.

The Dem. establishment along with the media and "opinion leaders’ clearly decided some time ago that weakening or destroying Trump (without regard for what happens after that) is the only thing that matters, and that the end justifies any means.

The means of choice? Constantly pound allegations suggesting “we’re at war with Russia” (thanks Morgan Freeman), which “gave the election to Trump” and is “destroying our [perfect] democracy”.

This single narrative, however dishonestly spun, of course has benefits for most of the neoliberal-to-neocon establishment. The Military/Intelligence/Industrial Complex (MIIC?- even more easily will sell an expansion the already bloated National Defense budget which already consumes the lion’s share of discretionary spending. The Democratic Party leadership has its scapegoat / distraction for its 2016 shenanigans and resulting debacle. The mainstream media can keep everyone’s eyes off the their own culpability for 2016 and also keep them from having to mention the likely killing of 'Net Neutrality which will benefit many of their owners while also eliminating any competition from actual journalists among independent media.

Add to this, the GOP establishment which certainly wouldn’t mind a quieter, more compliant and less alienating presence in the White House as it looks to 2018 and 2020. While well-meaning “establishment liberals” can almost taste the end of Trump, few of them seeming to care about the aftermath. Thus Robert Reich can routinely hammer the “Russian bots” meme, even supplying links that contradict his spin,

Whether this tax bill, along with the open attacks on EPA and general undermining of the entire federal regulatory framework, killing of the foundational principle of internet neutrality and open access to information, or any other matter: to varying degrees each has been enabled by the questionable strategy of focusing public attention on Putin (and Trump).


Ben Wikler of Moveon.org thinks it’s bizarre that cable news is going CRAZY over the
Trash Trump supposed collusion??? (I really don’t care, how about Israel’s influence in our
elections??? or US interference in other countries’ elections)
rather than focus how the little American peasants are going to be strangled to death???
these infotainers DON’T CARE about the little people, at all!
avoid cable news as much as possible, but I have heard or seen nothing!!
#1) I am sure all these affluent infotainers will do fairly well if not great with this robbery
#2) the infotainer hacks feel that their girlfriend, their idol, their role model
Hillary (a/k/a Slickery) will be vindicated!!!
Rachel Mildew of MSDNC probably will be doing handstands! and will count how much
richer she will be with the new tax plan over the weekend…
Get out the Don Perigon, Mildew, Pooper, Chris Hades, Blitzer,


Spot on Garrett–I have sharpened my pitchfork and am ready.


It is going to be hard to vote against Susan Collins, who I admire and respect deeply. Party loyalty is seductive.


Anyone else following the polls?

Congressional Job Approval Economist/YouGov Approve 10, Disapprove 70 Disapprove +60
Congressional Job Approval Reuters/Ipsos Approve 19, Disapprove 69 Disapprove +50


I can’t believe the press is not reporting on this downward slide of the Republican majority controlled congress. These are outrageously low approval ratings, yet the Republicans keep committing political suicide with such legislation as the tax cuts for the rich and super rich. A majority of Americans in the polls disapprove of this congress.

Then someone like Mitch McConnell freely admits that the tax cuts for the rich and super rich were not all about stimulating the economy (supply side trickle down stupid economics) but simply a reward for rich and super rich Republican donors so they will keep donating to the GOP.

Then you have the majority of the public thinking this Trump government is headed in the wrong direction.

Direction of Country Economist/YouGov Right Direction 31, Wrong Track 56 Wrong Track +25
Direction of Country Reuters/Ipsos Right Direction 28, Wrong Track 58 Wrong Track +30

Hopefully this will result in Republicans losing the control of congress in the 2018 elections and Trump being voted out of office in 2020. But that will not automatically happen. WE the people must show up at the ballot boxes in huge numbers to actually vote them out of control of our government.