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With Nationwide Protests Against Police Brutality, Activists Declare: "Black Spring" has Begun


With Nationwide Protests Against Police Brutality, Activists Declare: "Black Spring" has Begun

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Fueled by the announcement on Friday that six police officers would be charged for their role in the tragic death of 25-year-old Freddie Gray, activists are holding a national day of protest on Saturday to amplify the growing call for racial justice and end to police brutality against people of color.


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Seeing the artistic presence of Billie Holiday reminded me of the work of Sidney Poitier over a lifelong career. In the 1990s a number of historical dramatizations were produced covering the struggle for desegregation. This narrative, the presence of the past, is, I would submit, well worth reminding ourselves of.
“Separate but Equal”, made in 1991, about the work of the NAACP, communities and Thurgood Marshall preparing for Brown v Board of Education weaves the story of a fabric of humanity that we see so sorely missing in the media narratives and is being increasingly and eloquently addressed for the one-dimensional currency that it is. Noting can replace lives lived and we struggle with an increasingly siloed spin that would benefit from art forms, poetry, the tendering of hearts in recognition of the broad range of work we have to do and really opens eyes to the beauty of getting to it.
As has been noted - injustice harms all and the diversity of ways it impacts is also a diversity of ways for different people to engage according their heart and strengths.



Oh this will coincide with Climate Change Spring and Overpopulation Spring. Busy month.


If people look at the pictures of the 6 police officers charged they will see that 3 are white and 3 are black. Therefore it should be “All Lives Matter” not just “Black Lives Matter”.

Baltimore is an example of police brutality all over the nation and all minorities and poor people suffer more under the militarized police tyranny than the rich elites. The rich go to rehab when they commit a crime, the poor go to jail.


Too bad the US President and the US Senate’s bipartisan hacks insisted upon putting the Wall Street partisan hack, Lorretta Lynch, into the DoJ seat instead of a courageous attorney general like Marilyn Mosby.

How white of them all!


The squeaking wheel gets the grease. So get out in the streets and squeak like hell.