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With Nationwide Tour Targeting Untapped Youth Power, Sunrise Movement Aims to 'Make Green New Deal an Inevitability'


With Nationwide Tour Targeting Untapped Youth Power, Sunrise Movement Aims to 'Make Green New Deal an Inevitability'

Julia Conley, staff writer

The millennial-led Sunrise Movement has succeeded in convincing 45 House Democrats and several senators to support the Green New Deal, and now the grassroots group is planning to focus on young voters across the country to gather as much support as possible for the bold climate action and jobs proposal.


This is organizing! You create a clear agenda, build local chapters, educate folks in non-violent tactics and the details of the issue – all while developing new leadership that the Dims may not be able to control/co-opt.

One major piece is missing though: resources.

Is there going to be any kind of member/activist buy-in with some sort of dues structure and additional grass-roots funding? If the movement depends on the “beneficence” of foundations and rich lib/prog funders, they will be dancing to their tune before long and just become another PR Tweet “resistance” org.

At the bottom, a green society is inherently anti-capitalist and we have to find non-capitalist means to resource real “revolution.”



Sunrise of the Greening of America?


Whatever we do, let’s not make a green OLD deal.

We, the humans, are a technological society. We invent. We engineer things. We progress.

We can have buildings retrofitted so that they 90%self-heat themselves. I have a design now. We could have been doing this last year. Or we can have minor improvements and be suckers.

We can have 95% renewable electricity, and that includes the nighttime generation that the natural gas industry salivates over, with 5% backup based on renewable fuels, which store for a long time.

We don’t want freeway culture. We can have a new transit system, probably over-street for the most part, probably a modular system that moves passenger and freight pods around, for a lifetime 90% less energy per passenger-mile. What’s wrong with that? It doesn’t pay off the right people?


After revisiting the Green New Deal agenda, It would be great if CD took each of these positions, by numerical order, and posted them as a thread for individual comments. Perhaps it would make for a forum that other sites could follow and proponents of the GND would have input to put towards these programs and policies. A critique process wouldn’t hurt either.
Thanks for the reminder FF.


I don’t think we have until 2050. I think it’s already too late, but I suppose we have to try.


I think you answered your own question.


Earth’s Biosphere Under Siege

Reflections On 2018, Forecasting 2019


Covert geoengineering needs to end too. #8 in article – check out links


Instead of trying to find jobs for people, why not let them choose what kind of job they want to do by providing for their basic needs with a Universal Unconditional Basic Income? A 70% plus tax hike on the Super-rich should pay for it.


We saw how it gets done. You have to own the White house, the Senate, and the House of Representatives. You know, how the 1.5 trillion dollar tax cut came to us.


This new energy in the youth movement can potentially snowball into a real game changer.


Except when the d-party held those majorities, all they could muster was Romneycare.


Obama reformed heath care in a positive way.
There haven’ been many others.


Obama care sucks-- Premiums are really high w high deductibles. Does not cover holistic doctors.


Everybody In. Nobody Out.

We are fighting for a national single-payer healthcare system because access to healthcare is basic to human dignity


Don’t forget the Democrats’ version of the Green New Deal excludes the military. As far as I can tell, it’s still worth supporting, it will just need to be expanded. I’m hoping it’s not like Obamacare, which entrenched corporate interests at the expense of a real single payer system.


The IPCC report said 12 years give or take. So yes we have to try.


Obama enshrined health insurance company profits and left the best options off the table. He and Nancy Pelosi were such strong leaders that 34 House Ds voted against ObamaCare – it barely passed.

Ten years later, the insurance provided is too expensive to use, single-payer is still a pipe dream, and many millions remain uninsured.

[insert slow clap here]


Can you blame them? These young people do not want a future where the world looks like this.


I like expanding the subject into many threads. I also noted the different areas that were being given attention, besides youth. Places like coal mining areas which are strongholds of the energy industry, also have a stake in the earth’s future. I would hope that more of the different regions addressed with their different needs.
Particularly I am interested in the coastal regions, having grown up five minutes from Ft. Lauderdale’s beach. Florida’s area is suffering dreadfully, and from Virginia to Texas the coastal areas are flooding more. Florida’s current governmental policy has been head-in-the-sand, while the Miami papers now report which streets will flood on which days. Florida has a lot to lose with oceans rising–the whole state is at risk.
Everywhere is losing beaches because, guess what, beaches are at sea level. You would think it would be easy to get coastal hotel chains and tourist towns on board to fight global warming.


It was about getting everyone covered, more than cost. Success.
I have 99.9% free coverage from the VA and don’t have a dog in this fight, but I’m still paying for BC/BS to cover my wife’s pharma drugs. We have been able to keep our plan and to keep our doctors.
We don’t know for sure if Obama had gone for the whole enchilada, that he might have lost a vote or two, meaning the ACA was the best they were going to get. imo.