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With New Abortion Bill, Arizona Writes Medical Malpractice into Law


With New Abortion Bill, Arizona Writes Medical Malpractice into Law

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Arizona's governor signed an extreme abortion restriction bill on Monday, which women's health advocates say effectively writes medical malpractice into law.


Stupid is as Stupid does…What the hell ever happened to Reasoned Intelligence
Please Read a Wide Variety of Books for All Our Sakes…Study Perhaps ???

I’ve never seen another time when so many, were so proud, of Stupid.
Thanks GW, your enduring legacy is still firmly rooted.


Guess in Arizona it’s acceptable by many that women be treated with less respect than their pets. When it comes to medical care, abortions are medical procedures that should be overseen by licensed medical practitioners and those practitioners have a professional responsibility to be absolutely truthful with their patients. To disseminate patently false information to women seeking abortions in the state of Arizona (and who knows how many more backward states will sign such legislation into law) shows a total lack of respect for women while denying them a right to make decisions about their lives. Deciding to have an abortion is very difficult and should be considered sacrosanct. It is reprehensible that some sanctimonious chest-thumping, fist-pumping elected officials bursting at the seams with hubris feel they have the right to invade the private lives of women and their families.

I lived in AZ from 1961 to 1976 and I am not surprised that not much has changed since then…anti-immigrant, sheriff depts. operate like vigilantes and paid mercenaries, anti-women/choice, guns everywhere, etc. Even Barry Goldwater would shout his disapproval of this bill and admonish the governor and state legislature for its creation/passage…he was pro-choice and not a fan of evangelical sanctimony interfering with civil rights and constitutional law.


What nobody seems to understand is that, in a fascist state such as the one we now live in, woman’s only value is that of being a brood mare, a housewife, and/or a wage worker (making somewhat less than a male doing the same job).

  • Having control over her own body is as outrageous as having a cow or a pig refusing to reproduce, or a horse refusing to pull a plow.
  • Frankly, I think the solution for this is for We the People to insist on having the Constitution of the United States, including the Bill of Rights, returned to the Halls of Government in full force.
  • This will, of course, require the removal of the Corporate stooges that infest all three branches of the government, and replacement with citizens who are sworn to uphold the Constitution and Bill of Rights, not figure out cheap lawyer tricks to circumvent it.
  • Virtually everything that has happened this century, from the “Supreme” Court’s appointing a President and stopping the recount, to waging wars for profit throughout the Middle East and much of the rest of the world.
  • The Military-Industrial-Congressional-Complex that makes billions by promoting and supplying war should be dismantled, as should Homeland Security, the NSA and the rest of that similar spawn of snoops. The Wehrmacht should be cut back to a genuine defense force, the foreign bases closed, and that godawful budget reduced to a reasonable level.
  • With a Constitutional Government in place, we should be able to end the wars, care for the people, promote the common good and build a decent, respected nation, with equal rights for all, and therefore there should be no question of a woman’s right to her own body and to determine what she wants done, or not done to it.
  • I’ve only scratched the surface of what must be done to get our nation back, but this would be a good start.


These laws are popping up across the nation and it’s part of the same wave of religious fundamentalism that has taken over the Republican Party. This trend is extremely dangerous – the equivalent of allowing the Taliban to make health care decisions for all of Afghanistan. The Indiana anti-gay law is another typical product of this trend, and the poison continues to spread. You can’t turn on your TV now without seeing some goofy rendition of Jesus doing miracles or some other such nonsense. This is the 21st Century, not the 15th, but you wouldn’t know it by the way our society is collapsing into religion and other forms of superstition. If this dumbing down continues, American can’t compete with other nations or survive for long as a civilized country. Think about that the next time you drop a dollar into the collection plate – you’re probably helping to fund some hateful new law somewhere. .


As a retired general pediatrician, I can absolutely state that making legal early termination of
pregnancy illegal will most certainly take us right back to the days of criminal abortions and
the frequent loss of both lives that I became familiar with when I started medical school in
1958. This is going backwards for no valid reason. It’s anti-constitution for religion to take
precedence over laws, and the world laughs at this pathetic spectacle.


Would the AMA have standing to challenge this in the State of Arizona court system on behalf of their practicioners?