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With New Abortion Pill Label, FDA Puts an End to Prohibitive Anti-Choice Tactic



I'd like to abort the fundamentalist faction for starters.


The quest of the Dominionists to suppress the rights of women and turn them into chattel to be bred like cows takes another blow. Male Christian fundamentalists and their enabler wives will have to find another path to roll back the rights of women who desire to be the masters of their own fate and captains of their own soul. The fundy fanatics will keep working at it, however and science will keep finding ways to thwart their drive to return us to the 13th century.


It's fine with me if these idiots want to live their lives according to antiquated social mores, but GD it, when they try to impose their morals and beliefs on everyone else, we have a serious problem

These people (and I mean all religionists) need to just mind their own business and leave others alone. I am so sick of it.