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With New Ban on Cultivation, Northern Ireland Joins EU's Anti-GMO Ranks


With New Ban on Cultivation, Northern Ireland Joins EU's Anti-GMO Ranks

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Yet another European nation has banned genetically modified (GM or GMO) crops, with Northern Ireland's Minister for the Environment Mark Durkan declaring Monday: "I remain unconvinced of the advantages of GM crops and I consider it prudent to prohibit their cultivation here for the foreseeable future."

"We are perceived internationally to have a clean and green image," Durkan told the BBC. "I am concerned that the growing of GM crops, which I acknowledge is controversial, could potentially damage that image."


GMO crops generally and especially the corporations that push them (along with the politicians, elected and appointed officials that serve those corporations) are a threat to the environment and sustainable agriculture. The motive for pushing GMO's is profits, not the people, our common environment or sustainable agricultural methods, only profits driven by a culture of irresponsible greed and self-interest. Ag methods of times past enhanced and enlarged agriculture and varieties and sustainable, non-poisonous aspects; that methodology is no more in industrial corporate Big-Ag, they are in it for the bottom-line and ANYTHING, regardless how destructive, poisonous, dependent on chemical, non-organic methods or the ability for agriculture to be practised by average people without the the forced reliance on corporate mechanisms of profits above all else is now the norm and being forced upon america and the world; very often on poor nations/societies.





While living in the southern areas of the country for a while, we, my family and I, had little choice but to purchase and consume a large variety of GMO food. Not only was the produce GM but so were the meats. We found, in our experience, that these types of foods are calorie dense and nutritionally light, so a person eats more to be satisfied and puts on weight in the process. After a few months of eating the stuff we quit meat altogether and ate fish once in a while. But still a large red tomato diced and put onto a salad was flavorless fare. When we moved back to our home state, we were able to purchase farm to table produce and eat less for more nutrition.


Are you aware that all domesticated plant and animal species have been genetically modified? If you don't want to eat genetically modified plants and animals, you will have to hunt wild game and pick wild fruits, nuts and berries.

The domestic dog is a genetically-modified wolf. Do you really think fido is a threat to the environment and sustainable agriculture.

Are you aware that invasive wild-type species (species that have not been genetically modified) can be a threat to the environment and sustainable agriculture? You might want to do some reading about the zebra mussel and the introduction of the rabbit into Australia.


Look up genetically modified. Unrelated genes are forced into the seeds. You are talking about hybrids.
Look up words before you use them.


Hybridized, selective breeding, not Genetically Modified (which is done by inserting genes from another organism). Get a clue please,the methods are different.