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With New Covid-19 Strain 70% More Transmissible, Nations Rush to Contain Spread From UK

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/12/21/new-covid-19-strain-70-more-transmissible-nations-rush-contain-spread-uk


“Scientists should watch and worry, yes, but the rest of us need not panic,” tweeted New York Times reported Apoorva Mandavilli, who interviewed several experts about the new strain over the weekend.

We’re already panicking - gimme a break.

That’s like hearing a random address such as: this is your captain speaking. There is no need to panic.


There’s nothing normal about this covid 19.

Shutting everything down and paying every citizen 1200 to 2k per month for 2 months would have been the cheapest option - even now it would probably be the cheapest option with the best outcome for our society.

But… the psychopaths are in charge.

Also, this vaccine needs 2 doses over 1 month period to be effective. What are the odds that somebody gets infected in between doses and the vaccine mutates based on the first dose?


Along with clear consistent messaging from rational leadership, strong contact-tracing, strict quarantine of infected persons and outbreak areas, free distribution of personal protective equipment, and widespread buy-in for masking up and social distancing… basic intelligent public health measures… we could have knocked this thing way down, very early.

That horse is so long out of the barn now, and “leadership” is so horrible, and society is so divided and mass-delusional…


You gave me my laugh for the day.
What are the two things you never want to hear from your pilot or your doctor?
“Don’t panic” and “whoops”


Yes, absolutely… I am assuming a rational sane response from the adults in the room.



Gaia Discovers “Cure” For Stupid


Andrew Cuomo is right about this one too.


At this point, “money”, doesn’t even matter. Don’t pay the rent, and go for bankrupt at first opportunity.


Don’t panic…Yeah, right. Our culture is now so hyper-individualistic and estranged from everything that we will never do the logical thing, even if it would save our life and reduce the pressure on our dying health care system.
Ayn Rand, Ronnie Raygun, John M Buchanan, Fred Trump et al are all laughing their nuts off in hell. Their disinterested self-interest(basically, I’ve got mine and fuck everyone else) is now global, and a tiny virus is about to give the death blow to THAT way of living. “Only the individual and family. There is no such thing as a society!” Betsy Devos, Ayn Rand. Ronnie Raygun.All Tea Party members.
I already have DNR tattooed in red on both wrists. I keep to myself. If I catch Covid, I won’t seek medical care. If I’m for it, so be it. All I ask is for the remains to be wrapped in blankets and placed into Mother Earth.


All Americans have to understand that these VIRUSES are based in Global Warming –

We need to end the Pollution – ELECTRIC CARS NOW …

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Laugh of the day! I needed that.

Yes, that’s the Cultural Story playing out its narrative .

But none of it is true ,its all fallacies and myths.Survival of the so called fittest is just part of that story as…

“The fit are not fit until the all are fit.”

Time to write a New Story ,begin with New guiding principles .
We Are All One
There’s Enough of Everything to go around.


James M. Buchanan. This vile sub-animal dedicated his life to designing prototypical constitutions for dystopian societies where wealth determines worth, where might makes right, where the public is private and privacy itself is commodified, where “truth“ is driven by the greed of a handful of degenerate, morally bankrupt billionaires.



The West is in an advanced state of collapse…



“…where “truth” is driven by the greed of a handful of degenerate, morally bankrupt white billionaires.”

J. M. Buchanan was a racist of the first order.


He’s right about the UK variant landing in New York. The problem is air travel, so places like NYC, LA and SF will remain especially vulnerable for the foreseeable future. It’s also true that countries imposing restrictions on travel to & fro UK are slamming the barn doors after the horses have run off. The new variant is already here – probably rampant – I can practically guarantee it.

Here’s what it looks like on OWID’s international caseload trajectory chart:


USA in first place, with UK rising even more quickly, in second place. Careful commentators note that the claim of 70% more infectious for the new UK variant is not peer-reviewed (so it’s not actually scientific). A couple of mutations have traded off ownership of the pandemic so far. It’s a consistent pattern by now: a more infectious (but not more virulent) mutation takes over entirely from its predecessor, such that the previous strains gradually vanish.

In USA we have the indubitable (imho) introduction of a somewhat more infectious variant overlapping with popular holiday death-cult festivities. We’re well prepared to close out 2020 with a real bang.

A brief history of USA COVID-19 cases (latest CDC numbers):

> WEEK    9 WEEKS              CASES
>         ENDING          NEW       TOTAL
>   9.  02/09/2020          11          11
>  18.  04/12/2020     554,838     554,849
>  27.  06/14/2020   1,530,920   2,085,769
>  36.  08/16/2020   3,296,356   5,382,125
>  45.  10/18/2020   2,746,399   8,128,524
>  54.  12/20/2020   9,661,852  17,790,376

Even a broken clock is right 2x a day. Makes up for putting COVID patients into nursing homes, refusing to close down NYC when deBlasio called for it, and others…
(add the https and such… and the “o” in com) theguardian.c-m/commentisfree/2020/may/20/andrew-cuomo-new-york-coronavirus-catastrophe

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for Stupid and for Hyper-Capitalism


"Time to write a New Story "

This indeed has the potential for that eventual outcome. May we all realize it quickly!

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