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With New Date Set for UK Visit, Brits Vow Epic Street Protests to Counter 'Exceptional Danger' of Trump


With New Date Set for UK Visit, Brits Vow Epic Street Protests to Counter 'Exceptional Danger' of Trump

Julia Conley, staff writer

Tens of thousands of people in the United Kingdom have committed to protest during President Donald Trump's planned visit to London on July 13, with organizers saying a potential post-Brexit U.S.-U.K. trade deal as well as the president's overall agenda and misogynist, racist rhetoric will drive demonstrators into the streets.


No red carpet for the oranged ogre


The Prime Minister has a country home. Let the President helicopter to that residence and meet there.He can then helicopter back to Air Force One and skiddadle back home. No need for him to see demonstrators and no need for them to see him!


Nice gesture but it won’t change a fucking thing.


Let’s admit to it, we have somehow elected an un presidential president. Trump is blatantly sexist and racist. My rough estimate is if you added up all of the non white Americans and women in this country, you would have the large MAJORITY of all Americans and Trump has alienated most of them. It is just too bad we are not doing what the Brits are doing with protests in the streets.

He cannot handle relations with the public in the U.K. (and other countries) and he cannot handle relations here. He has established a government of the rich, by the rich and for the rich and a government of the corporations, by the corporations and for the corporations. We have got to somehow pull all Americans together to vote the Republicans out of the majority in both houses of congress and vote Trump out of the White House. That won’t happen with some move on the part of Democrats toward more progressive views. They tried to elect Hillary in 2016, a veteran insider Democrat. And now we may be headed for Joe Biden running for president in 2020, another veteran insider Democrat. Somehow we have got to wake up and not repeat the 2016 election with the lowest voter turnout in 70 years.


We hopefully can do that this November. It requires people being registered to vote and showing up to vote. Each of us only has one vote but we can work to get people registered if they are not. We also need to vote Republicans out of the majority in state legislatures, particularly in states where they have gerrymandered districts in their own favor. And we need to also get Republicans out of office as governor to combat Trump’s “war” on states that will not go along with his racist agendas. There is a lot of work ahead between now and Election Day in November. Phone calls, canvassing, etc. After the election in November we can then turn to replacing Trump. There are many Democrats who are potential candidates so we will have to see how things go and who decides to run and who doesn’t. The Evangelicals has said they are going to make their biggest effort yet for this upcoming election in November to elect Trump supporters so to combat that it will have to be all hands on deck. Sitting this one out will hand to the Trump and the millions of Evangelicals who support him. They were probably largely responsible for Bush defeating Kerry in 2004 when they voted in large numbers in Ohio. They may disagree with Trump on a number issues but they are strongly supporting him. He got 80% of the Evangelical vote in 2016.


The Queen should tell Trump that the Beefeaters are responsible for brushing off her dandruff. No need for Trump top show up and do it.


Token protests against Trump are rather trivial in the big picture of global capitalism and the past actions of so-called progressive presidents such as Obama and Clinton.


POTUS’ purpose is to distract us from Congress’ serial draining the US Treasury into the hands of the 1% and their corporations.

Being second to none at reality TV, Trump is just a better distractor than any of his predecessors.


I hope you will welcome RT.com during the demonstrations lest we in the USA be left completely “blacked out” by MSM. I first became aware of the black-out practice with Notre Dame football. Huge segments of the US population were denied video access to the games. Finally, it was discovered that such practices had little to no influence on how many people bought tickets for the stadium appearances. Still, the media continues to “blacken” the reputation for his “maverick” university by headlining and emphasizing negative events covering student and faculty missteps. It takes supernatural assistance to remain steadfast and loyal. The President Tramp “supporters” are fed a consistent MSM diet that innoculates them from admitting any of his faults or seeing any widespread disapproval of his modus operandi.


Please do not forget to include President Tramp’s deregulatory and anti-climate change agenda, nor to fail to cast up his personal failings as a human being.


Bill Clinton was a disgrace to the White House with out of wedlock sex. Obama could have been more progressive, but he was a loud statement about the need for diversity in our politics at all levels. He had the good sense to get a treaty with Iran to control the nuke materials needed for terrorists to set of a nuclear explosion somewhere in the world. The first asinine thing Trump did when he came into office was nullify that treaty and he replaced that treaty with absolutely nothing. What an ass!!!


Interesting point you are making about the evangelicals supporting Bush over Kerry and now them supporting Trump over Clinton. It looks odd to me to see Trump somehow inspiring the evangelicals to vote given his sinful lifestyle. The same is true of grass roots right wing rural folk lining up behind Trump, a lavish spending multi billionaire with no ethics at all when it comes to making deals and making money. What would the evangelicals say about all of Trump’s extra marital affairs. We pounced all over Bill Clinton for one case of out of wedlock sex with another woman. I wonder home many extra marital sex experiences Trump has had. But Trump hates non whites just like many white evangelicals, so they have that in common…