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With New Directive, Pruitt Bars Scientists Who Aren't 'In the Pocket of Corporate Polluters' From EPA Advisory Boards


With New Directive, Pruitt Bars Scientists Who Aren't 'In the Pocket of Corporate Polluters' From EPA Advisory Boards

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Critics slammed the move as a "hostile takeover of science-based policymaking" by the Trump administration


The Dark Ages, take two.


Scotty…just doing his job, with flag pin in place.


The USA will go down in history as the most insane country on the face of the earth.


Pruitt is a war criminal. Save an orange jump suit and jail cell in The Hague.


I watch someone like Prxxxk Pruitt and read about his horrendous proclamations and actions that destroy the environment/pollute the soil, air and water and I think, “How could any member of his family, especially his wife stand to be anywhere near him either physically or emotionally?” Perhaps their disgust is assuaged by all the financial benefits and other perquisites flowing in to their coffers from industry. Impeach this SOB, NOW!


There isn’t one agency in our government that hasn’t been compromised and turned into a pile of rubble. Rebuilding our country after the Dump hurricane will take decades and it will never be the same. It will never look, act or walk the way it once did after being raped, pillaged and plundered. It makes me very sad and pissed-off.


Hey, Don’t worry, be happy - Jesus will come back (real soon) and fix all the things that are wrong dontcha know…all the rotten filth these mother-loving scum are perpetrating on Mother Earth and Her creatures, humans only one such…these ignorant extremist ugly pigs, like pruitt et al - essentially ALL the trump regime’s psychopaths, have zero conscience or intelligence or moral compass…one must wonder how the frell they became so depraved and malignant…sorry, I am gettin a little crazy these days…after my evening self medication I sometimes get testy….I’d rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy.…peace


Thanks for this Emphyrio, I needed a giggle and a laugh. I’ve already had my frontal so I cannot join you in a bottle in front of me.


Feels a lot like the Reagan years but with white supremacy also a main feature.


Why The Haque? Is not France’s Devils Island still available?


Is there anybody that doesn’t realize this nation is a neo-Nazi reincarnation of the Third Reich, with much more powerful toys to play with?
*How long before we turn it around? Much longer and it will be too late.


With the federal government being probably the largest source of funding for science related research, any scientist who hasn’t received federal grant money probably isn’t even in the game. All of the best and brightest have won federal research grants simply because they are the best and brightest.


If we and future generations want to have half a chance, then people like Pruitt need to be prosecuted and jailed for crimes against humanity and the planet. Nothing less.


Actually, human life` (and much other life on Earth) will go down because of the INSANE USA.


Fuck pruitt—the corporate prick


The corporate “Coup-de-etat” is pretty much a done deal, wouldn’t you say, fellow travelers? This egregious, self-righteous, corporate lap dog Son of a Bitch, Scott Pruitt, has now completely removed even the slightest trace of ANY semblance of “Environmental Protection” from the EPA. (insert your own definition/meaning to those three letters here:______________).
I have a few of my own.
None of my phone calls, letters, town-hall meeting attendances, etc., have amounted to a hill of s__t, has it?. Gee, no kidding…Like doing this is a big deal , but it once was the method for being involved in your government. But now it is not ours-- it is the corporations, owners outright in this rich-mans grab bag of servile whores, like Pruitt, who give a rat’s ass about the air or water on this planet. We are witnessing the final days of “Empire” as Hedges, et al, have warned us was coming. No, not coming; it is already here.


…this is gonna be fun…


For the conservanazis, “chaos is opportunity”.


Yup. The fundamentalist capitalist belief that the human will to power negates even the laws of physics does hearken to the medieval times of deep ignorance.